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Welcome back to the episode on the expand, your awareness, 2.

0 podcast.
My name is Aaron Michael dowdy, that's my middle name.
Don't wear it out! Just kidding not really.

It is my middle name, but you can wear it out as much as you want.
Okay, now, in this episode, I'm gon na be sharing spiral.

201 101 was just a general overview, 201 complete next level.
You're about to be mind, blown your mind is gon na, be so blown that your level of consciousness is gon na go up for four levels, because the less mind is the more enlightened.
You are.

I think now in this episode for real, though what I'm gon na be talking about is spiral dynamics which is, if you haven't, listened to the first episode.
You can go back to spiral, dynamics 101 or this.
It's an episode that I have on sprout dynamics and 201 is more gon na, be about the practical application of its own limitations, plus how to get to the next level of consciousness.

Now, just to give a general overview of the different levels so that you understand kind of what I'm explaining in some of these I'm gon na kind of go over there kind of quickly because you may have watched 101.

But you might be like these different colors.
I'm doing I'm also kind of making a video version of this, which is easier with the visual, but I'm gon na kind of explain it in the way where we understand it and then we're gon na go straight into the practical applications of how you can raise Your vibration, here's the thing about spiral, dynamics as well, once you go through and you learn it, you will see it and everything you do.

You will be talking to Pete you're gon na be labeling people like low vibration, like look at this guy.
Obviously, red hahahaha, like you're, not gon na, be like like that necessarily like.
Oh this person in blue there's totally mind like like brainwashed or something.

Now it's not like that, but you do notice it and then you know like once you get to yellow, which is one of the upper levels.
It's called you get into what's called flex flow, which is where you're able to see different perspectives and, as you see different perspectives, it helps you understand.
People at a higher level now understand as well.

Like I said these colors there are different percentages and gravities to each different colors, so we may a gravity in one color, but still have some aspects of different ones as well.

So it's not like.
I am old that they're not all completely generalizations like this purse.

Although there are some people that I know that are complete epitome of different colors, I was talking.
I was right.
I was hanging out with my buddy yesterday.

His girlfriend is exactly the arc like the the green mentality.
She's so embodies it.
So much like, I think, back to the conversation she has like she they took her to to like.

He was telling me yesterday that he took he's more of an orange guy.
You know and when we get into these, sometimes it sounds limiting, but he's definitely know about success.
He's going to school for certain things, but he's he's a he's got a lot more orange in him for sure his girlfriend's green.

He was telling me how, when he was with a whole bunch of orange friends, which orange remembers personal development success kind of the material realm understand, you know different things in there he was with some friends.
They were in New Orleans, he said, and they went into a shop to get something.
It was like a fishing shop and there were like dead animals everywhere, and she immediately started busting out into tears, crying they were their friends, they were that they were with were in green, so they were kind of annoyed by it because they're like listen.

This is embarrassing.
This is embarrassing and kind of rude to the people that are here in a way that was their perspective.
It was funny because, as he was telling me the story, it was super obvious that she was totally green and then they were maybe more in orange, possibly in blue and they couldn't understand it.

So we were able to see us in everything, but also that friend she like I'm thinking about, tie it she's like she likes Leo DiCaprio.
You know DiCaprio super green.
She likes Tesla green.

You know I have a Tesla, so I definitely have a lot of green in me but um.
Let me explain some of the colors before you might be listening to this, like I don't remember the colors Aaron.

Could please rheic splain it.

So we have that at the bottom, I'm just gon na quickly go over them real, quick at the bottom.
We have beige beige is like a baby survival mode instinctive and I also think of beige, I think, of cavemen or cave women when we were kind of individually doing our own thing and just in survival mode, not as relatable to us.

Yes, there's probably some beige on the planet, I'm sure there's some people that live in caves and not necessarily enlightened.

That's maybe that might be like a different type of that, but in general it is a society.
We've moved past that a long time ago.
We then have the second level, which is purple.

Purple is tribes groups, it is worshipping the like the rain gods and stuff like that, and basically, what we realized back in the past is okay, we're cavemen and cavewomen.
But if we team up together, we then I'm more highly likelihood of surviving, because we can have people that are on the lookout for four tigers and bears.
We can have certain people that are good at cooking, some people that are good at raising the children.

Some people that good at getting the food and we're like, let's do tribe so that we can have this like group mentality, that's more powerful, now remember each level as it goes up.
It is oscillate, SPAC and forth between individual to collective individual to collective.
So beige is individual.

You got the baby, the cave man cave woman, collective is the tribe.
The next level of purple, then above purple is a red eventually in the tribes.
Some people may say: oh I want power.

I don't want to have to do what everyone else is doing.
It seems boring.
It seems like I want power, and I want to be able to do do what I want to do this one dictatorship kind of evolved.

This is where this high competition control power in our society today.
This looks like crime.
This looks like gangs.

Well, no gangs would actually be more of a group purple mentality, but the leader of the gang would maybe be the red.
This is when we went out and we dominated different places on the planet and and it was kind of a dark time, even in our society.
We moved past that a long time ago, but there are still places on the planet where they're still red, where there's still a kind of dictatorship like that.

However, in our society today that may also look like crime people that are doing crime and and and taking what they want.
You know going through and like if I can't have it I'm gon na just gon na take it it's kind of having that kind of mentality.
Remember red is individual.

Then let's go back to that of colyn after red.
Is blue blue is on the planet? Quite a bit today, blue, is a society that is more about rules, regulations, the collective, a lot of it as its conformity religion, many religion.
If you don't believe what I believe then you're wrong, you might go to hell.

If you don't believe it go by these rules, then you might get shamed for it.
People that are in blue, like and get safety and people also believe in what they believe in this is why some of them may actually go door to door to get you to believe what they believe, and they may also be doing it, because they will know This it's very blue mentality, so that's also remembering in the collective now above blue is orange.
America is an orange.

A lot of other places on the planet are in orange.
Orange is success.
Capitalism, business marketing, hard work, hustling, science technology - this is all orange and marketing.

Yeah this, this is a one notion that I kind of explained in the last episode I did as well is sometimes when people become atheist, whereas most people you become spiritual, as you go up a lot of times, maybe not always, but is when people go from Blue when they're in this, like religion, mindset or maybe they grew up a certain way and they were told things and, like I don't believe all of this, this doesn't resonate with me.
They men may go into orange, which is about science and technology and materialism like if I don't feel it.
If I can't touch it, then it's not real.

That's when a lot of times people may transition into that kind of perspective, but then in the higher realms.
Normally we become more spiritual or we realize that we're spiritual beings - and it's not like it has to everything - has to be blue within the rules and the regulations that seems so limiting in blue.
That was another kind of notion that I notice now in orange.

We have those perspectives now, eventually, what we realized on orange is that in orange it's great once we have all the money in the world we want and that power and and in progress in that way, but we realize you know it doesn't really equal happiness.
This is when a lot of really successful business people eventually become philanthropists because they don't get value and they don't feel as amazing as they used to by just by just by just having money, and they made a lot of times realize you know what I spent A lot of my time trying to make money, I didn't actually spend a lot of time with my kids.
I want more time with them.

I want to build better relationships.
Life is really about love and relationships, caring for other people.
A lot of the orange type stuff that we did didn't was progress in our business, but was hurting the planet.

I want to focus more on the planet, loving animals being the those are the different values in green green to orange, though so green is all about love environment community like I was talking about.
Sometimes, though orange green people.
If people are really rooted in orange, green people will be annoying it'd, be like who's.

This hippie guy he's just talking about love and all this stuff, like that's, not gon na, make my business better, sometimes in green as well.
There's a tendency to like to love a lot, but maybe not to do as much where and in the orange you're doing a lot right.
So it's kind of interesting because um these, these different perspectives will sometimes clash and I'll kind of go through and say what do these colors think of each other and I'll show you kind of what what that is now Green is great because in green we start Loving, and, and and and putting out positive energy a lot of people listening to this right now are going to be in orange and green I'll.

Tell you right now: many of you will be a mix of both.
Like I said I, I have quite a bit of my energy in orange because I'm growing a business but I'm starting to realize that maybe I could take my business into green as well.
That's the future is having a very green business.

That's maybe not so focused on numbers and and success and and hard work, but maybe it's more flow, remember the individual of orange and then the collective is green because, where it's more about community, but it's also the masculine of orange into the de femme Ihnen of Green collective is feminine, individual is masculine, so it's like you isolate back and forth and it causes a balance.
So I'm learning to be more like that now the thing that I think that I think I mention this last video as well.
The thing I the reason I think people really like my people and what I help people do is I help people in Orange that normally would be closed off to green because of the hippie dippie dreadlocks of green, nothing wrong with it.

I'm just kind of speaking in generalities and generalizations.
Here they see me - and I see this guy - that that that has what may be a lot of orange would want.
I live in a cool crib, I live a cool lifestyle and I seem practical and then I'm talking about greening or, like you know what I'm kind of curious as to this clean stuff.

What's going on in green, you know he says, money doesn't equal happiness and all of these things - and this is a lot of times when people have a spiritual awakening - is in between orange and green at the extent to which they have all the money or they Have some money and they just realize it's not really equaling the happiness, then it causes them to go through.
Some people can also go through blue and and have like spiritual, awakenings and sometimes psych a lot of psychedelics by the way.
Well as well, are in green.

So when people do it, they get a taste of it and they say that once you get a taste for a certain color, it then emphasizes the potential for more of it.
So if you get a taste of turquoise, it means there's more potential for you to experience more turquoise, which I'll talk about in a minute but or same with yellow, but in general.
I think that's why a lot of times when people do psychedelics in green, it may bring them, and you know, even when I do ayahuasca once a year, I do it a tallit.

I do it legally in a place in Costa Rica, and when I do it, I noticed that I'm always like that.
The insights I get is to let go not be trying so hard to go more with the flow to to love my life more to love.

The people in my life more to focus on my relationships - that's always a very powerful realization.

I have and it's funny because now that I know this spiral dynamics just like literally I'm in orange and have a lot of orange.
I still have green regardless because it's my teachings are very green, but it always reminds me to like bring my business and my personal life and my hard work mentality in the green.
So it's kind of interesting there now, so so what we eventually do is we then get into green and in green.

What we realize the threshold is that we eventually rise it's kind of limiting, because in green we can love all we want, but we realize eventually that, even though we love plants we've loved animals, we love the environment, it doesn't actually get things done.
You know it's liked.
Also, the hippie movement like just go smoke a joint bro, listen to the Beatles.

That was very green mentality that was being kind of infused into society.
Now, once we realize that green isn't necessarily solving the problems and we want to move higher, that's when we move into yellow.
Now all of these below are tier one green and below each that which means that each individual perspective will think that its perspective is the best or the blend of it, for example.

So my friend that's my friend's girlfriend in green.
It's like you should be vegan.
You should be this way.

This is the way it is, and that's my perspective and somebody that's just trying to do business stuff.
They are maybe hurting the environment.
They shouldn't be doing that.

That's like these are that's, even though it's a higher perspective.
It still sees the other ones as wrong, but it could still understand to a certain perspective because it used to be in it.
You can't skip levels, you have to integrate it before you go through it.

Now the thing is: is that once you realize oh, we need to develop systems that help.
You know understand these levels.
That's when we move out of the tier 1 into tier 2, which is yellow and turquoise, that's the top tier and yellow you have what is called flex flow, which means you can adapt your vibration to understand in anyone at a lower vibration or a lower level Of consciousness, so you then are able to kind of connect to kind of tap in and unplug plug and unplug from these different levels, to understand them and to communicate as well.

So, yellow is that of systems, thinking, understanding all perspectives, applying that knowledge and change, whereas in green we love the environment, we love the that we love the you know the animals and all these things now we realize ok, what can I actually do? What can I actually apply? What system can I set up to connect them together? How can I connect these different levels, these different energies together? How can I help people to get along? That's a very yellow, like mentality, so it's very practical and once again it's in more individual Green was collective.

Individual turquoise is collective, so that is, yellow and yellow is kind of a little bit harder to understand than some of the other ones spiral dynamics itself.
As a teaching is in yellow because it's a system, it's a model, it's a way for seeing the world it's a way for seeing other people now above, yellow is turquoise.

Turquoise is kind of hard for us to understand in some ways, but it's a very holistic point of view.
It is at one with everyone.
It is that one with the environment in turquoise everything is perfect, whereas in yellow we're trying to solve problems, turquoise realize everything is the way it is like.

It's like everything is perfect.
The way that it is you don't need to change anything just be with it, not only be with it, but realize you are it.

You are everything else, that's what I think of turquoise, I think of sadguru who's like this enlightened.
You know he's enlightened guy from India and he travels the world connecting different perspectives together and he's very mystical, but he has a lot of yellow in him as well, because he's helping so you know, he's very intellectual, but he when he talks about his enlightenment experience.
He literally couldn't tell where he started and he and he literally felt like he became the earth.

He became every person.
That's when you realize everything is a reflection.
Everything is a reflection of you.

There is no separation, that is turquoise and many of us may also.
I was talking earlier about this yesterday.
Many of us may also get tastes of it.

I've had tastes of turquoise in my life.
I have had many - maybe periods in my life, maybe levels of meditation understandings of yellow, but I would say a majority of my energy isolates or oscillates between orange, green and yellow but tastes, sometimes in turquoise, but not as much as.
I probably would like to think that I'm in turquoise, so in general, these are the different levels.

These are the different, the different levels of spiral dynamics.

Now, the way that we move up these levels is and has to do with a certain level of a certain process of transformation.
Now a general rule for transformation is that once you become satiated in a certain level, satiated meaning fulfilled, meaning, meaning you've taken it not as far as it can go necessarily, but you start to feel satisfied, you're satiated in that level many times, then it opens up A threshold where, then, you want something new, you then become numb to familiarity, numb to certainty, and then you want more so, for example, you may be at the level of green like we need to love the environment.

We need to love other people.
We need to love the animals and you might be there, but eventually you realize you know what this isn't getting anything done.

I feel like I'm in this love and understanding everything, but it isn't necessarily getting things done, and I've had enough of this and then there's a new doorway.

I'm going to move into yellow now you may not actually introductional II understand this, but move into yellow may mean I'm going to actually create a system for fik figuring this out, I'm going to then move from this perspective to seeing other perspectives.
I want to figure this out and I want to learn why blue thinks the way they do.
I want to learn why orange thinks the way they do.

I want to learn why red thinks the way they do that then.

Maybe I can help them to understand.
More of green in having that perspective then says: okay, I want to move into yellow and, of course not.

Everyone understands this product, this model of reality, but help understanding.
It does very much help now same thing can happen in blue someones in blue.
They may have a certain religion.

They may be part of a certain organization that may be part of a company, that's blue and then they're like man, I'm just listen to everyone.
Tell me what to do.
Yes, I feel safe.

One of the reasons we create blue out of red is like everyone knows: people have this power.
This isn't so fair.
Let's create a society that is blue, so that it's more fair and that we feel more safe, the tribal feels safe.

But then, yes, we get safety and people believe in what we believe.
We get safety and having govern the regulations and the government like that and the rules and religion and conformity.
But we then say you know what I'm so I feel safe.

But this is boring.
Not only is this boring, but I don't know if I even agree with these people that I've been agreeing with for so long because I feel safe and then what happens is at that level of satiation.
We then say: could there be a new opportunity? Could it be something else that I could experience? Could there be an idea that I have that I've wanted, but not really put out into the world, because I was afraid of what other people thought.

I was afraid of what other blues would think because they want me just to remain the same.
You know what I'm gon na go for it.
I'm gon na take that risk and I'm gon na become Orange.

I'm gon na have a business idea.
I'm not gon na work for nine-to-five job, I'm not gon na work for someone else anymore.
I'm going to go into orange and work for myself and by the way this podcast is sponsored by full-time purpose.

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I was like.
I got like 1,800 month in bills.

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So yeah just thought.
I would throw that in there as well, that's one way of going from blue and to orange and green and creating life on your terms, traveling the world using the power of the internet and also having it connect to your heart to where you feel good about It and yeah.

I just wanted to show that as well, so anyways at that level of satiation in that might propel you to move into orange in blue and in orange, like I said, you may be at a certain level, satiated having money, having loved having different things in your Life but then, eventually you realize you know what this isn't actually as fulfilling as I thought and many of you listening to this right now, most likely have some of your energy and orange, and maybe my Law of Attraction videos attract to do here.
But the thing that you become aware of at a certain point is the money doesn't equal happiness.
What actually equals happiness is adding value.

I've made quite a bit of money in the last year or two I'm right now buying a house in Sedona.
I live in a cool house here in Vegas.
I'm not saying this to brag.

I'm saying this because I have a a great amount of of abundance and I even then know like it doesn't make that much of a difference once you make like seventy thousand dollars a year or more, it doesn't really feel that different.
Yes, I could go, buy a Lamborghini right now or I want or some other car, but I don't really want to once you have it you, don't you think you want it when you're at a different level, when I had my nine-to-five job, if I had this Money - I could go do this this and this, but I've also, if I could do that - maybe I wouldn't have the abundance I want because I'd be spending it so kind of ridic ridiculousness.
But what I realize is that what it really makes me happy is adding value.

I want to build a team of people where I travel the world and share these ideas to connect people more in green and it feel connected to the people that I've built an audience with online.
I want to meet you.
I don't want to just have videos where you listen to you.

Listen to my podcast episode.
I want to actually meet you and do events and have a connection with those that I've made the content for, and that's what I want to move into, and I also want to create a community where other people can find like-minded people and make lifelong friends.
At my events, that's my goal, so that's well more fulfilling than that being in the success of orange and sending out emails and and making money.

So that's what I've realized and that's when I that doorway opens up of satiation and then I say you know what I want more and then I'm willing to take the leap into it and then, like I said at green, we realize hey I'm in green now I love everything, but that's not actually getting stuff done, and then we eventually open that doorway into yellow and then in yellow.
We eventually realize I'm creating a lot of systems, a lot of change, but you know what everything is actually perfect: the way that it is there's a higher perspective there and I want to connect different groups together where, as individual yellows, more individual turquoises more collective.
It's like I'm gon na, actually do something about this and help other the groups connect and I'm gon na go out there into the world and be it and and realize everyone's, a reflection of me.

So that's the different ways we can transform practically up the different levels.
Every level has a limitation once we're say, see eight Adana side of it and then that satiation makes us want to then move to a higher level.
So another thing that I wanted to kind of share is when you are in these different perspectives.

Here's another thing: I realized in red: it's all about control, high competition power power over others.

When we talk about narcissists somebody, that's all about them and they may take power from other people.
They may in a way be like an energy vampire.

The thing that I've noticed about red people is, or just red in general is a lot of times.

Narcissists will be red, and I know this because my ex stepmom was red.
My dad is blue red can, even though red is of a lower level, it can take advantage of many of these different levels.

Maybe yellow would be the one where yellow would be aware of how red thinks and be able to kind of Jedi, mind it and not be affected by it, because it understands red.
That's why one of the most famous quotes.
I remember from the book.

The 7 Habits of Highly successful people, or something like that or Highly Effective People or whatever it is, seek first to understand rather than to be understood.

That's like yellows model.
I think, and it wants to understand all these levels now, but there's some drawbacks of the practicalness of this in different levels.

The drawbacks of green is that in green, when you love animals, you love your environment.
You love other people that can also turn you into a people pleaser.
Many of you listen to this right now.

Maybe people pleasers, I was a people pleaser for a long time and still I work through layers of it to where I'm like wait.
Why am I doing this? I'm not trying to gain people's happiness in love, I'm happy and whole complete already so sometimes what'll happen is people in red that are narcissus may feed on people that are blue, orange or green, but the key is to be aware of it and to not buy Into it or to be aware of it with compassion, but maybe then to have boundaries.
The thing that green needs to learn is boundaries, and the thing that green needs to learn maybe as well not needs to learn.

There's no need here, but the thing that may help green is also sometimes in my I'm biased, because I have quite a bit of orange in me because I'm like the hard worker success guy is it's taking action.
Green is happy with the moment.
It's green.

Think of green as well, it's kind of like smoking weed smoking, a joint just want to chill be with your be with the the moment.

Everything's good is the way it is, but I found that that is powerful, but I like to also mix that with some types taking action, but that could be the orange in me speaking right now now.
The thing is, though, is to be aware that the narcissists in red will try to influence and take the energy of all of these different levels, especially a purple and blue in beige, but there's not as much purple in Bayesian or society as much as these colors.

But the key is to be aware of it.
So that's one thing I noticed is that narcissists are known red and they're dictating they want everything to be the way they want.

They're controlling, and that is in a way like my dad, is very blue.

My dad's a fire investigator.
He goes by the book, the red, my ex stepmom is red, a little bit of blue and has some orange because she also has a business and stuff and and she she will break the rules in business, though, to get what she wants done, she will bend The truth I mean she's that not you know the narcissist type mentality.
She will bend the truth to make it go in her favor, no matter what I do the same thing with business and from just what I've heard from my sisters and stuff from like different things that she's done and that's allowed her to be someone successful.

But the difference is that my dad's going by all these rules - and it's funny - I've recently kind of got my dad a shark tank as a show which is very orange.
A lot of my orange friends love shark tank.
It's very interesting! I love shark tank because I have some orange now.

My dad is mainly in blue and my dad is intrigued with orange, and I'm very, I think that thing that impresses my dad is that I am very orange and I've one of the first ones in the family to become very successful and my uncle did as Well, but to be very successful without necessarily no capital or help, or it mainly was just me and my own mentality.
That got me to where I am to where I do what I love and I have.
I live in a great amount of abundance, so I think that intrigues, my dad my dad goes by rules even at his job as a fire investigator.

It's a fire at my dad as a firefighter firefighter mentality, I think, is very blue.
Remember this is generalization.
It's not always true, but a lot of times.

I find that to be the case.
Some firefighters will actually start businesses and then leave the fire department to then do their businesses - that's very common, so that's them going from blue to orange.
Now, in general, though, my dad is blue.

Well, the red will break the rules moment.
My dad goes to court with my ex stepmom, because I have a sister, that's 17 years old and he's been going to court.
My ex stepmom will lie about anything to get the upper hand in the court system.

She will say things that blatantly are true.
My dad is a really good dad.
My dad goes by the books and, like the conformity of blue, my dad will do whatever he can to be a great dad and also to go, buy the books and do because my dad also is a fire investigator which mean he goes to court.

So it's part of his identity as well to do the right thing.
So when my ex stepmom is lying about things saying my dad did things that he didn't do my dad's, a nice guy in the world.
The judge then hears it and doesn't know who to believe cuz they're my dad's telling the truth here.

My extant mom is like playing this pity card and like she can play any role, the red can play any role to make things go in her favor.
So she'll be like.
Oh, I just want to spend time with my my daughter, who's 17 years old and oh my goodnes, like oh.

This isn't true, I'm the best mom ever, even though she's mentally physically emotionally abusive she's done things before like going to my sister's phone and text, her friends embarrassing pictures of her she's very she could be very childlike.
Do things like that very mean, like she's done, like my sister, will come home from my dad's house and she won't be eaten and she'll, be like? Oh, my sister Bayo, I'm hungry she's like well.
You should have eaten in your dad's house you're not eating.

That's kind of the dictatorship of red, which sounds horrible right sounds like you know, chata, you know when it when my brother and I grew up my brother and I many times would have to sneak into the other side of the house in order for us to Get food because we lived in the mother-in-law's quarters at this one house that was being remodeled, so my brother and I would get a bolus here in the morning at TV dinner at night, not many calories there.
We were very hungry, we'd break in and try to get into the pantry and then have to like pretend like we didn't and then get to the other side, but that was the control of the read mentality.

My dad was blue.
My dad was going along with it because he was, he just didn't really want to deal with the dictatorship of the red, so he just kind of go along with it, and maybe some of it was purple to where he was letting her run.
The show, I'm not sure, I'm just thinking out loud right now, but the thing that I had definitely had to learn - and you know, and even my dad's having to learn, is how to have boundaries himself and how not to let red affect him so much.

The narcissus of red so but I noticed that my dad is very intrigued with orange, so he's very intrigued.
He likes watching shark tank he's interesting with this whole business idea, but I don't know if he would ever take the risk in his life like the risk to like start a business and to leave the comfort of his blue job.
He may not, but he's intrigued by my ability to do so he's intrigued that I left the nine-to-five job selling women's shoes, which was in a may in a way, maybe blue and orange mix, because women's shoes selling woman she was commissioned based job and I kind Of it was kind of like it wasn't my own business, there were definitely blue corporate politics in it where we had to deal with different managers and stuff that were definitely red.

One of the store manager of Barneys New York before I left was very red and we would clash so much I would just like.

I would does not want to be around it.
It was social corporate politics, it was like mix of red and blue and I was more orange.

That's why I eventually I went and did my own business made YouTube videos, and now Here I am living the lifestyle I do now.
So these are the kind of the different perspectives now Leora.

Many of you know Lee or Lee or is very green Lee or is vegan Lee or loves the environment.

Lee York gives a lot to other people.
She does.
Cherried is a lot Lee or to me is like the epitome of green and that the the challenge that she has when we were in Sedona recently.

She I hadn't seen her in months and she came and it was great to see her and she went through a process in Sedona Casa Dona amplifies energy.

Sedona is a very green place as well, which is very interesting, so she she goes.
She goes to Sedona and she has this like internal process where she's like crying mad at all of the business in the world, for destroying the planet mad at.

Why do we do any of this stuff? Why do we make money? Money is stupid, we're doing we're hurting the planet, all that matters is love and community and relationship, and it what was happened is she was getting triggered by the orange and she just wanted to be green, and the thing is, though, and here's an important thing to Realize and Lee or noses Lee or definitely is successful and knows how to integrate her orange, but she bet she oscillates back and forth between green and orange, because the feminine of green, which is the masculine of orange, which she's learned to kind of integrate.

Sometimes that happens is that in green, when people are loving environment, loving relationships and loving animals, especially like people in Victor autos and mines, audience he's also a youtuber.
He was so we were talking mother's day of the day.

Some people may go through his spiritual awakening me in green, but not have orange grounded.
You can't skip a level.
What I did is I went to her spiritually awakening back in 2012.

Here I am in green spiritual awakening.

All I wanted to do was to meditate.
I literally went in to Nordstrom's where I worked for five years and told them I quit, because I am NOT able to meditate on Sundays to add to the collective consciousness of this consciousness shift.

That's happened on the planet.
That's how green I became.
I literally went from blue orange into green.

However, I was there for months in green.
It's amazing, I feel so high.
I feel so good, but then I eventually realized hey.

I need to integrate and to get more into the 3d world back into the orange.
I didn't know this at the time this model or anything, but I need to like get go back.
I ended up getting a job instead of at Nordstrom's at Barneys New York.

I need to work here.
I need to be successful.
I don't need to be successful, but I need to kind of build myself back up and then eventually had the courage to then jump into my own business, but I had to become more rudin than 3d.

This happens a lot with spiritual awakening.

You don't skip levels.
You also integrate there's a pause, a positive way to integrate orange and a negative way to integrate orange, but the key to this is being aware of that.

So, like you there's a there's an over balance of any of these, you could be over balanced, hippy like like, crying all the time and and in and in overflowing that emotion, you could say that's imbalanced in some way, not bad or good.
I'm just kind of throwing out some observations here or what you could do is have more of the balanced perspective or once you get to yellow understand these different parts of yourself.
When you raise your vibration, you have these within you.

My dad still has part of red inside of him as blue.
He just has probably learned that the blue, maybe in a past life or something he realized, that the red wasn't actually serving him.
So he let that go and now he's dealing with that with my extant mom being red and he's having it like.

That's a big learning lesson for him in life.
So I remember what it's like to be red.
I can remember what it's like to be blue.

I can remember what it's like to to have the negative polarization of orange, but now I choose a more oranges, green mentality and, as I move ahead in five years, I may be way more green.
I may one day do something where I just bait.
I work based on donations or have a non-profit.

It could happen one day.
I don't know right now.
The origin means like.

Oh, you need to have the resources to build a team and to have a big company like that.
Then can bright resources.
So then, you could travel and do all these things, but maybe that's a perspective one day, but the key to these is integrating all of these integrating all of these and understanding them and by understanding them.

That's where the power really is so the thing that I encourage you to do is to be aware of what level you might be at what percentages you may have remember.
You might not be just completely blue or completely orange, although blue, you, probably not blue blues, probably wouldn't really be interested in my content, because I don't I don't speak in the form of religion and and conformity.

I speak in terms of breaking out of conformity.

So if you did then you're, probably green or a blue but orange curious, and if you're orange you might your post most likely mainly orange and green and parts of yellow, pretty much you're, most likely close to what I am, which is a percentage of orange.
Some green and some yellow, and but the key is to be aware of what level you're at to be aware of some of the limitations and to see how maybe some of the next level up could be something that you could indulge in now.
Here's another thing: you can invest yourself into different environments.

For example, I am getting a house in Sedona.
One reason is because it is very green in Sedona when I'm there, it is almost hard for me to do work.
It's so green.

I'd have a session with Bashara recently I asked him about this and he said well because because because of that, you might want to go back and forth between where you live in Sedona.
If that's the case or you can find a way to bring your business into green and it'll be easier, that's the new opportunity! Now I am going to be surrounded myself with more green environment, more green people, one of the reasons Leo and I sometimes had clashing of perspectives because she's so green and I'm so turquoise.
I'm just kidding she's, so green - and I am.

I have a lot of orange activated within me, but I also have yellow like I.
We all have these within us, but some of the perspectives were in the yellow.
Is me understandingly, org and me understanding the orange within me as well, and how to integrate these? In a positive way, I actually, I have a lot of yellow within me as well, and I'm sure you'll ear has yellow this.

Isn't like a level thing.
It's just me realizing when I have certain clashes in my life or certain perspectives that that that aren't vibing.
It might be because those perspective, those perspectives, not knowing the yellow, which is these perspectives, all serve a purpose and exist within, and I think that I have maybe a little bit more yellow than I think, and I just kind of think that my ego and orange The general rule is that you want to be two above where you are because remember.

The two above is like the individual, the individual, the orange and the yellow are both individual and the Green wants to be turquoise.
Because it's the group and it's kind of related to that feminine and it wants to hire feminine and the orange definitely wants yellow.
Because it's higher income, you know the orange and the competitiveness wants to be at the next level, but doesn't really want to have to go through green to get there.

The orange does not want to have to agree that money doesn't really mean anything and and to become like this kind of metaphysical type mentality.
It's resist that right.
So the key to this, though, is being aware of these different perspectives and then knowing that they all serve a purpose, but then seeing how can I get to the next one? What can i, how can I surround myself by other people like that? So if you find yourself around a lot of blue people and you're like oh I'm in a lot of blue people, my family's blue and I've, just I'm being I I want to own my own business.

I want it like join this thing that Aaron's talking about full-time purpose, but what my family think of me.
That's a very blue perspective.
Now here's the thing, maybe the key - is to get around more orange people to maybe become a part of a group.

A meetup group of other orange people that have personal development in mind that want to own their own businesses or that do on their own businesses and by getting around orange, you then become more orange by me going and moving to Sedona.
I realize it's a powerful way for me to guarantee that I'm gon na be more in green, so that's kind of what I'm thinkin out, cuz this house, I'm getting! Isn't a cheap house I'm getting a really nice house most likely where I'm in the process of it, and it takes it's gon na take about a month for me to do.
If I do, however, it's one way that I wan na benefit of moving there is that I will be more in green because I'll be around green people, because I'm getting I'm most likely getting a house with a buddy of mine who's.

A successful and owns a green company, but also yeah I'll, be more in green then, and the idea is me doing live events will be very green, I'll, be connecting people around the world and I'll be at create a community of green and helping people go from Orange to green, that's where my business is, and it also helps in uh in in in marketing.
If you know, I realize that I've been marketing a lot of yellow green products to orange people, maybe that's why sometimes they don't land the marketing.
If I were to market it to an orange people, then it might actually do better so know where your target audience is.

If you're in business know where your target audience.

If I was marketing to blue people, it wouldn't do so well cuz.
Most of my people aren't blue they're, not in the conformity and if they are then they're orange curious, so I can market it in a way where then they'd see the benefits of being an orange, you see what about businesses and success and hard work and Law Of Attraction Think and Grow Rich, you see, so these are all very interesting ideas, but think of where you are think of where your business is think of where you want to go.

Think of in having an environment that it resonates with all these people and surrounding yourself by people that are in the color you want to be in and realize that you can create more of a gravity in a higher color, and all you do.
Is you realize that maybe, at a certain level, your shape satiated, see in the limitations and then seeing a new opportunity for you to make a choice of being more in that energy and understanding more of it and learning more of spiral dynamics as well? You know the more you learn about it, the more you earn about it know the Lord more you learn about it, though.
The more you're gon na be in yellow the more that you're able to understand these different levels and have that flexibility to adapt to each different level.

So let me know what you think of these ideas.
If you want me to do another video on spiral dynamics, I shall I hope you enjoyed this video.
Let me know in, but it share it on Instagram, run stories and I'll be sharing those plus, I will be.

Let me know to do another video on it.
Let me know if you think of spiral dynamics altogether, other than that.
I hope you enjoyed this video and as always sailing eyes, one piece, much love and I'ma stay.


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