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Hello, my name is lynn, wilson and i'm happy to continue our discussions on church history.


Some background for our sections and come follow me in the doctrine covenants and the background is either because people have asked these questions or because you don't need to ask these questions once you understand the background, but i feel like it's not unless we really take a Look into history that we can have sympathy and empathy for the saints that were in the early church.
I also or any time in history.

I feel really strongly that touring europe in a week is not what we want to do to church history.


We really want to immerse ourselves and try to be transported into a different time, and the only way to do that is study and read and pray that we can understand the earlier time of church history.



Hard questions about the um three witnesses may be different for you, and i really just hope that this lecture will be a time to plant seed so that you can move forward with finding solutions for yours, because asking questions is so good.
Asking questions with faith and humility and trust is the way the lord has created us.

He wants this experience on earth for us to learn by our own experiences, to distinguish good and from evil, and so these may not be your questions, but i hope they stimulate answers for your questions and i hope that you can feel the spirit of the lord.

As we talk about these sacred events in church history today, why did the three witnesses leave the church? Was there nepotism at play in these witnesses? Why publish only 11 male witnesses when there were others? It's only going to be within the period a few months that we're really going to look at in detail today, but it's all within 1829 back in march, if martin harris received the revelation that promised him that if he were faithful, he would be able to be One of the three witnesses - and that was back in um, section 5, verse 28 and then you remember in april, is when joseph and oliver begin the translation of what we now refer to as the book of mormon and oliver arrived with samuel smith on the fifth Of and just immediately jumped in after they made their preparations.
Then, by june, there's so much persecution down in the area of the hail's home, the hail home in susquehanna or harmony pennsylvania that they um make arrangements to be able to change the translation location to the whitmer family home and they arrive there on june, 4th and Or they begin the translation and go through the 25th.

Also in early june is when mary whitmer sees the plates by angel moroni's hand, and she is the first witness that we have other than joseph the translator and by june 20th they have translated through the book of mormon, finishing moroni words of mormon and have started The small plates are and are in second nephi, 27-12, there's a few little notes, sometimes that give us more details, but this is even greater evidence that the small plates were last by finding this document in late june.

Angel moroni shows three witnesses the gold plates, and they can testify not only of the plates but of the angel himself and how he looked and what his work was in section 18.

Oliver cowdery is also commanded to begin looking in the book of mormon for things that will be needed in the organization of the church and what the church should be like use the book of mormon as your pattern, so he's almost finished with the translating at this Time but as you recall, he um joseph asks him as soon as he finishes the translating to copy again the entire um book of mormon and so there's two copies the original and then for the printer.

The printer's manuscript he's already lost 116 pages.
He doesn't want to go through that again, so section 18 initiates that study, which will later become the section that we call 20 but was then called the articles and covenants of the church and finally, on june 30th, the translation is finished and between the 1st, 2nd 3Rd 4th 5th 6th, the 8 witnesses are shown the plates from joseph's hand, and we also have accounts of others um who received them about then, but in early may the antagonism began to grow.

I think i mentioned to you initially that when joseph bought the property and had made arrangements with his father-in-law that he said i will do all i can to protect you but um, for whatever reason they didn't feel the same way.

A month later, i assumed they were concerned that joseph was not taking care of the farm, but i have no idea what initiated it, but it probably more likely than anything was the fact that joseph is claiming to open up the canon, and our protestant world is Highly offensive offended by this, and so joseph it was interrupting.

The persecution was starting to interrupt their blitzkrieg of translation, and so oliver wrote his friend david whitmer that he had just met a few months before in december up in palmyra area, he wrote him who is also several miles away in fayette and said joseph looked in The urination to ask the lord what we should do about this constant interruptions and he was told that you need to bring your wagon down 100 miles and pick us up, and let us do that finish: the translation at your home, so he told his parents david Whitmer told his parents about it and they said um.
This is interesting.

I think you should pray to find out if you must do it right now, because it's you have to get your feels ready for planting and david had his own set of uh acreage that he was in charge of, and i thought um that we talked about The when springtime happened - but this is the end of may and which is again a witness that spring is very late in upstate new york, and so he still has to plow his fields and um try to get some nourishment and nutrients to them and they used Plaster of paris to do that, you know we always add nitrogen and other things, manure to our fields, to help them be reproduced reproduce.
But his family became convinced that it was the work of the lord.
When a miracle happened, they were already sympathetic and had soft hearts and were seeking christian families.

I think i told you before that they have eight children and even though they're a little bit older, everyone is still there.

They haven't moved on out of their houses and so they're all helping on the same hundred acre farm, and she does have some teenagers at home at this time as well.

Five younger children that, but the farm itself of course, was such a short growing season in upstate new york needed a lot of work.

David was in charge of 20 acres and his dad said you're going to have to plow him and plaster a paris them before.
You leave, he went in he prayed about whether or not he should go immediately and as soon as he woke up in the morning, he found his plow at the end of six acres at the end of a row of six acres that had already been plowed And so immediately um he got to work and was able to finish it in one day, and so then he felt like his prayer had been answered.
The lord had provided a way for him and the next day all he had to do was put on the plaster of paris and some neighbors or one of his sisters.

I think it was saw him, and most of you probably already know this story, but it's just so great i'd like to repeat it again, just like a good, a christmas book or something, and they saw these three men sewing the plaster of paris and they were Going faster than they had ever seen anyone work and when david came out, probably just after sunrise.
That's usually when farmers begin their work and he saw that it was done and the timing of god's miracle and the angelic visitations or motivating someone else to come over and do it whatever the source was.

They believed it was divinely, guided, especially in light of david's prayer and the invitation by a prophet of god, who received this revelation through the urim and thummim.

That's another way.
We know that moroni brought back not only the plates, but also the uramum, as i mentioned.
Sometimes, there's a confusion in the text because they're often called the interpreters, but sometimes the stone can be both and it's sort of, like the word, lord and god.

Sometimes we don't know specifically which member of the godhead we're talking about.

So that was the way to nourish your fields with calcium and it was done and he hops in the wagon and takes his hundred miles down and this time as they come back up.

The lord does not require joseph to hide the plates as he travels.

Moroni comes back and takes the plaques plates and says i'll drop them off for you up in fayette, so no barrel of beans, uh, and i wondered maybe, if part of the reason why it was done for them is because it was alva who initially had been In helpful who no longer was - and so perhaps he told people about the barrel blooms - i don't know, but this time moroni takes the plates and they head up um to fayette and i believe it was closer to 100 miles.
I did my google maps and you know it's 111.
If you go one way 109, if you go another way 101, if you go one way, but some people have written that it was 140 miles, so it was a long space that they had to travel together and i'm sure there were sweet stories.

It was hot.
It was june lots of good conversations and um as they were traveling.

They have many.

They come into contact with many people, but joseph and oliver are traveling um with david in a new area where they haven't been, and they don't seem to have any problem.

Emma has stayed back a little bit longer in harmony with her parents to get things wrapped up and and get the house ready to leave, but she does join him soon.
Thereafter they arrive in fayette and go to farther whitmer's home.

It's in seneca, um, county new york and living in this home, we're about 14 to 20 people, and when joseph comes, they give up one of the bedrooms, there's only three or something um and they give up one of them to be a translating room, and this Becomes the sacred space? I'm sure many of you know the story of joseph translating at and um not being able to see anything because there had been a little misunderstanding and he goes downstairs again and goes outside and prays for an hour and realizes that the contention that had grown with Emma because they're in a crowded space, they've lost their privacy, they don't have any time alone has become very difficult on the on the stress levels of everybody and um.

I wonder also, if um there weren't some hard words because of some other journal things that we read later, that i'll share with you about what mary whitmer working with mary whitmer.

But joseph is humble, after an hour out of praying outside, he apologized to his wife and they come inside and he goes right back upstairs after he apologizes and is able to translate such a good thing to realize that if we don't feel the spirit, our knees Is the best place so joseph we already knew like to skip rock down in harmony.

There is the habit of doing the same thing up here in um, fayette they go outside when the hands get too sore or the eyes get too um dark and um skipped rock and one day mary whitmer was noticing this in early june, and it's not just You have three guests in your home three, more people in your home.
It's that her whole family is now much more interested in the translation than they are in doing their chores.
So there's the chopping wood they're, getting the water, the et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and it's in the middle of the summer and it's hot and she notices that joseph is taking a break.

And i was told that that upstairs room was just sweltering.
Some days and um, she has decided in her mind that she is going to have them leave the next morning and she's just had it no one's doing work.
She sees them out there skipping the rock and they and she says to herself if they have time to relax - and i don't have time to relax, they have time to chop my wood and um.

She becomes our first witness of the plates right after that.
This is david whitmer's account, which is the one that most people know and that's how we've always interpreted this, but i like her her granddaughters even better so we'll read.
Both my mother was going to milk, the cows and she was met out near the yard by the same old man.

Judging by her description of him, who said to her, you have been busy and faithful and diligent in your labors, but you are tired because of the increase of your toil.

It's proper, therefore, that you should receive a witness for your faith may be strengthened now.
Those of us who have heard this story for years um have several questions.

First of all, why isn't this known as the first witness why there was a movie once a book once put out called the fourth witness? Well, this is way before the three witnesses um.
So that's one of the questions and i think a simple answer is in that day and age, a woman, a child and a non-christian were not allowed to be a voice in the court of law.
They were not a legal witness um.

I guess they could be a voice, but they were not a legal witness and there was a very different feeling tones about the place of men and women in the world in protestant america in the early 19th century, and i think that is perhaps one reason why Her voice was not recorded, written down amplified, but it is now - and we have these beautiful paintings.
We have these beautiful um presentations in the history, um church, history, museum and um.
A lot of accounts are coming up that we can trace back to the original time.

But what did david mean when he said the same old man? David explains it earlier that as he is driving um joseph and oliver up from harmony in this wagon.
Somebody looking like a normal farmer now, this artist makes him look a little different, but he's he's he's.
Looking like an old man.

He's got a knapsack on his back and it's tied over across his breast his chest, and they they slowed down it's hot hot hot.
They said you want to ride and he says nope and he's got this huge backpack on it.
He winks at him and says i'm going to kimura and disappears just like that, and joseph then says that was moroni and - and i think i mentioned a couple sessions ago, that alex baugh has written a great byu studies article on the many many many visions of Joseph smith, that are not canonized, and this is included in that text.

If you'd like to read more about it, there, you just go to byu studies and type in alex baugh it'll come right up.
So when his mother described the old man, he recognized that it was the same person, but this account comes from a step granddaughter.

She thought they might as well carry a bucket of water or chop a bit of wood as to skate rocks on a pond.

That's the part of the story i already mentioned it came from her account.
She was about to order them out of her house and one morning just at daybreak, which is the time you go out to milk, your cows.
She came out of her cow staple with two full buckets of milk.

In her hand when a short heavy set gray-haired man carrying a package met her, i, i would have been quite scared, um, but it it.
The key here is that um he spoke gently to her.
As she keeps saying, my name is moroni.

You have become pretty tired with all this extra work that you have to do, and the lord has given me permission to show you this record.

Turning the gold leaves one by one.
He spoke to her in a kind and friendly tone and began to explain to her the nature of the work which was going on in her house, and she was filled with unexpressable joy and satisfaction.

Now this is a different story, because the angel didn't come because she was burying it so well to praise her and honor her and to say good job.
Here's another little um blessing for you.

She was about to have them leave.

She was gon na.
Kick him out, that's why the angel had to come and turn them around.
So when does god send angels? I believe that there are angels around us working all the time, but the times, usually as we read about in scriptures and we experience in our own lives or in the lives of those that we hear stories from they usually come when it is needed to turn Around if you're on the right path, the spirit just encourages you but just think back alma the younger saul to paul experience, um, balaam and balak um.

You know there's so many examples, even peter he's in prison.
That day, like he can't wake up he's still so tired, um the angels come even even at the resurrection the angels are there to redirect the women or redirect paul or redirect whomever.
I feel that sometimes we expect an angel and hope an angel will come where in reality, that does not happen as often as it does.

The spirit just gives us encouragement.

One time i remember hugh nibley, saying in one of my classes, never ask to see an angel.
All he's going to do is quote scripture, just open up the scriptures, it's much better than the chastisement that usually comes with it, and we know that many times when joseph was um doing right things.

He did not get visitations, but when he needed to be redirected an angel often came and chastised him or the spirit did you know joseph's different he's the prophet of the restoration but for the rest of us.
I just don't want anyone to ever feel like their prayers are not um working or that their their efforts are not being appreciated because they don't get to see the plates did emma ever feel that she was exhausted from everything did joseph's mother did joseph.
I just feel like it doesn't fit logically, that you get a reward for trying hard when you have a bad attitude.

Mary whitmer had a much better attitude and changed her heart and let everyone stay there and that became the location for the organization of the church and for the first conference and etc, etc.
So there's just some thoughts on on that little sweet.
First witness and i know sometimes church history names aren't as familiar as biblical names or names that are in the doctrine covenants.


So i just want to share with you how i remember this.
The first witness of the savior's birth is mary, the mother of the lord, the first witness of the resurrected.

Lord is mary of magdala, and the first witness of the golden plates by angel moroni is mary whitmer of fayette.

It's really great! I'm sorry for emma and joseph that they had to live in a house full of people um, but it was it's really nice that there were so many people there, because they were able to give their journal accounts to our historic records of what it looked like.
What it sounded like what was going on and one of them said they came downstairs for a meal or something and their faces were exceedingly white.

Joseph's face shone, and i remember the account of moses having to wear a veil over his face, because his face was so shiny.

Anyway, i have seen shiny people.
I have seen bright light.

I have seen little halos around people when they're bearing testimony and when they're speaking, and i think that this would have been extra special to have seen the prophet in the midst of this last month of translation as they get to the book of ether.

And then later on into second nephi, they start hearing about the need for witnesses and i'm sure oliver has been told about section 5 of the doctrine covenants to martin harris.
That said, if you have faith and continue faithful, you will be a witness and sure enough.

Finally, by the time section 17 is given the lord promises that there will be witnesses and that it's just about the right time, i say unto you that you must rely upon my word, which, if you do with full purpose of heart, you shall have a view Of the plates, and also the breastplate and the sword of laban and the uramus of them and after you have obtained faith and have seen them with your eyes, you shall testify of them by the power of god.

The power of god is the gift that we all seek for to carry out his work.

It is the spirit of god.
It is the priesthood of god.

It is the power that enables miracles to happen by possibly the three nephites, possibly other kind of angels, possibly people from the city of enoch.
I have no idea who spread the um, calcium carbonate on the soil, the plaster of paris on the soil, but this is um a beautiful reminder that if we have been called to be a witness, we can do it with the power of god.
If we remain faithful, martin harris is one of those three witnesses, so oliver martin and david wimmer and martin has sprinkled been sprinkled throughout the history.

So far as we've talked about um his trials in with his marriage, his trials with his belief, his faith and i just wanted to review what he did and what a great man he was and any time we throw a stone at one of these early church Members, i just i'm so hurt inside because i so love them.
They they are doing the best they can and when i look at my own weaknesses, i have far greater problems than they do than they did under and they were in much harder circumstances.
So i just wanted to review some of the great things he did.

First of all, in 1824 um one year after moroni's visit to joseph he hires joseph senior and hiram to start working at his house and that's where he learns about moroni and the plates.

But no news about the first vision, joseph's, still keeping that very close to his heart and not his mouth that fall and december.

He gave joseph the fifty dollars to pay to move down to fayette.

I talked about that in our earlier lecture um, where um alva smith was in the room.

There was a whole bunch of people, they were some sort of a public, tavern or store, and he then, after they moved down to um harmony, are able to.
I see that in february 28, it's when martin takes the characters that he's joseph has written out form in the translation from the first pages of the book of lehi down to meet up with luther bradshaw, braddish, charles anthon and michael mitchell, samuel mitchell in columbia, university And around there, these great scholars and that's when he became convinced more of the translation in 1828, he was scribed for joseph smith, as we know, is the book of lehi and it was lost um.

Unfortunately, we also know by late june that he became one of the three witnesses and then by august he is willing to mortgage um, his house and his own agreement in order to get the book of mormon translated, i mean published, he attended the organizational meeting of The church in fayette the reason why i mentioned this is because he was baptized right after that there had only been a handful of people baptized prior to that and at that meeting or shortly after the meeting of the organization, four people were baptized and he was One of them it was joseph's parents, martin and um orson and orson um, joseph's bodyguard um in puerto rockwell.
He joins the saints in kirtland by may selds, the rest of his farm and one of the 56 men named to attend the church conference in missouri.

He goes down to missouri.

He gives edward partridge one thousand two hundred dollars toward the purchase of the land of zion um, because he's now left his.
I forgot to tell you his.
I didn't write this down in here, his his wife separated from him.

He did not divorce or divorce, wasn't um part of the culture then, but they separated um prior to his departure for kirtland and when he is at kerland he is.
His wife is not with him he's one of the um.

He serves a mission with his brother emer in southern new york and northeastern pennsylvania.

He accepts the call to serve as the 12th member of the kirtland high council.
He serves as a wagoneer in zion's camp and he unites with the first presidency in prayer and assists in selecting the 12 apostles, which was a commandment given specifically to him.

As you recall, his wife then passes away in 1836 and he marries caroline young, the niece of brigham brigham young in december of 37 um.

He is excommunicated in, and that is a word that we no longer use.
It's probably, i shouldn't even change it here.
It's very not very politically correct, but it was a very different experience than it is now.

I'm glad we don't use that word now.
December 38th december 16th of 38, joseph um writes a letter from liberty jail, and we know many people that were very close to joseph go against him and cause most of the problems for him at liberty, jail and joseph mentions.
In i mean martin joseph refers to martin in a letter and says he is too mean to mention september 17th, 1780 edward stevenson, re-baptizes martin in the endowment house in salt lake city and he's reunited again with his wife, caroline martin and joseph um, martin called joseph And says you need to come down.

We have a revelation now that it's time for the three witnesses and both joseph's parents and martin come from palmyra down to fayette and um.
We know that a couple accounts say that they are at the end of the translation.


So it may have been that tuesday june 30th, when they finish the translation or perhaps um july, first or a day before that, but it's it's within that frame of mind, give or take a week or two when they arrived that evening.

Lucy account lucy's account says that they spent the evening reading the manuscript, meaning the book of mormon manuscript from the printer's manual and the next morning after breakfast in the whitmer parlor they had a morning service.
Remember joseph smith was raised in a home where his father and mother had devotionals with scripture studying and family prayer every night and every morning, and i don't know if that's the same, but it sounds like the morning service is the name that they had for beginning The day with scripture, study and prayer later on in the day, they feel that they are ready to go outside and they go out to get david whitmer who has been plowing and they all go.
The four of them joseph david oliver and martin out to the woods, to pray and i'm sure many of you know the story um.

The commandment was that they had to exert faith and moroni doesn't come and moroni doesn't come and they keep praying and praying.
And finally, um martin says i know i'm the problem.

I've got to leave, and shortly after he left angel moroni came again in a glorified state, not as an old man as he was to mary whitmer, and he um tells them that they need to now testify that it is their responsibility to be a witness of This we also have references to this in the book of mormon.


In addition to the doctrine covenants, i don't remember um it's in the history of the church, so this is joseph's account.
I believe they were engaged in prayer when presently we beheld a light above us in the air of exceeding brightness and behold, an angel stood before us and in his hands he held the plates.
He turned over the leaves one by one so that we could see them and discern the engravings thereon distinctly later after this experience joseph goes out and tries to find martin.

He finds him in ways off in the wood and they martin has been able to humble himself, he's feeling very much in need of forgiveness and repentance and pleads with the lord again that he might be worthy of having this experience and sure enough.
Angel moroni arrives again and gives martin a experience like he gave the other two witnesses and martin jumps up.
This is in lucy's memories as an ecstasy of joy, tis enough tis enough.

My eyes are beheld.
My eyes are beheld and jumping and shouting hosanna and praising god.
I this man who struggled so much um with a sure witness, was able to receive what he had been seeking for years and years and it's now 1829 and so five years of trying to get an answer to his prayer.

And some of you may take longer than five years to get an answer to your prayers, but he was blessed with that.

They returned to the house and about three to four o'clock and joseph exclaimed in his to his waiting parents.

Father, mother, you do not know how happy i am.

The lord has caused the plates to be shown to three more besides me.
So the whole experience took three or four hours and i have to wonder what else did moroni say: what else did he teach them? You know i i just would have loved to been a squirrel in the tree that day to hear these things.

Lucy continues to record what joseph said.

They have seen an angel who has testified to them that they will have to bear witness to the truth of what i have said for now.
They know for themselves that i do not go about to deceive the people.

I mean this poor young man was constantly being charged with being a deceiver um.

I do not maliciously go about to deceive anyone, and then joseph continues on or lucy continues on in her account of joseph, i feel as if i was relieved of a burden which was almost too heavy for me to bear, and it rejoices my soul that i Am not any longer to be entirely alone in this world and these three men became a lifelong witness.
One of the questions i mentioned.
The first is, but they all left the church and, as i think about it, that for me becomes an even greater witness.

They did not have reasons amongst their peers to remain true, but they always remain true to their witness on our dying beds.
They are bearing witness.
They bore witness every time anyone asks them.

We have volumes of the witnesses that they shared with people who asked they stood up for the validity of the book of mormon, even when they were mad at the prophet, because they're human and because there's interactions between mortals, we always have problems with those that we're Living the closest with, if we're, unless we're angelic, like my little children, are to me, but these men's witness of the book even during times of apostasy, is all the greater for me, and we know oliver and martin were able to come back in.
There was a few years where they were out of the church, but they came back in and david was always a witness of the scripture, even though he did participate in starting another faith to be organized and other faiths shortly after the translation is finished.

Joseph goes up to his parents, home in palmyra or right there by manchester and um.

The whitmer family joins him and his brothers join him and there's just two families that make up the eight witnesses.

One of them is um hiram page who married the whitman.

One of the whitmer daughters and so he's part of their family, and we have their signatures and testimonies in our copies of the book of mormon, and here you can see their signatures and a record john whitmer wrote i desire to testify to all that will come To the knowledge of this address that i have most assuredly seen the plates from whence the book of mormon is translated and that i have handled these plates.

John whitmer had this published, or he wasn't the publisher, but this testimony was published in 36 in kirtland.
In the um messenger advocate the the newspaper of the saints hiram described, i felt a determination to i felt a determination to die rather than deny the things which my eyes had seen, which my hands had handled and which i had borne testimony to.

Whenever my lot had been cast, it's when you're on a spiritual high and you feel the lord's love and that there's nothing better in life's memories to be a recipient of the lord's revelation, and i can imagine that theirs is, on a whole different level.

Lucy recorded that the angel again then made his appearance to joseph to receive the plates in his hands, and she has a very short account, but we have other accounts of joseph returning, the plates that are more in depth.
One of them was brigham young's in utah brigham young in the journal of discourses.
It's recorded in the journal.

Discourses said when joseph and oliver went there, meaning the hill opened and they walked into a cave in which there was a large and spacious room.
It was just as light as day they had the plates on a table, and under this table there was a pile of plates as much as two feet high and they were all together in the room more plates than probably many wagon loads.
They were piled up on the corners along the walls and the first time they went.

There was a sword of laban hung upon the wall, but when they went again, it had been taken down and laid upon the table across the gold plates, and it was unsheathed and on it was written.
These words, this sword will never be sheathed again until the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our god and his christ.
Now this witness has become a challenge to those who want to find archaeological evidence for it.

We do not find archaeological evidence in upstate new york for great battles for um rooms, of stone and light as daylight and um.
We don't find any stone boxes when the hillside has been scoured, but we don't need to limit god by our own understandings of how things can happen.
I am one who loves archeological digs and i am one who even was able to find um who is able to see the spot where elephant bones were found in latin america from the time period of the jaredites.

But i still feel that we should not limit god to a vision that they could walk into a room and it not be there the next year or the next 10 years or the next 100 years.
Just because i don't understand something because of the blinders of my eyes does not mean that it's, i don't want to limit my understanding to god's understanding, um or else we come up with theology like the creation out of nothing in addition to joseph smith's um witness To mary whitmer's witness to the three witnesses and to the eight witnesses, we now have many many more voices who have felt a witness of the truth of the book of mormon through the holy ghost, and i hope that your testimony can be strengthened this year by Following along and come follow me and that you will be able to bear your testimony and share your witness to the truth of these things, these early saints were humans.

They had problems, the husband and wife.
Marital relationship comes very um close, but so does the relationship between joseph and his friends when they get mad at him um they were human.
They were real and that's what makes their witness so much more believable to me.

That's what makes it um so amazing that they held true to the testimony of the book of mormon, and when we ask our hard questions, don't ever forget the place of the book of mormon in our faith.
It is the keystone of our religion, not only because it was the opening of the canon and thus a means of revelation, but it has more truth and more understanding that corrected some of the falsehood that it slipped in over times or deliberately were brought in over The rest of christian history, i love the book of mormon.


I believe that joseph the prophet was the seer and translator and i believe that he was the prophet of the restoration and i look forward to next week.

Our next lecture, um, sharing with you some fabulous details on the publication of the book of mormon royal scousen, has done a terrific job and his teams of people over the last decades and decades of research and we'll talk about the original and the manuscript.

Next time, may god bless you bye, [, Music ], you .

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