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Human turn on guys it's Ricky with tech book solutions and today we're gon na.

Do a house tour so welcome to MIT crib yeah come check it out, but now let's go ahead and we're gon na do, I think, a full tour, except for like the rooms of all the people that actually live here.
That are not me, but this house is a little bit under 6000 square feet here in the Arizona area and has a total of eight rooms, which five are bedrooms, including one guest room and then the rest.
We've converted to like an office, a movie room and then an overall YouTube so, except to show you guys around.

This is pretty much an area in which we don't use very often so yeah we asked for take off.
Look she awesome to have people over or a party.

We usually have them sign up there.

This is yeah.
This is like our dinner or dining area.
Well, we don't use as well.

We pretty much eat on the couch or in the kitchen.
So we set up with so a picture friend gon na have to hang up but yep.
Let's go ahead and walk on him.

Gon na take off your shoes me.
So this is the main yeah yeah, it's to being a nothing special here at all basketball kitchen.
Much bigger than I need myself.

Harley is one of the only people here, my roommates that actually uses the kitchen and cooks I eat out.
Literally almost every single meal.
I've actually used this kitchen for one week and it's because I try to meal prep and then never used it after that, and I was after a year of owning this house, so amazing kitchen love it.

I just don't use it.
I just so.
If you've watched any of my videos, especially like watching me, trade live, this is probably the room that I was in.

So this is pretty much where all the action happens.
We don't have anything crazy.
We just have the lighting, we have a dual monitor and then everything it is that I need right with the tripod again camera Griffin that I need so I can go ahead and go live and make this video.

So that is pretty much it all right.
So right here we do have a downstairs or a desk bathroom.
So yes, you know what that looks like I'm gon na start off with the end.

This is gon na blow this space we'll check out the backyard just a little bit, but I'll show you guys.
My room, alright, then, so this is the master bedroom.
This is fine.

Yeah, nice, it's much more space that I need a national TV, a bad little living space area.
That again, I just needed to decorate to kind of make use of the room.

This little office space that I obviously don't use, I'm going to take you guys out of here, I think, did want to show you guys are some of the cool things is - is pretty much.

This was one of my favorite cars that I am gon na, find that took a nice little shop, so the 570s, the 2 comma Club and then, when I broke 100,000 subscribers on YouTube over here again will live in spaces.
I don't ever use kind of guitar a little detail here.

That said, like the harder you work, the luckier yet think it's pretty cool, shower pretty tall, guys so kind of need a tall shower.

We got a little sinks which I obviously don't necessarily use.

This is my side.
This is pretty much yeah all.

I need nothing, nothing too special about that at the whole toilet know where all the magic happens, and then this is one of my walk-in closets.
You guys can imagine, have a lot of clothes yeah just fit, so I don't make use of the room again.
I just have one side everything else.

It's kind of just put away and it's much more space than I need myself.
I probably wear about 10 t-shirts.
It's kind of rotate and wear them, so let's go ahead and get out of my closet, but yeah.

Also this tub.
I honestly don't think I've ever use that tub.

So one of the things I wanted to show you, it is a little prickly guess that just really deep birthday gift that he got me.

So I hope in Arizona how much you're able to have a gun.
I was raised in California, which that wasn't a normal thing, so he got me my first gun, which is a sugar.
So I appreciate that bad side and let's go ahead and I'm gon na show you guys the backyard.

Actually, I'm gon na show you guys upstairs and then we'll go into the backyard and then to my favorite place the grog.
So let's go and check that all right.
So upstairs we have Weston's room on the left-hand side, Justin's room on the right-hand side, and then we have a bathroom that they share themselves right over here.

So this is what we normally use it for playing ping pong or, if we're about to go out - and we have a couple friends over normally what we'll do is put some Solo cups and place them beer pong here with all the guys.
We have s little hockey table that I don't think we've ever used.

That's the little support beam.

I don't know how I don't know why what the house is built a long long time ago, I think in 2015 and it's just built very, very bad.
So we wouldn't happen to purchase the support people on Amazon and yeah.
It's been good to us, so I don't know buddy here we have this nice little bar area, yeah, there's nothing much to it.

We a couple guys couple drinks and what more than we need.
So we've been on over to the movie room: we wanted it to be pretty cool.
Honestly, I rarely ever use the movie.

I think I've honestly only used it once, but it's pretty cool the guys like to hang out here sometimes when we're even working they like to just sit around and be able to work on their computers to just kind of comfy.
If you pull down the blind to gets really really dark in here, so that's a little set up here, nothing too special about it going on over.
Here we have closet on that side and then this is our office for our technical team, which we use from time to time.

We have whiteboards on these two sides, but you guys aren't part of the tech, but seeing you guys cannot go in there all right.
So on this side we actually have hardly room.
We have there.

We have the bathroom that he shares if we have a yes.
So this is our guest room.
We have a total of two kind of like small beds and then one big bed.

So if we have any friends and the influencers that are coming to visit with whatever it is that we have you know, plan with them, that's usually where they state.
So that's Harley's room again the office we have the guest bedroom.
We have the movie room back here.

You guys saw the bar, you guys saw the hangout area and now let's go outside and then we'll check out the garage, , alright, guys now we're downstairs office in the backyard.
We don't actually use it too often, especially right now, doctor in the winter.
If it's the summer, especially there is a you know whether it's super super hot, so we'll use the pool pretty often as we get okay right now, it's kind of like a greenish tint should there's a lot of algae, then swam innate and like mutts.

So this is pretty much the hangout area, everything's kind of dusty, again nothing's fitting used for a very long time.
We have this little light dining area outside we have a full hangout area.

We have some tiki torches, so that was pretty cool, fireplace kinda growth with our studio, super cool.

But again it's just it's been really cold and I don't know we try to stay pretty busy and yeah.

It's not next to campfires the medical pool pretty nice to have during the summer, not gon na lie.
On top of that.

This is a very old and it actually hasn't been year.
That's it whoo amazing.
So this is called bong village.

It's a great object to have if you're throwing a party, but I haven't used it in a while little grasp at the trampoline that again we haven't used honestly, I haven't been in the backyard in the past like three four months, so I feel kind of weird Showing it because now I realize how dirty it is yeah, let's go back inside all right guys, so this has to be my favorite part, as you guys know, with everything others that we do cars.
I've always been a big passion of mine, and it's not only that something that is expressed through me, but it's actually almost every single member, that's part of our team.
So let's go ahead and check out the garage, and these are some of the cars that we have here at my house.

So this is my porch at the 2016 Porsche gt3 RS.
I bought it like February March of last year, so I've had it for quite a while.
I bought it with the intention to resell for a little bit of profit, but it's been a really nice amazing track car.

This is right now my daily drivers know I want to be highest mileage 720 SS.

I bought a very low mileage one, but I've taken out on rallies.
I've taken it to California multiple times, taking it all the way up to San Francisco.

I'm a big believer that, especially if you buy to enjoy it, then why not enjoy it.
So this is my McLaren 720s.
I've had it for a little bit over a year and it's by far my favourite car and my fastest car that I've ever had the blessing to UM.

So my little baby right here and then I bought this.
This is a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan.

I honestly really do like the car a little bit color, it's actually a wrap, it's black underneath and this was actually posted for sale.
So the really cool thing about this one is out of all my cars.
I think it gets the most attention and it's probably one of my cheaper cars when it comes down to out of these three.

I think it's really interesting, because people just know what a Lamborghini is, but when they see kind of this little spaceship over here they don't really know what it is.
There are a couple of cars that we do have.
I still have my maserati ghibli, we're one of the youngest people here in Arizona to fully run and OH a car dealership, so they have about 20 to 25 cars over there.

So if you guys haven't, checked them out and you get in the Phoenix area make sure to check out Carson more for some great deal actually want to show you some of the cars that the guys have.
So this one is actually one of Weston's cars and it's actually really fast.
He actually gets a lot of people that asked him if he sellin it.

Yes on it and it's I don't know what year, but it's a Ford Lightning.
It wasn't running for some time.
So we would used to call it a Ford, a lightning as a blown engine.

This is one of Justin's babies.
It's a 2018 or 19 Mercedes, AMG, GTS, absolutely beautiful car.
He loves it and huge congrats to him, because if I'm not mistaken, he actually went to go pick up and you flip today which, if I'm not mistaken into 2014 or 2015 Corvette c7, that he, I think already has a buyer for that he'll.

Make about four to five thousand dollars profit after enjoying it for a couple of months.
Oh yeah, alright guys! So I know it's not the most interesting kind of home tour, but a lot of people have been asking that lived here for about a year of kind of like what it is that we have to work with here at the tech foots house.
It's definitely more space than I need myself.

It's amazing blessing that at such a young age, we're able to like have such an amazing place that were able call folks.
Let me know in the comment section what you guys think.
Let me know in the comment sections what you guys would like to see.

Next, I hope I earned your thumbs up, don't forget if you guys would ever like to connect.
We run the largest Facebook for those who invest in the stock market and that's gon na.
Be that first link down below and it's free, so there's no excuses really do appreciate you guys it's time and like always, let's make sure that way in the year I'll agree now take it easy team.


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