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Hey there, my friends derek here from bomb socks with another round of bomb bites where we feast upon the words of christ, and we do it one bite at a time.

So today's episode is going to be kind of a unique episode.

It's actually a principle that i have a very strong testimony of, and i've used it to teach many principles and there's a story in the scriptures that i really think it goes well with again it's in section 18.
But it applies in a lot of situations.

So what i'm going to do is i'm actually going to rewind to an old episode of bomb bites, so we're gon na flashback for a minute back to, i think it's last may, or so when i was teaching the book of mormon and this principle goes so Nicely with that, so we're gon na rewind and watch uh, section 18 fit into a great story in the book of mormon so enjoy.
So, as many of you know and again a banana's message, you want to talk about a rough crowd.
Can you imagine getting your mission call it'd be like today getting our mission call to go serve in a country where everyone is our enemies? You know here's.

Here's abinadi! I want you to go the lord says.
I want you to go to share this message with uh king noah, wicked king noah's people and here's ben, and i going okay.
Let me see what i can do.

You know how rough that would be, and yet how fearlessly he takes that challenge.
So i love that and, as you know, as a benedict is sharing his message to what he thought was maybe upon deaf ears.
It says there was one there was one among them named alma, he also being a descendant of nephi.

He was a young man, he believed in the words which of bennett had spoken, for he knew concerning the iniquity which abinadi had testified against them and i his courage.
He goes to king noah and he says: look we can't kill this guy, he's teaching the truth and king noah chases him out of there and alma goes out there and he repents.

He changes writes down all the words of abinadi.

There is abanadise one soul convert from his as far as we know.
If we're just going off of these chapters, that's his life convert that he has now.
Many of you are familiar with the idea of the power of one, how it's really never just one uh scripturally.

You look at doctrine and covenant section 18, verse 15, where it says, and if it so be that you should labor all your days and crying repentance.
Unto this people and bring save it, be one soul unto me: how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my father, i love to apply that verse to abinadi, because it sounds just like him how he shared one and again, can you imagine The reunion, when those two get to the other side, how that i bet there's tears of gratitude on both sides right there.

So i love that and then you get the next verse verse 16, where it says and if your joy be great with one soul.

How great will be your joy if you will bring many souls unto me so again, i believe 100, that it is never just one soul when you share it with one it becomes more.
Let me share with you one of my favorite stories that i think goes with that.
So well, it's about this guy right here now.

This gentleman right here is named elder charles, a callus now elder callus served as a mission president for 25 years.

Can you imagine that i've had friends serve as mission presidents and they say it's like being on an overnighter with the scouts for three years? That's a tough calling for 25 years, and then he becomes an apostle for 13 years.

After that, his story is such a cool story.
When he's a mission president, he talks about how there's a young man that was in his mission that when he was mission president, this young man comes to elder callous at the end of his mission and elder callus, says so elder.
Do you feel like you're a success as a missionary, or do you feel like you, had some success and he said no.

All i baptized was one kid in the back hollows of tennessee and he said that's all i baptized and he said so.
You don't feel like you're a success, and this young man just goes.
No, i don't feel like.

I did much right there, so this young man goes home feeling, like he's a failure as a missionary, an elder kallus wanted to see what became of this young.

This kid in the back, hollows of tennessee, so elder kalas kind of follows this kid through his life and just kind of keeps track of him and his progress.

So he finds out that he later becomes the sunday school president as he grows up a little bit and then he becomes the branch president in that area and eventually becomes the district president.

So, like the stake president right there, he sells that farm.
He goes and he lives in idaho, buys a piece of land over by the snake river makes it fruitful.

He has a family, he has sons, those sons go out and serve missions, they have sons, they go out and serve missions as well.

So, through the course of the life of this one, kid in the back, hollows of tennessee elder kalas, finds a lot more than 1100 people whose lives were affected by this.

One missionary who went home feeling like he was a failure.

Now i love that story right.

There it shows you that example.
Now there is a part two to the story which shows you why elder kalas, why this meant so much to him now back in 2001, james e faust gave a talk, and he mentioned this same idea and it's so cool how the stories are related here.

He said this many years ago, an elder who served a mission in the british isles said at the end of his labors.

I think my mission has been a failure.
I've labored all my days as a missionary here and i've only baptized one dirty little irish kid.


I know this sounds very familiar just like the last story.

That's all i, baptized years later, after his return home to montana he had a visitor come to his home.
Who asked? Are you the elder who served a mission in the british isles in 1873? Yes, the man went on and do you remember, having said that, you thought your mission was a failure, because you had only baptized one dirty little irish kid.


He said.

Yes, the visitor put out his hand and said i would like to shake hands with you.
My name is charles, a callus of the council of the twelve apostles of the church of jesus christ, of latter-day saints.
I am that dirty little irish kid that you baptized on your mission, elder kalas, left a lasting legacy for his large family, serving as a mission president for 25 years in his apostolic ministry for 13 years.

He blessed the lives of literally thousands.
So again, you can see why elder callus as a mission president had such interest in this missionary who felt like he was a failure, because he only baptized the kid up in the back halls of tennessee.

He was the dirty little irish kid who had gotten baptized and again you see the legacy that comes when you share the gospel with one alma for the remainder of the book of mormon his influence just trickles, to i mean you're talking thousands upon thousands upon thousands Of individuals and again it influences more when you're looking at our lives as well.

You want to talk about one person.
It is never just one so when you're sharing the gospel with someone and you maybe look at your life and you're like i really haven't shared the gospel with many people, i'd be curious to see if we really looked at the one and how the one really Can become more than just one and it spreads out there to so many individuals, so don't get discouraged.
If you share your, you know, share your testimony on facebook or on instagram, and it's like only one person responded to it.

Who knows what that person does with that message? Sometimes we get caught up way too much on that, and so i love that message.
I love that power of one okay, so you can see how well that verse goes with the story of abinadi and alma and that's the thing is: whenever you're sharing the gospel of jesus christ, like i said it is never just one myself as a missionary, i Only baptized one individual, in fact i wasn't even the guy who baptized him.

I just shared the gospel with him.

My white pants stayed in the suitcase for two years as i we just taught this guy uh.
He actually was kind of interesting.

He was from susquehanna pennsylvania um.

Whenever we talked to him about priesthood in susquehanna, he was kind of like.
I always thought that river was kind of cool.
I used to fish it and everything, but anyway this guy got baptized and he was the only one.

Only one i was able to see you know what's interesting is he had sons and he had a couple of boys.
So if you think about this now, i've never been able to track them down.

Someday i'd love to be able to hear what happens with that.

But wouldn't it be interesting if his sons go out and serve as missionaries and are able to do that thing? My one convert as a missionary now i understand i've taught thousands of kids in seminary all that.
But again, if i, if i base that just on that, even that one individual, it's never just one - and i know that's true - hey thanks so much for watching this one and the previous one uh you guys are great.
I got one more thing in section 18.

Tomorrow and then we're going to continue on with section 19 with a couple sec a couple days anyway, thanks for watching thanks for subscribing and thanks for sharing, you guys are awesome godspeed.
We will see you tomorrow, bye .

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