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I think this is the most miserable video i've ever had to make, and i hate this video and i'm telling you guys right now, it's going to be ugly and unpleasant, and it's i'm not.

This isn't like um me trying to shock you into watching the video um.
Actually, you might not want to watch this video, i'm going to read to you the entire report about ravi zacharias and what he did, because this is the thing that opens my eyes and it's the thing that's going to open your eyes, but it's hard to not Be emotional, usually in the middle of a crisis scenario, i'm pretty good at being, not emotional.
At that moment.

This is not that moment for me, um yeah! This is going to be emotional.
It's going to make you angry and it should make you angry, but here's the thing if you don't want to hear this, if you don't want to hear the report, if you don't want to hear from lori ann thompson, one of ravi's victims and you're going to Hear from her heard directly today, if you don't want to hear this, then i i tell you this.
You cannot speak about the issue in public because you didn't want to hear the issue.

You didn't want to know what he really did you want to say.
Oh, you know he's uh, i heard davidson too and don't cast the first stone and all that you can't say any of those things, because you don't even know what you're talking about.
Yet unless you actually read the report, which i'm going to do today or understand exactly what's going on um, i have not enjoyed a single moment of preparing for today's video and you're, probably not going to enjoy very much of today's video.

Originally the plan was, i was going to take a few days off.
I wasn't teaching today.
That was the agenda anyway, and that didn't happen, but here's why i have to do this first question.

I should ask: why am i making a video where i am talking about exposing a christian leader, a man who is probably was was probably one of the most highly respected christian apologists in the world and here's the reasons why i'm doing it one lorianne thompson.


I knew the world to be an unsafe place before i met ravi zacharias, but i yet had hope that there were some safe and sacred spaces.

I no longer live with that hope.

I trusted him.

I trusted christendom that trust is irreparably and catastrophically shattered.
I yet believe christ, even if he's not true, as he is the highest ethic, that i can find they, the religious elites tripped him beat him mercilessly called him all manner of names and publicly crucified.

Him too, even though i was a survivor before i met ours, that having met and come to know, him was one of the most traumatizing soul, destroying faith, crushing seasons of my life.

He tore down everything that i had built that i thought was beautiful.

My marriage, my husband, my home, my faith, my family's faith, my capacity to mother, my mental and physical health and what little good repute i had.

I had, and ultimately my entire career path.

Lorianne thompson was a victim not only of ravi zacharias's sexual abuse.
It's way more than that, her life was close to ruined, and this this right now is the moment of her vindication.

There is still currently an nda that keeps her from speaking technically i'm under the impression god help me that the nda is invalid, legally speaking, because ravi broke the nda right after he made them sign it um, but technically it's still there um this video that she Posted she even says in her video, her victim impact statement that this is she's not sure.
What's going to happen if she shares this - and i can be honest - i'm not entirely sure what's going to happen as i share it, but um.
I spoke with the other uh board members for bible thinker and they agreed that um.

This was the right thing to do, and so uh yeah, i'm gon na share her clips from her video, and we need to know about this stuff.

There's a lot of open wounds.
That's number one: okay, the number one reason i'm making this video is: there's open, uh cases, situations in the world right now, where there's victims, who are still victims, even undiscovered victims of robbie zacharias, and if you think this issue is just about ravi or rzim, or The reputation of christianity - it is about that, but not probably the way, you're thinking um, then you're missing out on the victims and these people that have been injured and hurt and they need to be vindicated and they need to be defended just as they were attacked For years, that's number one number two.

The second reason i needed this video is because there's open wounds in the body of christ as well as they're suffering, looking at someone they looked up to and and who is living, this atrocious double life.
Um there's also open wounds in rzim.

Rzim is not ravi right, but and how should we view them? I'm going to talk about this later we're going to get into this in detail.

What at least my opinion is is i can hope to have some measure of wisdom to not tell everybody what they have to do about this, but to try to help the situation, because i've heard so many forgive me so many stupid things that people have been Saying in response to what's gone on uh, i think that ravi's family that rzim, that that all of them are also victims of ravi's behavior, but that doesn't mean that rziam's completely guilt-free, as they would admit, they're not in this situation.
We're gon na talk about that.
As well also scripture commands us look, this is not um a negotiable here.

The bible commands us to deal with people who, like ravi and ravi's situation in the same way, i'm dealing with him right now.
Let me show you first timothy, 5, 19 and 20.
This has been the verse.

That's on my heart, since i first really started thinking about this stuff do not receive an accusation against an elder except from two or three witnesses.

Scripture says: okay.
Well, we have more than two or three witnesses and of course, two or three witnesses could be a witness with evidence to corroborate.

That's two witnesses right: if rocks can be witnesses in the bible which they are in places, then there can be any any sort of evidence is a witness.

Well ravi.
There are hundreds of pieces, hundreds of witnesses to what he's done.

So this is this is passed.
We've got past verse.

Verse 20 tells us what to do if the elder is guilty.
Those who are sinning rebuke in the presence of all that the rest also may fear and here's the thing.

The presence of all would normally be a local congregation amidst a local church, but the presence of all in the situation with ravi zacharias is that he had endorsements endorsements from christian leaders around the globe, who not only said that they thought he was an effective book.

Writer speaker, but that they thought he was a great man.

They endorsed his character right.
We propped him up.

This is this is scene last year after his funeral, when we had endorsements from not just vice president mike pence, who i don't even know how how in touch you know, political people are with the reality of what we deal with in our lives.
And so i don't know how much that mattered or not, but but endorsements from from a number of leading christian thinkers, apologists and here's.
My thought his rebuke must be as public as his endorsements and support was that's how you can fulfill first timothy.

If we rebuke in the presence of all well here all it represents the world, it represents the church globally.

We need to do that.
That's the third reason why we have to do this.

The fourth reason why i'm making this video is because, if we cover this up or even allow ravi's reputation to stand, if we, if we just let his reputation stay intact, we continue the lie that has been propagated against the victims and we continue to lie.

That has led to this great disaster we're experiencing now, so we need to not implicate ourselves through our silence.

I've seen a lot of foolish and horrible responses from people who think they're helping um.
You know it's not true.

Yes, it's true.
This is indisputable, he's dead, so leave him alone.
That's that's stupid! I'm sorry! I'm angry! You guys! I'm just admitting my anger here.

Forgive me if i come off wrong um.
If you think you can't come after people who have already died, then what on earth was the whole hall? What's the holocaust museum hitler died before you did that like that's wrong, you can't leave hitler alone.

It's just nonsensical and irrational, and not christian um.

If someone says oh yes, you know you just you just don't know all the story, all the details or jesus has grace and mercy or don't cast the first stone i'll deal with all this stuff later on.

What we need to do right now is: we need to dig into the report because, in my opinion, people who who want to understand what really happened, you need to look at the report, this report, to give you the back story.
It's it's an independent investigation that was commissioned by rzim to investigate because of outside pressures that were causing them to say: okay, um we've been saying, ravi's innocent we've been defending him, but there's so much pressure from outside and even from within some of the people in Rzim were saying: we need a real investigation, they did the investigation a few days ago, a week ago, maybe less they released the report, they said hey.

This is what we found and i'm going to read it to you.

This is the report of here.
I'll put it on your screen, i'm not going to leave it on your screen, because the text is going to be so small.

It's not going to help report of independent investigation.
It's a sexual misconduct of ravi zacharias february 9th is when it came out.

These are the people that put it on miller and martin.

They did it and you'll learn all about it right now, i'm going to read it again.
This text is going to be too small.
I'm also going to give you guys some insight.

One reason why i'm going to read this report is because, as i read it with the eyes of someone, i'm a certified domestic violence, counselor i've dealt with perpetrators, primarily for several years classes, where i would have 12 perpetrators in the class, and i would deal with Them we, you know.
Basically i have a unique perspective on this report and i can help you to see some stuff that you might not notice.

As you read about his behavior and how systematic and how bad it is, i want to ask you guys forgiveness, as i read through this, i don't.

I don't have notes i couldn't prepare.
I just couldn't.
Do it prepare notes, um, so you're gon na get the raw responses um and i pray that it's still helpful.

I have some notes for things i'll share at the end that i think are very important.
I want to help people who feel like they're struggling in their faith, because of this i want to help people who are victims that have still not had a chance to talk.

I want to help rzim people um, who are totally innocent in all this stuff.

You're a victim just like anybody else, many of you and i want to do all that - that's going to be at the end, but here's the report i'm now reading and quoting from the report on september 29th 2020 christianity today published an article citing allegations by three Anonymous sources that the late ravi, zacharias, sexually harassed them at two spas.
He co-owned miller and martin pllc was hired by ravi zacharias international ministries, rzim to conduct an independent investigation into these allegations.


Rzim management agreed that we would report to a committee of the rziam board of directors, both rcim management and the board, and the board committee confirmed that the investigation extended to any other allegations of sexual misconduct that might arise from our investigation.

We confirmed one of the three accounts described in the christianity today article and found significant evidence of sexual misconduct involving additional massage therapists.
We also reviewed mr zacharias's electronic devices and found evidence of text and email-based relationships with women who were not his wife, as well as over 200 selfie-style photographs of women.

It's worse than that.

You guys it's a lot lot worse than that beginning intro here, but we need to get all the details um here here we go under the heading scope of investigation.
They write, though our investigation was not limited to spy allegations reported in christianity.
Today we had to make judgment calls about how broadly to investigate.

For example, we did not enlist resources on the ground in asia, where mr zacharias frequently traveled to locate and interview witnesses there with over 200 massage therapist contacts in mr zacharias's phones, including many overseas.
We did not think it worthwhile to attempt an exhaustive survey and included and instead sought to speak with those we thought most likely to have relevant information or who otherwise reached out to us.
At times.

We received second hand and uncorroborated information that we chose not to pursue and instead to focus on more definite leads.
These were not limitations placed on us by rzim or the board committee, but decisions that we made primarily because we found enough evidence to answer the ultimate question we were hired to investigate we, while we limited our engagement to an investigation of sexual misconduct, we faced the Issue of what of what conducts fit that description or what behaviors ravi did that fit the thing they're supposed to investigate they go on.
Some may claim that it excludes communication that does not result in physical contact, but we spoke with many witnesses, both within and outside rzim, who saw the question of mr zacharias's alleged sexual misconduct as intertwined with allegations by a woman named lori ann thompson, who claimed in 2017, that mr zacharias engaged in sexually explicit online conversations with her and solicited indecent photos of her, as expressed by one witness who worked closely with mr zacharias.

Miss thompson's account at least makes the spa allegations more plausible and vice versa.

Many people within rzim felt strongly that the thompson matter, which resulted in a confidential settlement agreement, left several questions unanswered and rzim leadership encouraged us to include it in our investigation.
This report explains our effort to investigate that matter and describe other evidence that is consistent with miss thompson's allegations.



Can i pause and say this so laurie ann thompson in 2017 sent a letter to robbie zacharias um, saying it was a letter of demand for payment from her husband and her for the damages he caused them in their marriage, which were extreme extreme damages it may Or may not have been wise for them to send that letter or to approach it that way, ravi zacharias responded by suing them and then making them to get out of the lawsuit sign, a non-disclosure agreement to silence them.

He then spun a story about how it was really her husband who plotted with her against ravi, to try to take him down and then embezzle money out of him or blackmail him or whatever he actually sued them under the rico act for this racketeering.

So this was the story.

Most of us believed we all thought lori i mean me too.
I read the articles back in probably 2018 or maybe 19.
When i first heard this - and i read the article and i read what ravi zechariah said and how how he he just came off like this - i'm just super wonderful and innocent she's, a villain and her husband.

How horrible is he i thought he was horrible, i'm like this man like basically pimped out his wife in order to try to sue uh, you know get a ministry leader in a compromising situation and then get money out of him.

This is what we all believed.
It was all a lie: it was all a complete lie, but if miss thompson had not pushed if she had not gone public, probably this investigation never would have happened because it was.

It was the spot at least not the way it did.
But these spa allegations caused the investigators to say hey that sounds kind of like what laurie ann thompson's claimed against ravi.

Maybe maybe we should look into those particular details as well.

Let me read on the scope of our engagement: did not extend to rzim finances, possible, retaliation against employees or other aspects, and retaliation against employees is an important issue.
They should look into or other aspects of the organization's culture.
This report comments on some of these issues.

As necessary to discuss sexual misconduct, but this was not an investigation into such topics.
Similarly, we did not find evidence that anyone with an rzim or on its board knew that mr zacharias had engaged in sexual misconduct.

This doesn't mean nobody knew it does mean, and this is good - i'm happy to hear this - that there's no evidence that they didn't know um.

They may have been foolish or even in some cases there may be some bullying that went on, but i sure hope that this is the case that further investigations reveal that nobody up at the top knew.
I i think, without any doubt that the vast majority of those involved are like me.
They love the lord, they want it, they believe in christianity.

I think it's evidently true.
They want to promote that to the world and see people get saved and they saw involvement in rzim as a way to promote that, and do that all right moving on now they talk about their methodology.
This is how the investigation went down and took place and then we're going to get into what are going to be the angering infuriating, uh details methodology.

We engaged molar group international, a private investigations firm comprised of former federal law enforcement officers to assist with this investigation.
Over 50 individuals were interviewed, including over a dozen massage therapists who treated mr zacharias over the years and in different contexts.
We attempted to interview several other therapists who either never responded or were unwilling to share their experiences with us.

Some of the therapists with whom we we spoke, worked at the spas mentioned in the christianity today article, but most of them provided treatments to mr zacharias in other locations and at different points in time.
Some approached us to offer information.


Some were referred to by others.

We interviewed, and some we directly sought out the interesting thing to point out here with this paragraph - is that um some have criticized the mueller group because they don't have history.

Examining criminal type behaviors like this, like sexual abuse type stuff, but i wouldn't give them credit that they actually consulted with a private investigations firm, which has former law enforcement officers.
Who are a federal law forces which i assume are trained in this type of investigation.

And hopefully that's the case: um there's some stuff floating around the internet.
I want to try to dispel, as we go through this.
The overwhelming majority of those we interviewed requested confidentiality and asked to have their identities kept anonymous to encourage witnesses to speak candidly, both rzi and management, and the committee of our the rzion board, to which we report agreed that they would not have access to witness identities.

As a result, and because most witnesses spoke to us in reliance on our assurance of confidentiality, we are not revealing names of any witnesses in this report or otherwise, and that is the right thing to do.
This is good.
They should not be revealing the names people have have come against this report and said um, you know they don't have the names, we don't know the names of these women and we can't cross-examine them and all this kind of thing and i'm like okay, let me Speak as a dv counselor right um, you are, you are a danger to society when you say things like that.

Okay, look! This is lori ann thompson.
This is what happened when she went public with this stuff and then robbie zacharias.


He decided to publish a post in the christianity today, article that and christianity.

Today's, i think, they're mad at him too, because they were used by him as pawns to help destroy her life.
This is what happened to her after an article came out where ravi painted her and her husband as villains after the press release issued in christianity today on december 3rd 2017, it became untenable to remain in the same community as i portrayed my husband as a man Who pimped his wife for a monetary game? This was not only widely believed.
It was also untenable and false.

By march of 2018, we had decided to sell the home we built together at a loss and moved to a smaller home at a higher cost in another city entirely.
Why are they keeping the victims names secret because of how much harm was caused by the only one we know whose name we know right who's out there and put her face out there and tried to deal with this stuff and confront so yes, it's the right Thing to do give them confidentiality.
Let them come forward as they like.

Let me read on, in addition to reviewing numerous documents provided by rzim and other witnesses, we hired a digital forensics vendor to image and process four mobile devices.

Sorry i just lost my place um.
So these are mobile phones.

These are mobile devices, mobile phones, laptops ravi's, like personal devices um, and one laptop we received from rzim, all of which were used by mr zacharias.
At various times, the mobile devices provided the single greatest source of data about mr zacharias's private activity and housed text and chat application messages, emails recorded messages, documents and images that sparked numerous leads call logs for each phone provided a useful proxy for the approximate dates.

When mr zacharias likely used the phones now, there's they're going to give us the dates of the phones when they could, you know so, they could examine his life in a sense from what dates.

Okay, the dates of the phones, the first phone appears to have been in use from around february 2020 until his death in may of 2020 just last year, the second phone from july 2017 until january 2018, the third phone from july 2019 until april 2020.
The fourth phone from february 2014 through october 2014.
, now here's the significant thing um.

This next sentence, there's big gaps in his phone records and those themselves are revealing.
As we understand later, there are large significant gaps in time from which we do not have the benefit of any mobile device, including the almost three year period from october 2014, until july 2017, during which period he communicated with laurie ann thompson and possibly other individuals relevant To this investigation there is a paper trail or an electronic uh vacuum trail where he met.
Lorianne thompson corresponded with her groomed, her abuse her and then finally, she sent the letter all that data's gone right.

Once it became public.
Then we have records again.

He deleted it, he destroyed it.

An obvious limitation of this investigation is that we were not able to speak with the accused, as mr zacharias passed away in may 2020, before the allegations regarding massage therapist surfaced.
We do not know how he would respond to or defend against the various allegations.


The conclusions we report here are based solely on conduct, for which, in our judgment, there is credible evidence.

We also acknowledge possible selection bias in this investigation and we're almost done with the um with the preliminary stuff here.

The percentage of massage therapists we interviewed, who reported wrongful conduct, may not reflect the percentage of massage therapists in the aggregate with whom mr zacharias acted inappropriately.
Our investigation may have been more likely to locate those with negative experiences and there are likely more therapists than those whom we've interviewed.

Who would report that mr zacharias did not act inappropriately.
We do not think any such selection bias is a limitation, though this is important.


We assume that for a person in mr zechariah's position, the relevant question is not whether he always engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior with massage therapists but whether he ever did and and and i'll be honest with you guys.

The phrase inappropriate sexual behavior is a uh too soft of a term for the things that we're going to be getting into.
This is systematic, abusive um and it's way beyond just sexual all right here we go.

Involvement in spas.

Christianity today reported that mr zacharias was involved with the touch of eden and javon wellness spas.
According to corporate records on file, the georgia secretary of state touch of eden was incorporated in 2004, with administrative and administratively dissolved in 2008.

Javon wellness was incorporated in 2008, administratively dissolved in 2015, based on witness interviews.

We believe the business actually closed.
Around 2012, the two spas operated in the same location in alpharetta georgia, one forming shortly after the other closed down.
This is just a particular spa where, where witnesses spoke up about ravi we're just confirming that its existence it did exist, it went under two different names is what it looks like touch of eden and then javon wellness.

Let's talk about his involvement in the spa, mr zacharias is not listed on incorporation documents filed with the georgia secretary of state for either company, and he did not appear to have any role in managing the day-to-day operations of the spas.
He told one massage therapist that he was a silent investor in both spas and the owner, and one of the owners of javon wellness told us that mr zacharias invested as well.
But we were not able to confirm how much if any money he invested like it, would be that hard to talk about these issues.

There's still secrecy going on on that.
In that regard, you guys can it's obvious.
We understand, however, that mr zacharias was involved in the concept and opening of javon wellness.

He had an interest in eastern treatment and wanted to bring that influence to the spa, including designing a treatment room for specifically for ayurvedic massage.
Can i just pause and give you guys a little preview.

Um robbie zacharias used the ministry funds that he had.

He abused ministry funds.
Many many many many thousands of dollars worth of ministry funds for rzim donated for the gospel and he used some of that money to try to help pay for spas and and people to get trained in spas.
But really it was all to feed his elaborate, methodical.

Double life as a as a fraud, as somebody who would take advantage of young women control their lives and do more than just touch them inappropriately he would contr the control against their lives is beyond that and we'll get into those details.

This is why this this spa stuff is relevant.
I'll read on now, multiple witness told us told us.

Multiple witnesses told us that he arranged for massage therapists.
He met in asia to train the jovan wellness staff in those techniques, and one told us that he tried to recruit her from thailand to work at the spot.

He had a javon wellness, email address and he stored the employer identification number in his phone.

Mr zacharias told at least one witness that he intended for javon wellness to support rzim's philanthropic ministry.

Maybe that's just his excuse for really it's there, because he he's creating his own prostitution system through through um, massage therapist, using massage therapists as his targeted victims wellspring international, and there are notes on one of his um wellspring international was that was the ministry within rz.
I am that he said they were going to be using the money from these spas to help, and there are notes on one of his electronic devices that are consistent with that plan.

Another witness had a vague recollection that this was the initial plan as well.

We did not have access to german wellness's financial records, though so we don't know whether javon wellness ever provided financial support to wellspring.
We're going to find a number of places in this report that show there's like there's like unchased leads um, that's understandable, that's not because they abandoned responsibilities.

Miller seemed like they did a good job, this miller, martin.
It just means that there's more work to be done in the future.
I'm sure one of the three women who believe were sort three women who we believe, martin miller, were sources for the christianity today article only of them only one agreed to speak with us.

Sorry, the information she related is included in the following section: another declined to speak with us on the advice of her attorney.
We were unable to confirm the identity of the third woman.

So there's some people are circling the wagons interaction with massage therapists.

Here's some details, although we were able to interview only one of the massage therapists anonymously referred referenced in the christian today article, our investigation revealed other massage therapists who corroborate her account.
Several massage therapists confirm mr zacharias's frequent efforts to quote try for more than a massage, as one therapist put it.

Eight therapists reported that mr zacharias would start the message either completely new, the massage either completely nude or would remove the sheets during the massage six therapists report reported that he always or almost always had an erection during the massage four therapists reported that he would either Touch his genitals or ask them to touch his genitals and five therapists reported that he touched or rubbed them inappropriately.

These are large numbers of witnesses with the same account.

It means it's true if i can trust the resurrection of christ because of the multiple witnesses.

I can trust this.

Yes, the evidence is very similar.
Some therapists pushed back on his behavior with some success.
One reported that she would redrape him if he removed the sheets, told him um if he removed the sheets.

Excuse me she'd redrape him told him when she was uncomfortable and told him he would have to leave if he did not stop one most probably didn't have that courage.

One therapist responded to his attempts to rub her legs by moving his arms back onto the table and, at times even binding his arms with sheets into a sling to keep them from wandering.

She refused his frequent request to touch his genitals.

Another therapist told him.
She did not feel comfortable and would stop him when he would rub her leg up to mid thigh and grab her waist, which was an obvious cue in quotes that he wanted more.
That's what she said.

Another therapist also refused when he asked her to go lower.

Remember that phrase go lower.
It's a phrase that ravi wanted to know in multiple languages because of his perversion.

He asked her to go lower and massage closer to his genitals and she admonished him on several occasions when he would start touching himself.

He asked the same person to travel overseas to massage him on trips, but she was not comfortable with him and was afraid she would not be able to afford a plane ticket home if she felt the need to return early.

She reported that she could see how more than a massage would have happened if a therapist did not feel comfortable speaking up and pushing back, can i pause and say massage therapist in general, like that is just it just looks to me, like that's an industry that Needs to be like structures need to be put in place so that they can't be taken advantage of the massage therapists themselves like something has to be done there that there can be this happening multiple times and years go by, and and it's you, you don't have The owners, the other owner right, championing dealing with and protecting these women, it makes me angry.

It makes you angry and it should some therapists reported even more serious and sustained sexual assaults that evolved over time.

Two therapists.
I read that question quickly: more serious and sustained sexual assaults that evolved over time and evolving over time is a is a predatory behavior of a very patient predator and that's what ravi zechariah says was two therapists obliged his request to masturbate him telling one of them.

It was necessary because his pain was in quotes ligamental, while five women reported that he touched and grabbed their legs two said he eventually went beyond that with them rubbing their breasts and genitals.

One therapist further reported that she was struggling financially.

Listen to this and mr zacharias offered to help her pay for her schooling and monthly living expenses.

In addition to compensating her for the massages see below in the discussion of touch of hope, we'll talk about that later.
She told us that the more we saw each other, the more he became comfortable and wanted to go further.

She told us she felt obligated to do what he asked because of the financial support he provided in addition to these direct accounts.

These and other witnesses claim to know or to have heard of mr zacharias's abuse or attempted abuse of other massage therapists, but we did not credit such hearsay um.
So this does not include secondhand accounts.
These are just more first-hand accounts.

This is, this is um, not a man who has sexual impulses, okay, as a like as a dv counselor, with a certification all that stuff, and maybe that can give way to what i'm saying here.
Let me say this: this is methodical, patient behavior, ravi plotted and planned and targeted women.

I want you to work here.
I will.
I will fly you over to work in my spa.

I will pay for your issues in your schools and things like that and then you'll feel obligated, and i will patiently work my way up.
Try touching you a little here and then next time, maybe just a little further, and i will just continue to sort of gently push the envelope with you until i can normalize sexual abuse in our relationship.

This is methodic, predatory, behavior that we see in domestic violence situations.

It is meant to not just victimize somebody.
It goes way beyond that.

This behavior is meant to create a victim out of somebody.

It's where you slowly and methodically massage the relationship.

Shall i say until you have a victim ongoing victim relationship with a person, so you can revisit it and revisit it and revisit it.

It takes a type of depravity that goes beyond a man who has sexual impulses that he's not controlling.

I read on only one of the witnesses.
We interviewed said that mr zacharias engaged in sexual intercourse, the witness the witness reported details of many encounters over a period of years that she described as rape.

I'm going to read that again the witness reported details of many encounters over a period of years that she described as rape to protect her identity.


Sorry to protect her identity.


This report does not disclose many of the details she shared with us.

Some information is related below because aspects of mr zechariah's behavior towards this witness were similar to his conduct with other therapists, specifically the use of ministry funds to provide financial support, the effort to elicit personal information about a difficult past and mr zacharias's use of religious language.
During their encounters you're going to get more about all these details coming, i did this video live today because i thought i couldn't record it.
I wouldn't be able to get through it, but if it's live i can't stop so i call that a self limitation um.

I read on the witness, told us that their relationship began as a normal, massage therapist client relationship, and she came to think of him as a father figure.
He elicited information about her faith and her financial situation.
She reported that after hearing after he arranged.

Excuse me, after he arranged for the ministry, to provide for her with financial support he required sex from her.
According to this witness, mr zacharias used religious expressions to gain compliance.

As she was raised to be a person of faith, she reported that he made her pray with him to thank god for the opportunity they both received.

This is beyond anything i could have imagined when we first started hearing this stuff.

I don't have words.
My heart.

Doesn't know how to respond, we have to take it on the chin, because, as public as his ministry was is how public his rebuke needs to be, because we have to vindicate women like this by not having his books like a book on marriage still prison, while It still has good content guys we should just put it out there, but what are we doing to these women that are still alive right now that went through this stuff? These are these.
Are my four ravi zechariah's books? This is my trash can and then we move on and we we get rid of his videos and we stop promoting his stuff and we take his name off anything we have, and if it's too closely associated with him, we just we just stop.
We just end it and start over what else is there to do? I read on she said he called her his reward for living, a life of service to god this woman raped multiple times.

Over years he told her she's his reward for living a life of service to god is ravi a christian.
No, i can't comprehend how to how to reconcile that with any kind of genuine faith in christ.

I cannot even begin he referenced to her the godly men in the bible.

With more than one wife.
She said he warned her not ever to speak out against him or she would be responsible for millions of souls whose salvation would be lost if his reputation was damaged.

This is what abusers do um systematically.

I mean in almost every case where there's a long-term abuse scenario: the abuser, the the one in the pal in power and the power spot of the relationship they're, going to tell the victim that that you know revealing the abuse.
That would be the real crime right.
The abuse isn't the real crime, it's talking about it.

That's the real crime, telling other people about the abuse, that's the real crime, so that those who are suffering abuse feel not only that they're trapped, but they feel that it's morally wrong for them to get help.

That's a lie, and this is a lie.
We have to confront right now those who think, oh, that you're hurting people by talking about this mike your attitude, propagates abuse that that creates the cone of silence that keeps victims in that cycle in those relationships for years and years and years and years.

This is this: the the church is light right, bring to light those things.

This is this is what we have to do.

This is what we must do and um i've always encouraged when i've dealt with people who are suffering with difficult family scenarios.

I always tell them it's, not your fault right, it's whatever happens, because you tell the truth.
That's not your fault, it's the person who did the did the crime person who hurt you the person who caused the harm? It's their fault, not yours, but in every abuse situation the the victim feels like a villain because of the fallout of them telling the truth.

I read on a number of aspects of this account involved, similar behavior and escalations as the accounts of other therapists, who would not have known each other and who treated mr zacharias in different contexts over time.

The therapist he reported targeted more than more than a massage excuse me, the therapist he reportedly targeted for more than a massage in quotes, discussed a similar modus operandi of building their trust to make them feel at ease again.
This is this is predatory, abusive behavior.

It comes off like a lot of loving kindness like a great compassionate attitude, but it's ultimately a manipulation tactic right in in in domestic violence, situations which this would be that um love is we call it love confusion right.

This is mistaken.
Love it's presented like oodles of incredible love and compassion, and this this works on a lot of people.

It works on us because it looks like love.
It imitates love, it's it's the it's! It's the anti-love right, it's just like love, but for ungodly and wicked reasons and purposes um.
So he begins the relationship that way as one put it he wasn't frisky initially she says some therapists described a process that began with probing conversation and with him asking about their families and backgrounds, often delving deeply delving into deeply personal issues such as financial struggles or Emotionally broken backgrounds now see, okay to a good, a good pastor or just a good human right.

This is this is what you do with someone as you're, trying to like help them aid them.
You want to minister to them, so you find out what's going on their lives, but to a predator.
These are all tools that they can use to leverage control in that person's life.

Let me find out about your broken past, so i can.
I can be the solution, so you can become enmeshed with me where your psychology like starts to need me.
It needs me to to help you and then i can use your dependence on me as a way of getting what i want out of you, which, in his case, is going to be sexual experiences.

For example, i read on one therapist reported that mr zacharias spent the first half of their first massage message, massage sorry.
I keep doing that the first half of their first massage session, asking about her spiritual journey and prior abuse.

This set her at ease and made her feel that he cared for her as a person before he later asked her to massage his genitals.

Another woman reported that he would talk about her career plans and efforts to improve her financial situation.

While he was massaging her breasts, she never came forward because she thought who would believe me against a famous christian leader.

Some therapists also reported that mr zacharias paid very well or would leave large tips and gave gifts that were lavish at times lavish such as a persian rug or a louis vuitton wallet with 500 inside, and i want to mention real quick for those that are thinking.

Like a woman that takes money in exchange for favors, that's just prostitution, um sort of yeah - i mean it's, not well.
I guess you could call that prosecution, but you know what also also can i say that prostitutes, while prostitution itself is wicked, are also often victims.

They may be doing a wicked thing.
They might be doing something wrong: something horrible, something immoral, but at the same time, they're also very much victims involved in other situations that are going on the abuse of say, a pimp or other people in their lives that have led them to this.

It doesn't justify what they're doing, but it gives you a different perspective, and you realize that there's measures of blame and the the weight measure of blame is on ravi zacharias in all of these relationships.

Absolutely without without any doubt.
I read on mr zacharias also used his ministry to financially support some of his long-term therapists.
Let's talk about his abusive ministry funds now to basically create a harem of abused women according to a description in the notes.

Application of one of mr zacharias's phones touch of hope, also known as toh, was a quote humanitarian effort on the part of rzim meeting short-term needs for long-term gains sounds good.

We learned it was purely just a purely discretionary fund and no clear guidelines governing how money would be granted.
We did not set out to investigate touch of hope in depth, but in reviewing documents provided by rzim, we noticed that a significant portion of the wire payments from that fund went to or for the benefit of four women, all of whom were at times mr zacharias's, Massage therapists touch of hope funds paid for two of these women to attend a massage therapy school after they were already in his regular rotation of therapists, despite their apparent lack of formal training or license right, because he just thought they were attractive.

And so he thought he could find a woman, he wanted to abuse and he could help train her.

She was.
She was submissive enough in her attitude that he could take advantage of her and he's like i'll give her more training.

So she could also massage me better because he just wants the best of both worlds.

One recipient was a massage therapist.
He met around 2014 in bangkok and with whom he appears to have had at least an emotional relationship discussed in a different section below he used touch of hope to pay forty thousand dollars for her to attend culinary school in the united states.

Each of these four women received monthly support from touch of hope for extended periods of time.
This is now um he's involving rzim the ministry itself in in.

In fact, his public ministry was helping to pay for his private pimpery.

This is, and this doesn't mean that they knew i don't - and the report these same guys that are reporting very openly and honestly about these things suggest that nobody did know nobody.
There seems to have known, there's no evidence, they said no evidence that anybody knew - and i thank god for that.
I think that that would likely be the case.

I think that rather ravi built an area of trust where you just were don't question ravi and if you did question him, then you got bullied is what it looks like to me as we continue reading and we're not even we're just we're still halfway through it.
I'm sorry it's long.
This is this is what happened, though? We accept is true that mr zacharias has significant and at times debilitating lower back pain and that he found relief from massage therapy treatments at the hands of trained professionals.

Indeed, several of the therapists we interviewed reported a normal therapist-client relationship with him and said that he was always professional.

One of these therapists said that mr zacharias was always fully nude for his treatments, but she was told it was a cultural thing.


It's a cultural thing.


Aren't we told that about sin all the time, it's just a cultural thing and necessary for treatment of his pain.

Another reported that he frequently got erections during the treatment which she said is not uncommon for male clients, which again makes me think something's wrong with the whole massage industry.

There are likely other therapists who would similarly report that they did not experience inappropriate behavior.

Mr zacharias spent much of the year on the road and typically had at least one male rcim staff member to travel with him.
Let's talk about when he traveled, because he traveled a lot and it does factor into his lifestyle, not just in the discretion lifestyle of abusing women and ministry funds and lying through his teeth.

These travel assistants that he had with him.

They provided the appearance of accountability.

So, mr zacharias could say he did not travel alone.
It was never alone with a woman.

Indeed, all of the travel assistants, we interviewed said that they never observed anything improper.
Most of them were aware, however, that mr zacharias had a massage therapist, who was often with him to prove to bride treatments.
During his travels, he had a girl travel with him.

Several rzim staff reported to us that they were concerned now, listen to what happened when the staff brought this up within rzim.

They were concerned about mr zacharias traveling with a personal masseuse, not because they feared actual impropriety or because they feared the appearance of impropriety.

It was but because they fear the appearance of impropriety because they really trusted the man.

The man was was very, very, very good at getting you to believe that he was as he appeared.
He was very good at that.

That's why all this is so shocking.
A high-level rcim staff member expressed concerns to mr zacharias about it and encouraged him to stop traveling with her.
In response, mr zacharias grew angry and barely spoke to this staff member for a long period of time.

He was effectively sent to siberia as another staff member recalled, their relationship never fully recovered and there's other they mentioned in the footnotes here about other situations like that, when things got when he got pushed on, ravi would would would uh would turn right, because now he Goes into protection mode, so he had like mode where put on a smiley face, i'm perfect and innocent.
And then, if he, if people started poking at his private life um, he would there be no no holds barred we'll find out the massage therapist who, at times travel with mr zacharias, was not only not the only woman from whom he received massages.
During his travels, the travel assistants told us that mr zacharias would often retire to his room at night, and his schedule often included large chunks of time and even entire days when he was alone.

So don't act like you weren't alone, a search of his phone records and text messages revealed that he would often arrange for massage treatments in his hotel room when he was likely alone.

It's not hard to imagine what happened in those scenarios.

According to his text messages at times he would meet the therapist in the hotel lobby and at other times he would direct him to come straight to his room on one occasion.

In february 2016, he slipped his room key to a massage therapist, by placing it in a book directing her to come to his room two minutes after she got the book from him.
In addition to finding alone time, when you travel with others, mr zacharias traveled alone to bangkok and other parts of southeast asia for substantial periods of time now, this is this is crazy.

He would just be alone in these other countries for long periods of time.

Rz, im staff described these as writing trips, where he would work on his latest book.
I remember hearing about robbie saying something in a video um.
It might have been less than a year ago and i and he said something about like.

Oh, i go so somewhere.
Some other country to to write, and i i spent a whole season there writing and it sounded like he was utterly alone in that environment, and i thought that sounds kind of sketchy.
Like i remember thinking at the time it sounds kind of sketchy.

I i like.
I wish and i'm sorry any victims of ravis that i didn't chase this down is not really something that i i didn't.
I didn't know that it was real or i would have done something um anyway.

I i i bear my own sense of guilt.
I don't know if it's justified, if i should feel that way or not, but i feel bad that i didn't chase this stuff down.
I'm sure lots of people are feeling that way right now um, so he travels lots of times alone.

Um we'll mention bangkok.
In a minute, according to a text message to a thai masseuse in february 2016, he spent his days writing and his nights receiving massage treatments.
All of the massage therapists we interviewed now live in the us, and we have little insight into whether mr zacharias engaged in inappropriate massage behavior when in asia now listen to where his asia apartments were.

We also learned that for several years mr zacharias owned two apartments.

In bangkok, property records confirmed that he bought one of the apartments in 2010 and the other in 2011, both in a residential tower in the clung san district of bangkok.

He told them he sold them both in 2015.

The notes application of his phone contains addresses that correspond with the property records, along with information about common area and maintenance fees for the two units.
The notes application also reveals that between 2010 and 2014 he spent a total of 256 days in one of these apartments.
In bangkok, wow and sought rent reimbursement from rzim for those days because he's like i'm riding during these days, the other apartment in the same building but on a different floor, housed one of his massage therapists.

An entry on mr zechariah's phone for the lower floor includes his this massage therapist initials: okay, we're going to get to lori ann thompson next, but before we do that, let me say his apartments in bangkok, where he spent 256 days in 2010.
2014 are in within three miles of the three red light districts of bangkok, and i think that you, you don't have to be depraved to know that bangkok has a reputation for prostitution, underage prostitution, all kinds of horrible, wicked, sinful stuff that goes on and he's his Apartments are within three miles of that nobody's with him.
Such was the trust that people had for the man.

Why? Because ravi zacharias didn't just victimize these women, he did it to everybody.
He knew it was a con, a long con right, i am.
I am just a wonderful godly man and he understood how to push those buttons and they believed him.

Let's talk about lorianne thompson as and here's the section on her in the article, as mentioned above the scope of our investigation included allegations involving mr zacharias and a canadian woman named lorianne thompson.


Miss thompson accused him of engaging in sexually explicit online conversations with her and also quote soliciting and ultimately receiving many indecent photos of her.

She claimed that he groomed her.

That's an important word to know he groomed her as he gained her trust as a spiritual guide.

Confidante and notable christian statesman, after which she opened up, after which she opened up her life to him, to the point where he quote, exercised a controlling influence over her as one with spiritual authority.

I completely believe lorianne thompson, a hundred percent - i don't think she's, exaggerating at all.

What she says is totally consistent with these other women and what she says is also consistent with just cycles of of how a perpetrator, grooms a victim, the grooming, it's called a grooming stage in domestic violence, counseling, it's actually a relationship stage where they're never kinder nicer.
More gentle, more more um heartwarming.
You know this.

This is the grooming stage.
That's what that is.
The problem.

Isn't that i mean the grooming is great if it was real if it was sincere, but it's not it's manipulation to get you to compromise i'll read on here.
He used this influence.
He claimed she claimed to exploit her vulnerability to satisfy his own sexual desires, while they were never physically intimate, miss thompson, alleged and she's right that they engage in an emotional relationship through electronic communication.

I added that and she's right part because she is, and that culminated in him asking for photographs of her, including nudes, which she sent in order to avoid protracted public litigation.
On april 27 2017, the thompson sent me, mr zacharias, a letter demanding five million dollars in exchange for a release of claims against him and the ministry um whether they should have sent that letter or done it that way uh.
Maybe it was a mistake, maybe maybe there was some even laurie if you're watching this, i'm not accusing you this, i promise or your husband, but i want to help people process this.

So, let's suppose you think that lorianne was just in this for the money.

Okay, fine, you could think that all you want, let's suppose, that her letter was she's in it for the money, but you know what got her into it: the abuse and manipulation and deceit and oppressive behavior of ravi zacharias, and so, even if this letter from her Lawyer to get paid was purely carnally motivated for money, even if that was the case, it has nothing to do with the guilt of robbie zacharias.


What happened in response we're going to find out, though, is where mr zacharias goes from abusing her to groom her to make her a victim to to trying to destroy her life effectively to try to keep her silent.

In response, i read mr zechariah sued, the thompsons in federal court for extortion under the federal racketeering, influence and corrupt organization rico statute on july 3, 31st 2017, the thompsons and mr zacharias mediated and confidentially resolved their disputes in late fall 2017.
The resolution reportedly included a non-disclosure agreement in d.
That means they can't talk about it.

Rzi and management informed us that they do not have and have not seen the nda and therefore rzim, which was not a party to that lawsuit, was not able to provide it to us.
This is important.


A lot of people are telling rzim release laurie anne from her nda rz.

I am, the organization, doesn't have the nda right, it's going to be the executor of robbie's estate.
I believe that that's the person who has the nda they have not yet released her from it, and i think that they should, i think, it's invalid anyways.

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