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welcome back everyone to another week of beyond.

Come follow me.
As you know, i don't do the come.
Follow me lessons for you, because that's your job, but what i do is i'm going to share with you all the historical stories from church history that led up to the revelations that we're studying this week this week as we're looking at sections 18 and 19, i'm Excited to share with you what happened after these revelations were received, and i'm going to share with you some very wonderful uplifting stories about individuals who came across the book of mormon and knew that it was true.


My name is tom, pettit and pictured behind me is the martin harris farm in palmyra, new york, martin harris lived here with his family for many years, and this piece of property that you see behind me was very important, even sacred to the coming forth of the Book of mormon and i'm going to share that with you now in the summer of 1829, the book of mormon was nearing completion.
The translation process was nearing completion down at the whitmer farm, which is about 40 or so miles south of the harris farm that you see behind me as it was nearing completion.
Joseph was preparing for its publication.

He first saw and obtained a copyright for the transcript.
He then looked for a printer.
His first choice was a young man by the name of e.

b grandin, who had a print shop on main street in downtown palmyra new york.
It was his first choice because it was close to home.

It was convenient, but also granted.

You'll see was prepared by the lord in miraculous ways to be in the right place at the right time to print the book of mormon.


Palmyra was a sleepy town back then it's a sleepy town today and for some reason, grandin had this massive print printer that he or press they call it print press.

Had this massive print press way bigger, more expensive, more fancy than that little town would need for its small occasional publications.

But it was just the right press that would be necessary to take on a job of printing the book of mormon 5 000 times, and it had almost 600 pages inside each of those 5 000 copies.
And so it was necessary to have that print, press and grandin had it now that print press was so heavy, you can't put it on a wagon and because it would crush the wagon.

So i had to come by boat.

Well, just about 70 or maybe even less yards than that out, the back door of the grandin press is the erie canal and it's not the erie canal.
It's an offshoot.
A man-made, dug out portion of the canal that would bring boats close to palmyra.

So granny was able to obtain a press, put it on a boat, send it to palmyra and then just had to muscle it with several men from the waters of the erie canal, up to his print shop, just a few yards distance that they had to take It so if all the everything was set up in place, it was perfect, except for one thing granted wasn't interested in printing the book of mormon.


He uh.
He knew the story because he was a local resident of palmyra.

He had heard the rumors about angels and gold bibles and that sort of thing - and he was not interested in getting himself involved with joseph smith and those stories that he didn't believe were true.

There was a lot of persecution and he didn't want to invite that persecution on himself, so he told joseph no, he wasn't going to accept the the job offer.
So joseph went into the bigger city of rochester new york and there he met with a printer who said yes i'll print the book for you i'll do five thousand copies, just like you, like yeah, we'll make it leather bound to make it nice and look wonderful.

But i'm gon na charge you this much money and it was an exorbitant amount of money, so much money that joseph says you know.

I don't think this is going to work out.
It can't work out.

Joseph didn't have the money.
Well, he goes to another printer.
There in rochester and the printer starts to inquire.

You wrote this book.
Where did this book come from? What's this book about starts asking the questions joseph starts, giving the answers and the guy says i don't think i want to get involved in stories of angels and that sort of stuff.

So he told joseph no as well joseph went back to grandin and started to talk to him about it a little bit more.

He said, really we want to do this.
We're ready to do this.
Won't you do this and granted said.

Let me think on it.
He went to some of his business associates and they said, look his associates said look.
This is this is an opportunity.

This is a business deal you're not signing on to you know you're, not putting your testimony in the book or anything like that.
You're you're not siding with joseph and not siding with those who don't like joseph he's.
They said this is just a business transaction and granted says you know what you're right.

It's a business transaction i'll treat it as such, and so he went back to joseph and he says yeah i'll do this, but it's gon na cost three thousand dollars now three thousand dollars in 1829 was a lot of money way more money than joseph had.
If you put the rate of inflation on three thousand dollars and you fast forward it to the year 2021, you find that the three thousand dollars then, is equivalent to eighty five thousand dollars today and joseph had to come up with that money before the book started.
Being printed as with all things, the lord had prepared a perfect solution to joseph's problem and it's recorded in section 19.

Joseph goes to the lord.
Lord we've got a big time problem here and the lord says: no, you don't.
I took care of it.

I've been taking care of it, joseph you're, all right, don't forget whose work this is, and so it's revealed in section 19, which you'll be studying this week and there in section 19 martin harris is commanded to help out joseph financially.
Now the lord had made this preparation years before it was years in the making.

Martin and joseph were friends.

Martin trusted joseph joseph trusted, martin with that friendship.
Beyond that friendship was martin's testimony that the book of mormon was true.

There was more than just a business transaction here for martin because he didn't get anything financially out of it.

As the story will go.
You'll you'll hear there's nothing in it for martin other than knowing that the book was true and that the work was of god.

So he had the relationship with joseph.

He had instilled inside of him a strong testimony that it's true and based on the revelations that were previously given to martin.
We know that martin had an incredible desire to be a part of the work and to support it.
Not only financially, but in any way he wanted to support the coming forth of the book of mormon, so it was a.

It was perfect the relationship, the faith, the testimony and he had the finance he had the desire and then the last step there that the lord made sure was in place was the financial means, martin harris throughout his life.
He had been very successful in all of his business pursuits.
He had the money to do it so joseph goes to martin.

This revelation is received, martin accepts it and is completely obedient to the lord and gives freely to use the word out of section 19.
He gives freely of his of his finances so that the book of mormon can go forward well in order to secure or promise to really make it binding.
Martin gave grandin a mortgage note that martin had signed saying i will pay the three thousand dollars and if i can't i will sell my my farm and give you the proceeds and with that note in hand granted agreed to move forward with the printing of the Book of mormon, the book of mormon would be made available for sell on march 26 1830, and the idea was that they would sell the book, use the profits from the cell to pay the 3 000 debt well leading up to the availability of the book of Mormon the people in palmyra gathered together and they signed a petition saying agreeing that yeah we're part of the group that will not be buying the book of mormon and there's a group going around saying: don't buy it, don't buy, it don't buy it.

And so when the book of mormon became available for sell, nobody bought it, and it got to a point where you couldn't even give it away.

The missionaries went outside of palmyra in the upstate new york area and started to have success with the book of mormon.



But there in palmyra they they couldn't raise the money to pay the debt.

So martin lost his mortgage.
He lost a portion of his farm years later in kirtland somebody, an antagonist of the church, approached martin in a meeting so that he could embarrass him in front of a crowd and he says to martin hey: didn't you give up your farm in palmyra for the Publication of the book of mormon and joseph promised whether he did or whatever the agreement was between joseph and and martin, but this antagonist said did didn't joseph promise that he would pay you back that money.
Yes, all this is true.

Yes, i gave my mortgage.

I gave my farm for the publication of the book of mormon and he said yeah, but did you ever get your 3 000 bucks back and martin says this? Joseph smith has paid me more than i've ever given to him.
Now you have to interpret that your own way.

What did martin mean because he didn't say anything more than that, but what do i think that martin meant? I think martin was okay.
Of course, he was glad to give up more than willing to give up a portion of his form in exchange for the blessings that the gospel of jesus christ has brought into his life.

That was easy to do now.

Most of us aren't going to be, or none of us are going to be asked to mortgage our farm for the publication of the book of mormon.




But what has the lord asked of us? The lord has asked of us to pay tithing and give a generous fast offering, but beyond that, what do we learn? How do we like in section 19 to our own daily lives? May i give you just one or two ideas that tie into this historical context that i that i'm sharing here with you.

So in section 19 we learn a lot of doctrine that we live by, that we love and we rely on as as a part of our foundation of our testimonies, but then in 19, section 19, verse, 26 speaking directly to martin but likening it to ourselves.

We read: thou shalt not covet thy known property but impart freely to the printing of the book of mormon, which contains the truth of the word of god.
In other words, give freely of what you have to help build up the kingdom of god.

And so we say well, what can what can? How do we make that applicable to us well, first and foremost as being members of the church, there's no fence sitters, there's no wall, sitters or whatever you want to call them.

There's no buddy on the sideline.
None of us are on the sideline.
We all are active participants in the work of the lord, no matter what we're doing, and why is that? Why is it necessary or required of us to be at one level or another, active participants in building up the kingdom of god, financially or otherwise? It's because all of us are needed, and so we say well, if all of us are needed to do what almost every section from section 1 through 19 that we've gone through today has been a revelation of lord.

We believe we have a desire.

What do you want us to do? How do we participate? How do we give of our talents and our times, and how do we give of the things that you've blessed us with to help build up the kingdom of god and participate in your work? That's what everybody keeps asking in these sections and that's the same question we should be asking even today, and so, although we're not mortgaging our homes or our farms for the publication of the book of mormon, we do give of our time and and our means whether It's spiritual or intellectual or physical means uh to help build up the kingdom of god, and how do we know what our role is and how we participate in that building up it's through these revelations.

President elsa keeps telling us he keeps asking us to hear him.

Nearly every word of every section in the entire book of uh in the entire doctrine of covenants is the words and the voice of the savior.

Read these sections and figure out what the lord is trying to ask us to do to help participate in building up his kingdom? Okay, so the farm behind me gets mortgaged, so the printing press can start working and the book the the copies of the book of mormon can start coming off.
The press we're going to get 5 000 of them and we're going to fulfill ancient prophecy of taking the word of god throughout the entire world.

Now would you like to go inside the grandin building, see where this all happened and took place and have a brief introduction of how the book of mormon was actually printed? I hope you said yes because for the next four or five minutes, that's exactly what i'm gon na do so virtually join with me now inside the grandin building, i'm gon na show you what it looks like and how this book of mormon went from manuscript to Book form pictured here behind me is the grandin building in palmyra new york.

It was here where prophecy was fulfilled 2 500 years ago, isaiah prophesied that a book with the fullness of the gospel would come forth.

Nephi talked about it and all the book of mormon prophets talked about it or prayed about it.

They all looked forward to the day when their words would come out of this humble little building and spread forth throughout the world spreading the gospel of jesus christ.
The church owns this building and if you were to take a tour with the missionaries, it's a great tour but you'd find that the interior is mostly original, and so it's really fun to walk through the building.
Knowing that you're walking on the floorboards, where the prophet walked well, joseph was in harmony pennsylvania with his with emma, while the publication of the book, one was taking place here in palmyra, he assigned jo uh oliver caldery and hiram smith, his older brother, to oversee the Publication of the book of mormon because of the 116 pages and losing those joseph was hesitant to just turn over the whole manuscript to grandin.

So he didn't.
He asked that oliver make a second copy, so we'd have the manuscript and then we'd have the printer's manuscript.

So oliver country wrote the book of mormon by hand twice .

Well, oliver and hiram would escort about 25 of those pages at a time right here to this, building give them to granted granted would work on them when he was done with those approximately 24 pages, he'd give them back to hiram and oliver and they'd exchange with Another 24 or so pages, and this is how the process went on over the several months now.
Let me take you inside and give you just a very brief history or tutorial of how the book of mormon was printed back in 1829.

The front room on the main floor was the store where granny sold his books.

This became somewhat of a gathering place for the townspeople.

This room is decorated today to look very much.
The way grand would have had it set up in his day.

The next room is grandin's office.
It would have been here that joseph smith and eb granted would negotiate the terms of the print job and strike a deal to begin the work.
The top floor of this three-story building is where the first steps of the publication took place in this room.

You see the reconstructed print shop.
The replica press is prominently on display when the church renovated the building years ago.
They found the actual original press.

The press that the book morning was printed on the church now has that press on display in the church history museum in salt lake city.
The first step was the type setting grandin had a business partner by the name of john gilbert, who is somewhat of an expert in punctuation.

This was handy because the manuscript was given to the printer with absolutely no punctuation at all everything you see on a page each letter, each space, each indention had to be represented by a small metal piece that was inserted into a block of wood.

The block was for convenience and holding the small metal pieces in place and, of course, to keep them from falling all over the floor.

Now the typesetter had to put these little metal pieces in order and backwards, so on average, each book of mormon page contains about 2500 characters in spaces.

So 2500 of these little metal pieces put in the right order backwards for every single page of the book of mormon.



Once the type was set, it was taken over to the press and lined up just perfectly.

Then someone would take two large round mallet-like tools and roll the ink all over the type.


They say that the ink had the consistency of peanut butter next, with the type and ink in place clean white paper was laid down over the type.


The heavy press would then smash the paper down over the type and produce a clean copy of the type onto the paper.

The press would print sixteen pages of the book of mormon at a time, but on just one big piece of paper: they didn't print the whole book of mormon all the way through one at a time, five thousand times, while they had the type set up for The first 16 pages they would run the press 5 000 times.
You'd have 5 000 copies of pages 1 through 16, then work on 5, 000, copies of pages 17 through 32, etc.

Until you have all your pages ready for the 5 000 books, add it all up and you would need to roll out the ink and crank down the press over 185 000 times.

Remember in the summertime there's no air conditioning and in the winter there's no heater.
When the pages came off, the press they were hung to dry dry sheets, were then taken to the second floor, where they would be assembled into books.

Here, on the second floor, we have the bindery room.
The first thing that needs to be done is the folding of the large printed page.

Now you have to do it just right so that the pages end up in the right order and so that none of the pages end up upside down once the 16 pages are folded, you have what's called a signature about 37 signatures made up a complete book Of mormon, once we have our signatures folded, it's time to put them on on a press and really flatten the pages together after they're flattened down really good.

The edges are cut with a sharp razor, so the so the pages can actually open once placed inside the book, but we don't want all those loose pages flying all over the place.
So the pages are then sewn together with a needle and thread.
Cardboard was added to the top and the bottom of the stack of signatures to produce a hard bound book, and then leather sheepskin was then stretched around the binding of the book to give it that really classy look finally on the outside binding the words the book Of mormon were put in gold leaf.

Now you have a book of mormon ready to fulfill its purpose, to convince everyone that jesus is the christ.
Now, i'd like to tell you two stories about two different individuals who, in their own unique way, miraculously came across the book of mormon and who instantaneously knew that it was true.


The first of these two individuals that i'll tell you about is a man by the name of solomon chamberlain.

Solomon was living in new england and in the year 1816 he was inquiring.

After truth, he wanted to know which church to join one night in a dream.
He was told that there was no true church on the earth, but that the true church was coming for the next several years.

In anticipation, solomon was seeking looking for this promised new church that would be coming.
Many years would pass by and we comes all the way to the year 1830 he's exploring for this new church and he gets on a boat.
He finds himself on a boat heading west, down the erie canal, the spirit according to his journal, the spirit whispers to him that he should get off at the next stop which he does he gets off and he wanders into town, and he discovers that the town That he's in is a little sleepy town in upstate new york called palmyra new york.

He starts wandering around and again in his journal.
He records that the spirit prompted him to take a particular road and to walk south.

He walks south about three miles and it's starting to get late.

In the day the sun is going down, and so he goes approaches a home knocks on the front door.
He says i'm out of town, i don't know anybody it's getting late.
Can i stay here with you, overnight.

and the family welcomed him in the house.

It's a great time to live in america.
I guess, and he goes into this house.

He stays overnight.
The next morning he's given breakfast and at the breakfast table, the the woman there in the house says to solomon.
What do you think of joe smith in this gold bible? Solomon chamberlain said that the spirit entered in at the top of his head and it powerfully shot through his body all the way to the tips of his toes he'd, never heard of joe smith or a gold bible, and so the lady says.

Well, i can't tell you much about it because i don't know much about it, but if you'll go this way in that way about a half a mile you'll end up at the smith, family farm and they'll tell you all about it.

So he does that he stayed overnight just a half a mile from the smith family farm he goes and knocks on the door of the log home there at the farm.
Now this is the log home where joseph was residing when, in the beautiful spring morning of 1820, he left that home went into the sacred grove had the first vision.

It's that same home, where moroni appeared and visited to joseph it first in the year 1823 and told him about the book that was deposited in the nearby hill.

It is that very home that solomon is now at he knocks on the front door and hiram smith.
Answers the door solomon without even introducing himself before hiram, says anything he simply says to hiram.

Does this household believe in visions? I can't imagine hiram's surprise here.
We've had the first vision, the moroni visits, the appearance of john the baptist peter james and john and many others, and so he says.
Yes, we are a visionary house and he invited solomon to come in well.

Hiram knew that this was no ordinary visit, so he calls to his dad says: dad you've got to come and meet this guy, and a couple of the whitmer boys were there as well.
They all gathered there in the log home and solomon chamberlain relates to them of this vision that he had in 1816 and he said i'm on a quest, i'm looking for the truth.

Well, he quickly gained the confidence of the smiths and the whitmers and hiram and joseph senior start to tell solomon about the restoration, that's taking place and they start to teach him and they tell him the whole story up through now.

The now the book is translated and now the book is being published in downtown palmyra solomon says i want to go and see this work.
The the publication and so hiram takes solomon.
Downtown introduces them to eb grandin and gets perhaps a tour of the printing shop and to see that yeah, the book of mormon is being published here.

It is now only page.
One through 64 had been printed up to this point and 5 000 copies of one through 64.
and solomon made an agreement with grandin to borrow one of one set of those first 64 pages.

Solomon read it.
He knew it was true.
He knew that this was the newfound religion that had been promised to him in the dream 14 years prior he takes those 64 pages and, according to his journal, he goes on an 800 mile missionary journey and he says in that 800 miles that he walked anybody That he came across, he talked to about the book of mormon.


He preached that it was true.


Now the book was still being published.
They only had the first 64 pages in hand, but he was teaching them that the these 64 pages are true.

The rest of the book is coming now.
It's one thing as missionaries today to go and teach people about a restoration that happened.
Solomon was way out ahead of us.

He was preaching about a restoration that was coming and he was preparing a people to be receptive to the gospel message when it came in its fullness.

For example, he went to a gathering of methodists, they were listening to their preacher and he had an opportunity to to stand and bear his testimony, and when he did, he started to preach about the book of mormon.


It was not well received at all.

In fact, they literally threw him out and were not nice to him.

He did record, however, that in his journal there were two people in that group who were kind enough to him to kind of help him get out of the way of all these angry people.
Those two people, the one was named phineas and the other one was brigham and their their brothers.

Their last name was young phineas and brigham.
Young first heard about the restored gospel from solomon chamberlain, while the book of mormon was still being printed down at grandin's building.

It would be not very many months later that a completed copy of the book of mormon would end up in the hands of phineas who he would share with brigham who, over the next two years of study brigham, would finally accept the gospel to be true.

Solomon, of course, returned those 64 pages to grandin, as promised.
He then went to meet the the prophet joseph.
He went to fayette new york and he was there at the whitmer farm on april 6, 1830 at the official, the formal organization of the church, and he was baptized at that same time as well.

His story doesn't end there.
He follows joseph to kirtland joseph sends solomon and his wife to missouri to support the church.
There he's driven by the mobs from home to home throughout missouri, ends up in nauvoo, and then he is with the first company of pioneers the one led by brigham young that entered the salt lake valley in the year 1847.

He ended up dying in utah in 1862, with just as much zill for missionary work as he ever had before.
The second individual i want to tell you about is parley p pratt, partly pete pratt.

He also wanted religion.
He was living in new england area and he gave up everything on his quest to go, find religious truth.
He headed out west not to palmyra this time.

He went way out west all the way out to ohio and he built himself a little log cabin in the middle of the wilderness.

Technically it was in the town of mentor ohio and he lived there through the winter.

He was there several months.

He had a little pocket bible with him and he just put himself in complete completely removed from society, family business, everything.
So he could just meditate and focus and read the bible and try to come to know what was true while he was in mentor ohio.
He met a preacher, a candlelight preacher.

The candlelight preacher's name was sidney.
Rigdon sidney, rigdon taught him.
The gospel parley p pratt believed it the way that sydney was teaching it and this inspired a fire ignited a fire within parley that he was just wanting to jump.

All the way in to religion and not only be a part of it, but share all of it with anybody he came across.

He was desires to be a missionary, so he left his little log home there in mentor and he headed back east to his original home, where he left a loved one, a girlfriend and he her name was thankful and he proposed to her and said.
But before you consent to marrying me, you've got to understand that.

I am really full of the spirit and you know in his most humble way i'm full of the spirit and is prompting me to be a missionary.
And i want to just spread the gospel and she says i'm all for that: let's do it so the two of them they head back to mentor and they're members of the congregation of sydney rigdon.

They decide that that, whether, instead of just being members of the congregation they wanted to get out of the church building and go preach, the gospel which they did so parley and his wife thankful.

They get on a boat and they're heading on the erie canal, the opposite direction.
That solomon was going.
Solomon was on the area canal going west, the pratts are headed east and, like solomon parley got prompted by the spirit to get off on the next stop.

It wasn't palmyra though he got, he got the prompting to get off and he tells his wife.
Thankfully he says i i feel inspired that i should get off well.
What are you going to do here? She says i don't know, but i have a job that i need to complete.

I don't know what it is well, when will you when will you catch up with me? When will we rejoin with each other? He said, i don't know how long i'll be here.
Well, with just their trust and faith in the lord paulie jumps off the boat in rochester new york, and it was in rochester that he came across a man.

His last name was hamlin, so mr hamlin starts talking about a book called the book of mormon.


Now the book had been published and mr hamlin had a copy of it.
Mr hamlin was not from rochester, he was from just the outskirts of palmyra in the palmyra area.
So he's talking about this book partly says i want to read this book.

He says i don't have it here, it's at my home over near palmyra.

He says if you come by my house someday i'll, let you read it, you know you can borrow it.
Of course, parley runs as fast as he can towards palmyra, and he meets up with this, mr hamlin again and mr hamlin hands him a copy of the book of mormon and parley records.

This i opened it with eagerness and read its title page.
I then read the testimony of several witnesses in relation to the manner of its being found and translated after this i commenced its contents.
By course, i read all day.

Eating was a burden i had no desire for food.
Sleep was a burden when the night came for i preferred reading to sleep.
As i read the spirit of the lord was upon me and i knew and comprehended that the book was true as plainly and manifestly as a man comprehends and knows that he exists.

My joy was now full, as it were, and i rejoiced sufficiently to more to more than pay me for all the sorrows, sacrifices and toils of my life.
I soon determined to see the young man who had been the instrument of its delivery and translation, so he gets directions.
How do i find more and he's, of course, led to the smith family farm south of palmyra goes and knocks on that same door? Of course joseph isn't there, but hiram is hyrum, opens the door.

He brings him in and higher partly has a testimony that the bookworm was true.
He sat down and read it cover to cover and uh.
So he's got a testimony that the book of mormon is true, and so hyrum starts to tell him everything about the restoration and his little brother's prophetic.

Calling after this meeting with hiram, he stayed overnight at the smith farm and then the very next day.


He and hiram walked about 30 miles south to the whitmer farm.
And when he arrived at the whitmer farm, they stayed overnight and or excuse me before they stayed overnight when they arrived at the whitmer farm.

They had a meeting that was full of prayer and song, and testimony and parley said he was full of the spirit.

He knew that it was all true the very next day he was baptized by oliver cowdery just one day.
Next, he's standing in front of a large congregation and he's preaching about the book of mormon, now mind you, he gets off the boat meets mr hamlin.

He then goes into palmyra and he gets a copy of the book mormon and reads it in one day.

The very next day he meets with hiram the very next day he walks to the whitmer farm and has a family home evening type of thing, and he fills the spirit and knows that it's true the very next day he's baptized and on the very next day, He's standing in front of this large congregation there near the whitmer farm and he's preaching about the truthfulness of the book of mormon on this day.
He read it on this day and so he's just three or four days removed from reading the book of mormon himself and he stands and he teaches with such power and with such force he records the holy ghost came upon me mightily.

I spoke with the power of god reasoning, out of the scriptures and of the book of mormon he's talking about his experience.
While standing in front of this congregation, the people were convinced overwhelmed in tears and four families came forward, expressing their faith and were baptized.
The miracles don't stop there with parley.

He is called as a missionary.
His companions would be zyba peterson, oliver caldery and peter whitmer jr.
The four of them would be called on a mission to go out west and teach the native americans, and that was the assignment joseph gave them.

So they went out to missouri, but to get from new york to missouri, you have to go through parley's old hometown of mentor ohio.
So as these four missionaries are passing through mentor, ohio, it's a long journey and so parley says: let's stop off we'll meet with my family and friends, we'll preach to them, we'll rest and resupply and get ready for the second half of our journey.

So he goes back to that, minister, that he loved sidney rigdon and he tells sydney, truth has been restored and the fruits of this restoration is this book of mormon sidney rigdon says: well, partly it might be fine for you, but it's not for me and parley, Says well, can me my companions? Can we preach to your congregation cindy says, of course you can.

Prolly stands up along with the other three and they testify of joseph smith and of the book of mormon, all of its truthfulness and a lot of people from that congregation desire to know more and some of them even want to get baptized right.
Then cindy rigdon says hold on what's going on here.
Maybe i do need to take a look at that book.

He takes a copy of the book of mormon for the next two weeks.
He reads it.
He studies it and he knows that it's true.

He leaves his profession as preacher and he, along with his friend edward partridge, head to fayette, to meet with the prophet joseph.
They want to meet him so now it's all starting to come together.
We've now got cindy rigdon.

Edward partridge is going to be the first bishop of the church and now they're meeting with joseph and when they report to joseph of all the wonderful success, that's happening over in mentor joseph prays about it.
What do we do about this? Expanding church and a revelation which we'll go through later in the next few weeks, the revelation comes to joseph go to the ohio and there i will teach you my law and endow with power, and so that's how we get joseph from new york and the persecution There to kirtland we're going to get the temple and it all started with parley p pratt, following the prompting of the spirit, knowing that the book of mormon is true and the miracles that would come from that and many other experiences are just going to start rolling Forward and we are just getting started with church history and the miracles of the restoration and the stories that i'm excited to share with you.

Joseph smith says that a person will get nearer to god by abiding by the precepts of that book, meaning the book of mormon than by any other way.

I know it's true.
I know it's true from the experience of others and from the experience of myself and like solomon and parley, i know the book of mormon is true: enjoy the study of sections 18 and 19, the doctrine you're going to love it.

I hope you've enjoyed the stories that lead up to those sections and the stories of course that came out after those sections.

So with that, i hope you have a wonderful week and i'll see you back here next week for another beyond come.

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