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Hey guys, what is good derek here from bomb socks with a new week of bomb bites, where we, as always feast upon the words of christ, and we do it one bite at a time.

I'm excited this week to study sections 18 and 19 with you in the doctrine and covenants a lot of great truths in there and i'm excited to share them with you.
I just want to jump right in with one of the best ones right here.

In section 18.
, if you were to just take the verse all by itself as a good standalone verse, it is awesome.
Many of you know it.

It's easy to memorize.
It is doctrine, covenant, section 18, verse, 10 and it says remember: the worth of souls is great.
In the sight of god, ah there's so much, i'm just gon na dive into that verse.

Today i mean i've spent entire seminary lessons just on that verse before um and it's cool, because there's so many things to focus on like even the first word right.
There remember one of the things i always tell my students is.
When you don't remember you forget right, you want to remember that the worth of souls the worth what what it is like if the lord were to put a monetary value on you, it would be priceless right.

The worth of souls is great, not good, not not.
Okay, great in the sight of god, which means god sees all there, is so much going on in that verse, um, and so i just - and this is a fantastic truth - your worth as a child of god is great.
So i want to address this issue, though, if that is in fact a truth, then tell me why so many people out there struggle with self-worth, particularly youth, particularly women in our church, especially and it's hard, because we can say all day long, remember your worth, but Until you actually feel it, it's not going to mean a whole lot, they just kind of come across as hollow words.

Well, i want to just kind of focus on something for a minute, just a couple different things.

First of all, i in my years, particularly working with youth, i have noticed that teenagers and really adults do it too oftentimes.
We base our self-worth on very insignificant things like, for example, whether or not you have a significant other in high school.

I know a lot of kids that will you know that's their self-worth is based upon whether or not they have a boyfriend or a girlfriend or whether their crush smiles at them.

You know things like that: um, whether or not you're involved in a certain uh peer group uh, maybe you're um, whether you're involved in athletics or uh.
Just something like that.

In fact, i was having a conversation the other day with someone um, and i said what happens when you base your self-worth around some of these very superficial things, and we were talking about, for example, like a basketball player for basketball player was to base their self-worth On their abilities to play basketball, all of a sudden, heaven forbid, you tear your acl during a game or whatever you have an off-shooting night and all of a sudden what happens to your self-worth? Your self-worth is in the toilet if it is based on that.
So everything out there is very superficial.
It is very temporary, but there is one thing out there that never changes it never changes and what's interesting is it's one of the things that you and i, as members of the church of jesus christ, of latter-day saints, are taught at a very young age? In fact it's in a song and the song is simply called.

I am a child of god.


That's never going to change ever.
You are always going to be a child of god.


So if you can base your self-worth around the fact that you're a child of god, everything else is temporary, whether it's what you're interested in what you look like, whatever that is, it's all temporary uh, but you're a child of god and that never changes.

I i remember coming across a cool quote from elder gene r cook.
Some of you may remember elder cook.

He was a member of the 70 gave some great talks.
I had the opportunity to teach a couple of his kids in seminary as well.

Elder cook gave a talk called how to discourage discouragement.

It is one of the best talks.
Let me i'll pull up the quote here with the reference over here.
Look at this quote, it says um.

If the lord were speaking to you, i am confident of one thing he would do.
He would throw his arms wide open and he would tell you how much he loves you.
I hope you are not really down on yourself or think that you are not of worth very much.

That's the devil speaking he is the one who keeps pounding away to make.
You feel that you are not worth much.
That is not the lord speaking, which is interesting, because i've also seen a lot of people think that you know, because they sin right, they sin or or they you know, do stupid things in their lives they're just like.

Oh, why would god ever love me? Well, the cool thing is, you know what comes after verse? 10 is verse.
Number 11.
, so verse number 11 says for behold: the lord: your redeemer suffered death in the flesh, wherefore he suffered the pain of all men.

That is a high percentage of his children.
Right that all men might repent and come unto him look at 12 and 13 and he hath risen again from the dead that he might bring all men unto him on conditions of repentance and verse.
13 is such a great verse.

How great is his joy in the soul that repenteth, and so the idea there is the it's? Not even the worth of a perfect soul is great in the sight of god.


The worth of a repentant sinner is great in the sight of god.


You and i sin we do stupid stuff all the time and here's the lord saying how great is his joy in the soul that repented that's so apparently, one of the best things that a child of god can do is repent and change, and that really builds Your self-worth sin destroys your self-worth like crazy and repentance builds it and it strengthens it.

It's something that should be happy.

We should smile when we're talking about repentance, because it is something that's going to bring you closer to god.

Sin estranges us from god and repentance literally means to turn around and to come back to him and so those verses right there and it's kind of cool you even go to some of the previous verses.

You want to talk about a warm fuzzy, verse.
Look at verse number six, it says behold, the world is ripening in iniquity and it must needs be that the children of men are stirred up unto repentance, both the gentiles and also the house of israel.

So you can see why the lord is is talking so much about repentance.

We talked last week about how so many of these early sections of the doctrine covenants talk about preached nothing but repentance.

You know all through there.
The greatest thing you can do is bring repentance and cry repentance unto these people, because that is going to be what builds your self-worth and shows you how much your worth is to god and, like you know that quote from elder cook again, if, if he would, If he could do this, he would throw his arms around you.

Here's another little quote from dieter f updorf that i've always loved.
It may be true that man is nothing in comparison to the greatness of the universe.
At times we may even feel insignificant, invisible alone or forgotten, but always remember you matter to him.

So when you are starting to feel down and it's going to happen, it's going to happen from day to day.

Self-Worth is very um.
What's the word fluid, i guess there are some days where you feel like you are sky high and other days you feel very, very low and those low days, if you can always remember how god the creator of universes without number, remember that he is your father And that he loves you and if he had his chance he'd give you a big hug right now and he wouldn't necessarily just sit there and just say: you're horrible, you sinner.

No, he loves you and he wants you to repent so anyway.
I hope that message helps you a little bit, and i want you to remember that you are a child of god and you are worth everything to him.

I know that's true, hey thanks for watching thanks for subscribing and thank you so much for sharing these messages.

That message needs to get out there so share it with others.
Thanks guys godspeed and have an amazing day, bye, .

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