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Hello, my name is lynn wilson and i'm here to talk about some hard questions in church history that are associated with the publication of the book of mormon in come follow me.

We don't get a lot of church history.
We get some beautiful time in the doctrine.
Covenants - and i hope you could take advantage of that revelation that comes so beautifully in that great book, but it comes alive.

It goes from black and white on the page into living color.

When you understand a little bit more of the historical background and there is so much documentation on the publication, the book of mormon - that i feel we can answer a lot of hard questions from that view, here's a few questions.
What about the citations from the bible? Did joseph pirate, the spaulding manuscript, could sydney rig didn't really have written it? What changes were made to the manuscript before we start with the time um line and give you a feel for those six, seven, eight months that are affiliated with the publishing of the book of mormon? I want to just address two of these things here that i don't talk about in the rest of the time.

A lot of claims been made of what joseph could translate it from and part of the problem is rumors spread.

This is a day and age before paper and printing was easy or available quickly, and so a lot of things were published that were not actually accurate and a lot of false truths came about.
One of the problems was people hear about this publication of the golden bible.

They don't want anything to do with anything.
That's taking away the authority of their faith.
It's a protestant nation.

We don't want anyone taking away the keystone to the protestant religion, which is the bible, so they hear about this other competition with the bible.
That's going to show that the bible is wrong or something they're very defensive about it and they say.
Oh, i heard somebody else writing about some some hebrew people coming over.

I'm sure i read the same thing in spaul, something by spalding.
I i don't know where it is.
I can i, but i've heard about it well sure enough, um years and years and years and years and years later, somebody finds the spalding manuscript and it's just a joke.

You can get online and read it the view of the hebrews.
It has nothing to do with 600 bc in jerusalem.

I i feel, like the devil, was just trying to stop the work, because if the work had been available, people would have been able to say oh no, this isn't this has nothing to do with it, but because it was lost for decades um.

This just became a problem, but if you'd like to read it, it's a little fun story by spaulding, um solomon spalding, another person that they felt pirated the work um, because joseph is so uneducated.
He couldn't possibly have done it.
It must have been his educated right-hand man, sidney rigdon, but as we will talk about when we get to kirtland, there was no contact between joseph and sydney until after sydney was converted through the book of mormon.

So, there's a lot of um ideas that maybe um that was just all play that was just all acting, but with our 202 witnesses of how the translation process worked, i think we can put the rest that theory to rest that sydney was involved.
We have people that were attacking joseph claim that sydney was never there.
He was not involved in this um, so those two are pretty easy.

Now, with the information that we have to knock it out.

The other reason why we can say joseph did not pirate the work, whether it was oliver or sydney or solomon spalding, because of the work with stylometry.
Most of you may have heard it by names like wordprints, but it's a literary technique used in forensic to determine authorship and over the centuries that they've used it on shakespeare.

They've used it on the federalist papers.
They use it in courts of law in england and other places they have been able to refine the technique of determining how to tell authorship it used to just be okay.
These are the pauline epistles because they all start the same.

He tells the same stories and they're.

The word patterns are the same.
The vocabulary is the same.

Now it's much better than that.
We no longer use these generalizations.
We use computerized programs and we type in all the contextual words and all the um.

Is this going to be a didactic section, or is this going to be a section for um sermons? Is this going to be a narrative section and with these separating out all these different options, there's a high degree of statistical probability of determining authorship? If we have enough information - and you need five thousand word segments - and so the book of mormon has been tested against all these people's writings, including joseph smith's own handwritten um, the writings, in his own hand, have been used to say.
Is this joseph's um linguistic pattern and it's not in fact nephi is as different from joseph smith as nephi is to alma, and you know the book comes out as being multiple authors, and that is one of my favorite things to talk about the publication of the Book of mormon, because through the publication and the wonderful research by people like royal scousen and jack well, john welch, we have been able to come up with such precise information that it is a very clear to determine the um any attack that is made on the Book of mormon authorship has not been able to hold up to the work that they've done.

So, let's jump in now to our timeline.

Back in 1827, eb grant grandin bought the palmyra newspaper, the wayne county sentinel.
The thing that's so amazing about that to me is that he was only an um 18 years old when he started working for them three years before he purchased it.

He was an apprentice to learn the art and three years later, he's bought it and the people that still stay and work with him.

There used to be the owners, so he says no, no.
I know how to do the books.

I i've learned how to do this.

I think i can.
I can make this work and he's just a young man about joseph's age a year or two apart.
I don't know exactly what his birth date was, but he's a year older.

I think, and then you recall that oliver and joseph begin the translation of what we know as the book of mormon on april, 7th they're down in harmony just to refresh your memory from past weeks, pennsylvania in their own little cabin and the day before they started.
The translation is when we have that beautiful document signed with both um oliver and samuel smith as the witnesses to joseph purchasing the 13 and a half acres from his father-in-law isaac, hale.
So they're in that little house, starting from april 5th, when they first arrive.

That night and through the end of may, and then they go up to the whitmers and they finish the translation on june 30th.

Also during the month of june, while they're up with the whitmers is when we have the story of the witnesses, and we have mary whitmer and martin harris.
Oliver cowdery and david whitmer, seeing the angel and then probably in july of 1829, is when we have the eight witnesses that joseph shows the place to them at his home in palmyra, and i forgot to tell you one thing about that.

Last week joseph says that he takes these dear friends, these eight people from his family and the whitmer family out to their backyard in the woods to a place where the family had gone to pray.
I think what happened is there were sacred spaces for them? I don't know how many of the family members understood or knew about the first vision at this time, but they had a space of land that was sacred space for their family.

And i wonder if joseph took the eight witnesses to the same location where the first vision was had occurred, but it became sacred space, even if it wasn't sacred space before by joseph's work of showing the plates, then to the eight witnesses that early july, by august Of 1829 joseph has started looking for a publisher and he goes first to um palmyra and is turned away from eb grandin, and then he goes to another large, larger city rochester and asks around and finally finds a couple that will um one.

That says, i will consider it for a very high price and the other um turns him down again and with that offer he takes martin harris this time with him back to eb grandin, and i forgot to tell you he takes martin harris with him when he Goes to rochester and some accounts suggest that he had martin with him the first time, but i think the better accounts say martin doesn't come until the second time around and the reason why e.
b grandin accepts joseph is because martin is such a well-known man of his Word in the community, i'm trying to remember, i think palmyra had about three thousand well, i don't remember if it was three thousand or six thousand or two thousand, but it's it's a small enough town that people knew who martin harris was and they trusted him and E.
B granin felt comfortable as long as he promised his land as collateral that it would work and he had a very large farm when he got married.

Martin harris received 240 acres from his his um father as a wedding gift and then, as in his inheritance and by the time now that he's a 49 year old man at 47 or something he now has um 320 acres.
And so his property is worth more than this 3 000 that will be required and the reason why it's going to be so expensive is he's asking for so many and we'll talk about that.

As soon as we jump into the details by august 25th, martin harris had mortgaged 150 and a half acres of his 320 acre farm, and unfortunately this was one of the last things that his wife put up with and they were separated.

Unfortunately, by the time martin left for kirtland in the fall of 1829, the original typesetter proofs are printed and in january, is when we start getting some of the attacks.
Everything is copyrighted.
Everything is within the grandin's bookstore, but one of the employers of grandin um, because i should have said that it's not employer granted.

Two different newspapers are printed off the same press and the other company was using it on the weekends and that's when are on sundays and that's when um they began.
Reading copies of the book of mormon and abner cole um under the pseudo name of obadige dogberry prints out these pamphlets or experts in excerpts of um pukeii.
You know he names nephi the book of pukei and has these crazy, um jokes on it to people who want to joke about that by march 26, the book of mormon is published.

There are a few copies that are actually bound.
The binding takes all the way through into the summer, but they begin the sale march 26th for a dollar.
Seventy five on the downstairs floor of eb grandin's bookstore throughout the summer, the leather binding is finished and 5 000 copies are completed.

The publication is rich with history and we have a lot of eyewitnesses and a lot of documents and it's absolutely exciting.
It's hard to do of your genealogy.
Sometimes, when you can't get hold of the documents on this one, we've got the documents and you can study whatever you want june 11th 1829 joseph is still translating the book of mormon and he's still at the whitmer home is when the copyright for the book of Mormon is actually received, so the lord began prompting him to take care of this other business, and you can see right here if you want to zoom in and to this copy, that is on book of mormon, not boomers um, that is on the joseph smith papers Project and it's a beautiful statement of what they have on the copyright and you can see that they have cut and pasted in parts of the title page.

So we know that joe um joseph translated up through moroni and then words of mormon and then went up to the small plates like we talked about um in a previous class june 26 1829.
The title page is published, so this is nine months.
Uh yeah nine months before the publication, and we already have the title page and you can see its publication right here in the newspaper - the book of mormon an account written by the hand of mormon.

That was not joseph's writing.
This is the text in the book and like most hebrew text, you start at the back and end of the front.
I don't know why the title page was there, but that's where it was, and maybe it was a duplicate or maybe it was just a separation.

Like the words of mormon, were separation, but joseph had translated it.
They had already received the copyright and the wayne sentinel published this um almost nine months and during that nine months something beautiful happens and the um book of mormon is then published, and here it is in the 1830 copy, a replica of it.
But i just have to chuckle, because not one version of the 1830 editions of the book of mormon is the same.

You know as your the printing process.
You have to constantly be turning things upside down and changing a letter and putting in a space or and of course, there's no verses.
Everything is, and i'm sure you um you've heard that there's no um punctuation in the whole book when when they first get it, but joseph's first job was to go, find a publisher and he he's at his parents home.

I believe that by this time emma has gone back home so emma when they were staying with the whitmers, and then they had the eight witnesses up in palmyra.
They had the first baptisms in palmyra at least martin harris and orders or porter rockwell were in palmyra.
For their baptisms they and perhaps the parents - but i don't know it's they're, conflicting things, whether they're in fayette or palmyra, but the bottom line is he want.

He goes home and he tries to find a publisher.
He goes to the local one in town, eb, grandin he's got a very good reputation.
It's it's been under three different owners and they've been um able to sustain their newspaper, and so they go there and he says not a chance.

You know he's he's young he's new and he is not going to risk it.
That's when he goes up to rochester and you can see it's quite a ways and he um finds somebody who'll help him.

Mr t weed was one of the publishers he went to and he said no, i won't, but mr marshall is very savvy financially and he realizes that.

This is something that the smiths want desperately and he says if you want it that bad and if you pay me enough, i will do it and sometimes in the history we just say he had an offer, and so he went back to mr granting because it Was closer, it was more convenient.
Are you kidding? It was twice or three times the cost it was.

It was a matter of a very um conniving public printer who wanted to have that job.

Mr marshall was doing it for money, and you also have to realize that no one wanted to do it, because it had already such a stigma.
They felt that it was in competition with the bible.
They did not want to do anything that would deflate the worth and value of the bible.

Whether or not you were a protestant at the time, um the majority of the nation loved and read their bibles, so he returns to eb grandin's store, and this time he has martin harris with him.
I forgot to tell you: he took martin with him to the others um and he and martin go in the second time and say we have an offer.
Are you sure you won't can reconsider mr egbert needed the business he's starting out? He wants to take it and he comes up with a cost and as an entrepreneur, he wants to do a very good job and joseph wants.

It done beautifully.
Nice paper leather bound and they come up with the sweet promise of an enormous print run.

He has been married now and you can see um.

They will be having five children over the next few years and they need the money.
Now five months before joseph approached, eb grandin he purchased, eb grandin had just purchased the state of the ark press it.

If you look up peter smith and printing press you'll, you can read on it through google and it looks so old-fashioned and so much hard work.

I can hardly believe that this was a step up but think of model a to model t or something you know or model t to model a i i don't know, but supposedly this was the state of the ark at the time and that this was a Actually, a miraculous event that he had this, because in order to do such a large run in such a short period of time, he had to have something that would work more effectively because the book turned out to be 588 pages and he wanted joseph wanted.
000, copies now for most little communities.
Almost every community had a weekly newspaper at this time in the united states, even communities of a thousand or two they still had a weekly newspaper.

This was their means of communicating and even though the newspapers usually stuck to political things and the pamphlets were the more religious things.
Hot topics of religion got in the newspapers and we'll start seeing that.
So he has a responsibility with this newspaper as well as now taking on this enormous print job, but he's got a great staff.

He's got over 10 people working with him, and some of them were full-time, and some of them were apprentice coming in and coming out to help with it.

But i have to tell you this was such an interesting um learning how to print and learning how to um having extra hands was so needed that oliver and hiram chose to stay and help with this as apprentice to learn the art and joseph went back down To be with his wife in harmony once everything was set up and established and they're they're now you know 140 miles apart when this starts and oliver stays and um joseph had already asked him.
I think i mentioned this in a previous class as soon as he finished the translation in june to sit down, we don't have any more 116 pages lost and rewrite the whole thing and, in addition to rewriting it for um um for the printer, he was also Rewriting it so that he would be able to fulfill the commandment.

That was given to him in section 18 of the doctrine, covenants to go through the book of mormon and write up the articles and covenants that will be used at the organization to organize the church.
And he wants you to learn what the sacraments are, what the ordinances are, what truths should be emphasized, and so, as joseph goes through rewriting it again, he also is is doing two things at once.

I just see the lord's hand, so clearly in all of this, it's absolutely miraculous.

Everything is prepared.
His profit is given information in a timely manner and i believe the same is true in 2021.

I want to talk a little bit about this team of publishers.

We have um john h gilbert.
It was not only the press work but he's the one that added all the punctuation to the entire book of mormon.
So if you don't think it's correct that this comma should be here.

This is the man to talk to in heaven.

Now, i'm sure out of the 12 editions we've had since the 1830 edition, there may have been some changes to um john gilbert's punctuation, but um.
He would take them home and work on them.

There is another press work, another press work, a compositor um now this palmeri tucker was a foreman who did the proofreading of these sheets and the manuscripts, and i'm just fascinating fascinated that these people were approaching the book as employment with a lot of antagonism, but not With soft humble hearts, the scouring it through meticulously making sure every little um e is right.
Side up did not provide witnesses and prayers and and conversions, but these men worked so hard um.
You see, they've got several proof readers to make sure so once that set the type, then then um have someone proofread it and that's what their jobs are and then you've got these apprentice, who also helped work.

So here's 10 of them and then we've got oliver and hyrum helping as well.
I just want to show you how close these people are.
This is a a map published by the church to show you where, where martin's home is up there and martin was also regularly at the at the shop at the printing shop.

There's joseph smith's log, cabin and um their farm is just across the street and there's the um granite springs.
So it's about halfway between the two and this turned out to be such a blessing, and we can see right here where martin receives a revelation in doctrine.

Covenant section 19 that he needs to.

You can see his the handwriting impart a portion of your property that you can remove yourself from breaking a covenant and assist again and to build the kingdom.
Martin harris, i believe, was living the law of consecration from far earlier than it was even revealed that doesn't come until section 42 of the doctrine.
Covenants and yet martin is giving and giving of his time and talents and energy and he might be a little reticent.

But you know if you got 240 acres for your wedding present and you were asked to give um 150 of them away.
It would be a little hard for you to, but fortunately he he had expanded his farm and so he's giving away a little less than half um to this cause, and he still hopes that it'll sell and he'll be able to um not lose his farm because It also means losing his marriage, but that's not what happened.

The blessing of having oliver record this second manuscript in our generation is that we can compare the two and see where the changes were made and to see um by examining the original manuscript next, the printer's manuscript.

We can see if the errors were made by hearing something wrong.
Are you saying sword or um suave? Are you saying, or if you're seeing it are you writing out sword or you're writing out word you know is, it is, is joseph's voice in a hat muffled and it sounds different? Is this an error of hearing that would be the original manuscript or an error of copying? That would be a printer's manuscript.
The other thing that is so amazing to me on this is that um oliver is so good and if joseph is seeing the words written out, which we will talk about in a few minutes, he can see them.

He can spell them by looking at this original manuscript.

You can see.
There is no editing added afterward, it's right on the same line.

Any changes are right there and oliver is writing down so carefully, but even as careful as he can, he is making about three mistakes per page and we may be a little aghast at that.

But that's because we've never tried it um.
I make three mistakes per page when i have spell check and a laptop and it's my seventh editing edition, you know so i i really feel that oliver was the man of the hour that god had trained him up just for this position and um when he Finished the first section of recopy it because they start the publishing before he finishes all the re recapping.

But hiram takes the first few pages of the book of mormon and puts him inside of his vest, as he walks from his home up north, a mile or two to the printing office and very carefully taking these 24 pages initially and then taking them back.

And they were so cautious now the printer's manuscript is the one that they took initially to the printing office.

But if oliver had made a mistake on the original joseph's, not there to read the papers right now and say: hey wasn't this supposed to be the instead of uh or those kind of little messages.

Those three mistakes per page are now being added to by a few more mistakes in the printing in the writing and out because you're, exhausted and you're tired.
I mean i feel anyone who doesn't have empathy for someone who's writing.

This should try to write with a quill for hours and hours on end for days and months, um and then you'll have a little more empathy here.

But now we have double the mistakes, because we've got the ones that were already on the original, because joseph has um tried to proofread it.
But it's it's not all the way through every word very meticulously.
He's not a professional editor, to say the least.

He's not an educated man.
Now you have the additional efforts, and so the publishing mistakes are now added to this two times mistake so later on.

They stop taking the printer's manuscript in and they take the originals in and we can tell that by the punctuation marks, because that's with a pencil and um anyway, it's fascinating to really be able to become a little soothe and see how they do this work.

Let me just show you an example: first nephi 831 in the original manuscript, it says i saw other multitudes pressing their way toward the great and spacious building in the printer's copy.
I saw other multitudes feeling their way towards the great and spacious building.
Okay, that's just one example: first nephi 1218, the original, a terrible gulf divided them yea, even the sword of the justice, a terrible in the printer's manuscript, a terrible gulf, divided them yea.

Even the word of the justice um and you can look at alma, 26 and 60 and helium 13 and third nephi, 20 and 29 and ether.
All these are examples where you can look at the original and look at the printer and see exactly what the mistake was, and many of them are just a sword and word you can see that's a problem of sight and then others are problems with sound.

Let me just give you a couple more first nephi, 13 29: the gospel of the lamb, an exceeding great many do stumble now.

Oliver was not the best speller joseph would spell out the difficult words that he didn't know how to pronounce like the names, corey, moore or something, and he would spell out moroni and the first time.
Oliver got it right because joseph out, but when he mentions it again later on oliver's forgotten how to do it and the spelling's a problem, but he still was the best scribe joseph had because he was so accurate.
So even though his spelling wasn't accurate.

Fortunately, the printer um, not just eb grandin, but i was thinking of some of the others um when they did their proofreading.

They were able to correct some of the misspelling words like gospel here.

The printer's um manuscript, though, was changed.

Oliver did corrected that one.
The gospel of the lamb and exceeding you can see how and and anne would have been um easy to understand how that would have been mixed up.

Oliver in alma 30 52 recorded yea in the original manuscript yea.

I always knew that there was a god, but in the printers yea i also knew there was a god.
So it's a real blessing to go back to the original and see the the discrepancy, and this is such a benefit to us in our later editions that we've been able to access these manuscripts.

When this printer's manuscript was being written, joseph had no idea that we would be able to use it now in our defending of the faith.

But this commandment that god gave has blessed not only the safety of the text.
But now our ability to defend the text and i'm sorry i couldn't find a picture of john gilbert, but i got joseph here for you names and persons and places were generally capitalized, but sentences had no end.
I punctuated it.

This is john gilbert's words.
I punctuated to make it read, as i suppose the author intended, but very little punctuation was altered in the proofreading, so he added it and then the proofreaders changed a little bit, but we can give most of the credit to gilbert.

Now i don't know how many of you been to nauvoo or to upstate new york or even to um wherever else they have um old historical printing presses.

But this is the printer stick and you have to put everything in upside down and backwards and um.
Once you get that stick on, then you just slide it into the place, and this is when oliver began learning to apprentice there and one of the eyewitnesses, john gilbert again wrote.
Oliver would take up a stick and set a part of it a page and he may have set 10 to 12 pages.

All told that is amazing for a first time printer, because you have to this is a page.

This is one sheet.
It takes three days to set type for each sheet and um you.

You then put your paper on it and then it prints out and then the proofreaders go through and you go back and you turn it extremely laborious.
So three days just to set the type and then you have to go through the proofreading of it, and then you check the proofreading against the printer's manuscript, so you're still initially and then later on, they brought in the originals.
I unfortunately didn't bring the originals in right at the beginning, so the book of mormon was these signatures.

The signature is 16 pages and there were 37 of these 16 pages that would go through and that's why there's no copy, that's exactly the same, because they'd print one and then switch it and turn it around print another.
You know it's so laborious.
It took 12 men working 11 hours a day six days a week to publish the book of mormon, and i heard about this experiment done by the byu football team years ago and they wanted to see how hard it was to do this.

So you got these big hefty guys and um.
They tried to do it for a few days and it was absolutely exhausting and they were not able to keep up the speed of mr um grandin's team there working in palmyra in 1829 and 1830.

So i mentioned that we had some attacks starting in january.

One of those was this book of pukeii that came out of um the pseudo name of dogbury, and this is what he describes.

The prophet was had the spirit of money diggers in fine clothing, including indian blankets and moccasins.

So everyone's fascinated with the native americans, everyone thinks there's a tie to israel they're all expecting the millennium any day.

This is a nation, that's filled with anticipation of the lord's.
Second coming, and so they tie in all these things and remember how long joseph worked for mr stoll to help him find his silver a month.
You know one month a few weeks and he gets years later still.

This um tarnish as being a spirit of a money, digger and just sad, sad, sad um.
So what happens immediately? Oliver says that is against the law and the reason why it's so crazy is the man who's doing it used to work as a judge.
He knows very well that it is anyway he doesn't, he doesn't go down for oliver, so hiram comes in.

Martin comes in, everyone comes in and tries to say, stop, stop, stop, stop! Stop.
We have a copyright you're doing something illegal.

They finally go all the way down to get joseph, and so by this time, there's been a couple of weeks or three weeks.

I think of publishing out of the palmyra reflector this book of pukea and um joseph comes in again.
It's because they're so offended all the persecution against the book of mormon is.
They are offended that you are destroying the truth of the bible, but abner cole knew better and mr cole threw off.

His coat was rolling up his sleeves when joseph came in and he came toward my son.
This is lucy's account in great rage roaring.
Do you want to fight? Sir? Do you want to fight? I will publish just what i am a mind now.

If i want to just fight come on and lucy records that joseph said no, you may put back on your coat it's cold.
I will not fight you.
We will use the rule of law, he knew that he had been a justice of the peace.

I said a judge, it's, he was a justice of the peace, mr cole, and he finally stops and um.

I love the way joseph handled that there are other times when his temper got out of control, but here it did not.
Here he is able to um bring peace with patience.

The book of mormon was announced in the newspapers on march 19th that it was going to be for sale for a dollar 75 and it is published in both the palmyra reflector and the wayne county sentinel.
But when it comes out on march 26th enough people have tried to stop the work that it's boycotted and it starts out for sale at 1.
75 and it does not sale, sell and so grandin marks it down to a dollar 25.

You know, there's there's very little: profit now he's just trying to sell it and um, it does not sell and the family takes it around and it does not sell and when the people went on missions, samuel joseph senior martin and they start taking the books with Them they won't sell, and so the missionaries are giving them away at times as they do now, but they still um were able to sell a few, but not not the run of 5 000 copies.

It was just outrageous.

I you know.
I mentioned that these small towns always had a weekly newspaper, but when they were going to publish a pamphlet they're coming between, you know five and 30 pages, not 588 pages and the publishing of books um at this time, unless you're someone like um mark twain, you're You're not look at many of the books from this time and out of this country, you're not getting things like les miserables you're, not getting huge tomes, you're getting smaller books and, and unfortunately, this one was too over budget and it it was not selling immediately.
We start hearing from the pal farmer freeman it's a great piece of superstition that has come to our knowledge.

Another author called it a species of fanaticism.
By the end of march, the book's been on sale since the 26th over in rochester um, the largest town in the community, is titled their newspaper article blasphemy, the book of mormon, has been placed in our hands.
A violent imposition was never practiced.

It is an evidence of fraud, blasphemy and credulity, shocking to both christians and moralists.
Well, it spreads like wildfire.
Everybody starts hearing about it, annoying about it and so the um new york city, editor is told.

I want you to go up to upstate new york interview.
The publisher, the author and get all the details you can and we will publish it here well by the time he gets there in 1831, joseph has already left for kirtland.

As you recall, the whole church headquarters moves in 1831, and so the publisher has made this long journey and instead of continuing and doubling his distance to go over to ohio, he then just interviews all the locals and gets a very different view on what happened than Those who believed would have given him and he starts out, have you heard of mormonism who has not? This is just amazing to me.

The church is organized april 6 1830, and this is a little over a year afterward in new york city.
We start out with six members of the church on april 6 to 18, 18 30 to up to almost 200 by the time they leave for kirtland, there's only 200 members of the church um in december of 1830 and now we're in august of 1831 and everyone In the nation has heard of mormonism, isn't that just amazing paragraph after has followed paragraph in the newspapers recounting on the movements detailing their opinions and surprising distant readers with the traits and the singularity? The new religious sect which had its origin in this state mormonism, is the latest device of rotary ingenuity and ignorance.
You can see he's getting some of the same vocabulary here and religious excitement combined and acting on materials prepared by those who ought to have known better.

It is one of the mental exaltations of western new york.
The individuals who gave birth to these species of fanaticisms are the very simple person, jews and not known until this thrust them into notice.
They are the old and young, joe smith, and a year later we get even more and even coming out of the south.

We find these attacks spreading in the newspapers and that's where we read of alexander campbell's first attack now campbell was a restorationist.
I think i've talked to him a little bit about him before he was trying to go back to the new testament church.
He had branches of his congregations spreading across the western united states, including kirtland, ohio and um party.

P pratt had been in one of his memberships, as did as was sydney reagan.
Both of them had left working and alexander campbell's faith prior to their joining our church, but alexander campbell at this time was not living in ohio in a couple of years.
He begins his a college down in bethany, but right now, um in the south.

But right now he publishes his thoughts on the book of mormon and he calls it delusions an analysis of the book of mormon smith.
It's real author, as ignorant and as impudent and naive as ever wrote a book betrays the cloven foot of basing his whole book upon a false fact or pretended fact, which makes god a liar.
You know they are so offended that there is a book claiming to be scripture.

That is not perfect, and i was i was talking about all the mistakes made between the printers and the and the um original manuscript.
I just want to remind you.

The inspired part that was infallible is what joseph read and saw, but from then on.

Human error was part of the challenge that we faced.
It wasn't until 1835 that oliver sat down and in his newspaper, um, attacked and addressed the issues that alexander campbell had raised, and i noticed the same pattern now in our lives.
We do not usually defend um attackers as the leadership of the church.

Other people do that, but um .
They just keep moving ahead and doing what god asked them to do.
They don't spend a lot of time down there doing the punch out we're told not to get into bible um arguments with other people.

We're told to focus on living the gospel and but oliver, then in kirtland and um was so familiar with.
So many of his members that were attacking the church answered many of his concerns and pro and as late as 1865.
Joseph has passed away now for two decades and we are still seeing things written against the book of mormon and joseph when a church forsakes or despises the authority of the word of god.

So, first of all, we know they think the book of mormon is forsaking.
The authority of god, because you're forsaking the bible as an inerrant, perfect book continuing on if the insulted jehovah, will give the offending body over to his own delusions to believe a lie and under the influence of the great enemy it may be allowed to select its Doctrines and practices from the vagaries of muhammad, confucius or joseph smith, potpourri is a marvelous combination.

Member poppy is an anti-catholic statement against catholic priesthood authority.

Popri is a marvelous combination of the religion of the pharisee, the muhammadin, the pagan and so artfully commingled with christianity.
As to assume the form of godliness, it is thus wonderfully adapted to deceive the unwary um.

This was published and written out of the presbyterian faith, um university of princeton.

I believe - and you just see this saturated and why are they worried about such a tiny, tiny, tiny little woman, there's new churches springing up everywhere and yet joseph and the book of mormon really were attacked because the thing most important to protestant christianity was their bible.

So joseph carries the original manuscript from upstate new york to kirtland, to missouri, to nauvoo and when they're building the mansion house remember, it was much different than this.
This was rebuilt and remade um by jose emma's second husband, but in the cornerstone of this mansion house.

In 1841, joseph carefully lovingly put the original manuscript and it was not sealed well enough and only 28 of the text endured the rain and the snows and the heart, and this is what it looks like the rest of it.
The portion from helium and 13 to moroni is the only portion that is really usable.
But of course, we're grateful to now have the printer's manuscript for the rest of it.

But this 28 from helaman to moroni and the tiny little pieces that they gathered and tried to glue together, um brought some very interesting information and those who want to study the original manuscript can find things like alma 1315 zenith alone.
Spake of these things, i i think it says not zenith alone - speak of these things but zenith, and then you can see that the phonetical way of spelling it is exactly how um oliver wrote it out, and then we by looking at this text, you can see Joseph then spells out correctly z-e-n-o-c-h, but we know now how to spell how to say it: phonetically, because that's what it was originally said: zinoch not zinec for english.
You know that's the hebrews difference and then the same thing coriander spilled out and it's in the same line.

So you know that joseph is doing exactly what he said and exactly what the witnesses said by looking at this text.
It's like finding an archaeological evidence.

It's really amazing.

I don't have time to keep going into olive royal skousen's research, but there are volumes.
You can look at them on youtube.
You can look them on the fair um.

You can look at book of mormon central you can.
If you want to look at in detail, this is on the king, james version um differences of those how joseph translated was one of his earlier works, but look at this if you don't want to get online and watch some of these look at look at all These books here this this research is phenomenal.
If you want a reader's digest version just to get your toe wet to start out, then go to byu studies, orals opening heavens and he's got articles there.

That are terrific, but his evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of exactly what joseph smith said.
The potential errors came from either mispronunciations or the scribes writing it incorrectly, but it was.
We have evidence in the text that it was divinely revealed that joseph saw what he said and then whether it was understood correctly.

This is from brother scouse, and i've got two very long quotes and i forgot a couple days ago who said it was the tight control.
It's role, scousing.
This evidence does not support the theories that joseph smith composed the text himself or that he took the text from some other source.

Instead, it indicates that the lord exercised, what i refer to as tight control over the word by word: translation of the book of mormon.

In particular, the evidence suggests that joseph smith saw specifics words written out in english and read off to the scribe and that the accuracy of the resulting text depended on the carefulness of joseph and his scribe, and we were blessed to have oliver.

He signs up three things that he's learned from this process.

The text was orally dictated word for word.
The book of mormon names were frequently spelled out the first time, and i mentioned they were misspelled when they came out again and the third.

During the dictation, there was no rewriting of the text except to correct errors in taking down the dictation words that sound the same that as they went through it.

So, as the next editions of the book of mormon came out, some of these changes were corrected and some continued to perpetuate the same ones until our our modern translations and publications.
I mean right now.
I wish i had time to go through each of these editions, but um.

We have lots of documentation right here on book of women, central on these 13 editions of the book of mormon and how they were changed and what came out of them and um.
When did joseph add this little phrase in first nephi there come out of the waters of judah or the waters of baptism.

You know why did he think that was important in 1840 to add that little detail there? Well because it was misunderstood and he wanted us to know that the waters of judah were also referring to baptism john the baptist.

Is there and said sir? The word rebelleth was changed to rebel in 21.
, every single change has been documented and part of those volumes of royal scousen's work.

My father read and saw changed to scene for different grammar.

Many of them are grammatical, but none of them fit.
The orthodox thought that the bible in its king, james form or whatever form they wanted to believe in at the different times, was inerrant.
It just doesn't fit and of course now we say well, none of them were, but that was not their mentality and that's why it was so hard and in 37 joseph ad son of god, you know every single change we have documented, and i am so grateful For the book of mormon and for those who labored and labored and labored to bring it forth and spent their minds and their lives doing it, even if they didn't believe it, i am grateful for e.

b grandin and for joseph smith and, more so, for our savior Jesus christ, who gave us this great book that fits so beautifully into our preparations for the second coming, and if we just live its principles, we will come out from that condemnation that we have been told we are still in by our president benson and live its Teachings we can help to usher in the second coming of our savior jesus christ, and i leave this with you in his name: amen, , [, Music ].
You .

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