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, , [, Music ], ladies and gentlemen Yuri the prosecution is not gon na get that man today, no because and welcome.

Ladies and gentlemen, to this Thursday January 18, 2017-2018 edition of the Hagman report, I said 2017 and I almost said the Hagman Daily Show we're coming to you live as we do each and every day, 7 to 10 p.
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As well as live on YouTube - and we got a great show lined up for you today, the first hour we're going to be getting into a bunch of news and current events as there is a whole lot of stuff going on again go to Hagman report com.

Bookmark this site and check it daily for the news that we post up there where to start, I'm pretty hot behind the scenes here, going through news just a half hour before the show on a number of things: immigration being one of them, some of the headlines That we're seeing coming out from the politicians and media about immigration and the government shutdown are infuriating and pretty crazy, to say the least.
Now we also have news on what was what lawmakers or the House Intelligence Committee today has seen as far as the DOJ and FBI and the FISA corruption, the Pfizer corruption memo.
I guess it's being called says it will shake the very foundations of our democracy and they, the House Congressional House Intelligence Committee - is trying to make this memo public, so everybody can read it and we're gon na talk more about that in a little bit.

But first I want to talk about immigration and we have some interesting new fireworks today in the immigration debate we talked about yesterday, we had news come out that yesterday and earlier this week the DHS secretary said that they might be or they're looking to arrest federal Officials who are promoting sanctuary cities and protecting illegal immigrants and not allowing the federal government to enforce the law.
Well, we see a pushback from California.
Today, California cities prepare for alleged ice sweeps, but there's another story in here that is very troublesome.

The Attorney General of California today has come out and said that they will arrest any employers who help or give information to ice when they're conducting the ice raids now ice director, Thomas Holman recently told Fox News that the agent we agency will significantly increase enforcement across The state in Warren California, to hold on tight and a report by the San Francisco Chronicle this week said ice is planning raids targeting Northern California cities with the goal of arresting more than 1500 immigrants.

Earlier today, the local law enforcement, the mayor of Oakland and the local law enforcement there, the mayor of Oakland, said that she would go to jail to protect illegal immigrants in her sanctuary city.
They also said that the law enforcement would not be helping or giving any information to federal authorities who are conducting these sweeps.

It has now come out that again, as I said, the Attorney General of California said they will prosecute any employers who help the federal ice agents conduct immigration sweeps prosecute them.
This is what is said.
The raid would again pit left-leaning Californians against u.

immigration officials who intend on doubling down on fighting illegal immigration and could be the first big test of the state's new sanctuary legislation.
California became the first sanctuary state in the country on the 1st of January when an implemented Senate bill 54, a far-reaching measure aimed at preventing law enforcement officers from helping carry out Trump's promised crackdown on illegal immigration.
The bill limits, communication between California, police officers and federal immigration agents and people detained by the police or in jail awaiting trial exceptions include those who have been convicted of a serious crime within the past 15 years and suspects in serious crimes punishable with prison time, for Which a judge has found probable cause? It also prohibits California officers from inquiring about a person's immigration status.

Now, if that's not bad enough bad enough, the California Attorney General again said that they would prosecute employers, even if they were ignorant of the law that went into place on the 1st of January.
So you have this big battle, gearing up all on the heels of a possible government shutdown over immigration over immigration, and we have information on that as well.
The some of the headlines on on the Drudge Report shut down fears, gripped DC, high stakes, blame game, Republicans, rush for support, Senate Dems, vote to block government funding, and it's not only the Senate.

Democrats Lindsey Graham today, made a statement saying and let me let me find it here.
I want to get this right but basically said unless Trump grants amnesty to over 3 million illegal aliens he's going to vote to shut down the government, and it can't be any amnesty proposal.
It's apparently the one he introduced, which makes it all the crazier.

But again, the what we're seeing here from other officials is that the house is prepared to pass a spending bill, but a shutdown threat remains the house.
Freedom, caucus, 10 ounces support for a stopgap spending plan, but prospects in the Senate still appear dim.

The latest update was from 3035 minutes ago, the house freedom caucus said it would support a stopgap funding bill to keep the government open likely.

Ensuring Republicans will have the votes to pass the measure on Thursday night.
The proposal, however, still faces significant opposition in the Senate.
Lawmakers need to pass a funding bill by Friday night to avoid a government shutdown.

The possibility of that shutdown continues to grow as the debate over what needs to be done to keep the government funding continues as the right once the GOP wants to pass a short-term stopgap bill as they call it.
While the left is saying they're not going to do anything without a daca bill or an amnesty bill in there now, the Democrats are saying that they have a they're confident they have enough votes to block the spending bill in the house that they're looking to vote On tonight so it'll be interesting to see if the government could shut down if the Republicans come out and introduce a bill to keep the government funded and the left votes against that bill because of immigration and the government is shut down.
Because of that, I would almost guarantee that they are gon na yeah that would ruin their chances.

I think in a big way in the midterm elections.
It's not gon na look good to the American people a year into the Trump presidency a year into him, fighting against the media, fighting against the corruption, and we see they're doubling down.
They continue to double down.

We saw the shenanigans with the doctor this week.
60 minutes of questions about Trump's health.
Is he obese, you know? Are you gon na sedate him during his next physical? All these ridiculous questions, the embarrassment of DC and America is the American media.

But if the left decides to stop funding the government, because we have not passed an immigration bill which not only is Trump not passing but Clinton didn't pass, one Bush didn't pass.
One Obama didn't pass one.
The only thing Obama did was write, an illegal executive order on daca, which has since been rescinded by Trump.

So these people expect the house and the White House in the next one in in one week's time in 48 hours time to pass some kind of comprehensive immigration reform in that short amount of time or they're gon na hold the government hostage.
They're gon na put the illegal immigrants and what they want politically over the people who are gon na not be paid during a government shutdown.
This shows the true mentality of the insane left and the American people will see that.

And they will remember that when they go to the polls to vote in November.
For the midterms and it's just mind-boggling to see this craziness continued and there's a number of articles out there on this topic and even bigger than that, you know again there's a new number out today.
This is from USA Today and you know: we've been hearing the 800,000 dreamers that need the the daca bill.

It's only 800,000 well, USA Today put out a article.
There are three point: six million dreamers, a number, far greater than commonly known, but seeing the context of this article they're not saying that to say.
Well, maybe we should look at this again because that's a lot of people.

No, no they're, saying that.
Oh my gosh! Look how many people this is we have to pass.
We have to give all these people a nasty or else their lives are gon na be uprooted.

We were talking before the show about the number of things that are wrong.
With this country.
We have 20 trillion dollars of debt, we have billions, hundreds of billions of dollars being taken from the taxpayers and given to people who are not American, who come here and go on welfare when we can't even take care of our military.

The VA some of them are still a mess.
Our debt is out of control.
People are homeless in great numbers in this country.

I saw a report today.
60,000 people in Los Angeles alone are homeless here.
Commercials all the time about one in six children or one or five children in America - don't have enough food on and on and on.

We can't even take care of ourselves and we're going to import welfare recipients and again what about the people who have tried? The pathway to citizenship who have done everything right, follow the rules.
You know got there, whatever it was their jobs, their paperwork tip their citizenships classes.

They have to take a back seat.

So we can, you know, blanket stamped four million people to be here who were here illegally to make that legal.
It doesn't make sense to me, and it is not not fair to the average American, so we're gon na see what they're saying is a showdown and again it will be interesting to see what sweeps that ice and DHS are planning because of the sanctuary state policy.
The federal government is pushing back, and this is why these sweeps are being conducted.

They told California that you know to buckle up because they're going to not put up with a sanctuary state policy, but our sanctuary city and state officials going to be imprisoned.
As the DHS secretary says, our law enforcement officers or employers in California going to be prosecuted for complying with the federal government and ice officials, which is under law.
What they're supposed to do see the employers in California are caught in a catch-22 when these ice raids go down one if they don't comply with ice and give the information over that ice might legally.

If they have a subpoenas and whatnot inquire about they're in danger of obstruction of justice for not complying with the federal government, but if they do comply with the federal government, as federal law says they're in danger of being prosecuted by their state, I'm telling you something.
Has to give here - and it's gon na - be ugly if they don't come to some sort of an agreement which they won't, because we know how unhinged and crazy the left is, and we see they want nothing except what they want.
Legal or not.

And it's all about the votes for them.
I mean, let's be honest: they're, not the loving, compassionate people that they claim to be they're, not doing this for humanitarian reasons, they're doing it for their own bottom line and they're they're painting themselves into a corner.
Much like the media has done.

The media has been in self-destruction mode for a while now and they're continuing this, it's almost it's crazy to watch.
I mean, as I said before, they're doubling down every time.
They they you think they make the most outrageous insane claims.

They double down every time.
You think that you know they've sunk to a new low when lying about Trump they double down, and this is what the left has been doing specifically and especially in California, with immigration.
If you remember Jerry Brown pardoned illegal immigrants, so they wouldn't get deported.

He made the the sanctuary this a sanctuary state.
I mean they've been pushing so hard for this and they're willing to shut down the whole government so that illegal immigrants, unless the illegal immigrants are given amnesty, the battle is not going to end well for them.
It's um, it's pretty crazy and, as I said before, Democrats claim they have enough votes to shut down the government to help illegal aliens.

This from The Daily wire on the Thursday Democrats revealed that they had the votes to shut down the government in the Senate.
According to NBC News Republicans, who have a Senate majority, are short of the votes necessary to pass the continuing resolution to fund the government.
Thanks to the filibuster possibility held by Democrats, Democrats have stated their willingness to vote against such funding in order to leverage Republicans into passing a legislative version of President Obama's deferred action for childhood arrival executive.

Amnesty Democrats are still trying to blame Republicans for the imminent shutdown House, Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi stated.
This is one of the only times there will ever be a shutdown when one party controls the House, the Senate and the White House, but Republican needs 60 votes in the Senate to withstand a filibuster from Democrats, and that's simply not going to happen.
So we see that that, according to the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, he said this despite the fact that the CR contains a six-year extension for federal funding of the children's health insurance program.

So here we are Democrats are holding up a continuing resolution in the Senate.
In order to bargain for de facto citizenship for illegal immigrants and they're openly bragging about it and the media are blaming the Republicans and they add of course, they're one publicans pass a continuing resolution.

Obama refuses to sign in the government shuts down.

That's the Republicans fault.
When they try to pass a continuing resolution and Democrats prevent the passage again, that's the Republicans fault.
It's almost as, though, for the media, no matter what happens, Republicans are at fault for failures, to fund the government and that's a good summary that was written by ben shapiro and it's right on the money.

This is exactly what they're doing and speaking of the media.
We talked about the 2017 fake news awards that Trump did yesterday.
I know a lot of people were, I guess, expecting more showmanship.

They they wanted.
You know two people to be presented little trophies.
They wanted video.

They wanted much more than the eleven examples that were given, and even some people thought some of those examples could have been interchanged for other ones.
It did seem, it did seem a little.
I don't want to say cheesy, but it could have been done a lot better, but maybe next year's fake news Awards will be better.

We have some media analysis.
I don't know how many people saw this on Hagman report.
There's a video up there of Joe Scarborough Mika Brzezinski from today on Thursday's Morning Joe Joe Scarborough doubled down on his promotion of on another conspiracy theory about the dr.

Ronnie Jackson.

Anyway, there, since the media, the White House press corps specifically embarrassed the country by asking the White House physician 60 minutes of ridiculous questions, and I said this yesterday you know you're you're told all the time.
There's no such thing as a stupid question.

Well, about 60 minutes worth of stupid questions can be found on the White House press corps video, but the media, the doctor coming out and saying you know, Trump's healthy as mental abilities.
Great it was not enough.
There has been CNN and others have been.

You know.
Looking at the numbers themselves, but CNN even reported that Trump has heart disease according to their own doctor who looked at the numbers, it really is crazy, but Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski labeled the doctor shameful, who sounded like a sycophant and used the words political hack And these people are, I mean they're, crazy and also Jim Acosta today enraged accosts Acosta.
It's our right, our duty to ask Trump.

If he's a racist.
The reason I brought up the fake news Awards is because the media is saying that the fake news Awards were an attack on the First Amendment as well.
As I mean they, they have went overboard to basically say it's an attack on the First Amendment, its attack on the Free Press on and on and on, but isn't the fake news Awards? Doesn't that showcase the First Amendment in action, the prefs equates itself as the arbiters of truth.

They are the First Amendment and it's not the First Amendment, that's under attack by Trump's fake news Awards.
It's the lying politicized, propagandized media they're, not even media anymore.
At this point they are liberal entertainment.

They live in a fantasy land in to equate Trump's fake news Awards as some kind of assault on the First Amendment is really, I mean these people must think really highly of themselves, because it's a it's exactly what the First Amendment is, therefore, to push back and To be able to say, what's on your mind and one of the things I find so funny about the it's, an attack in the First Amendment he's using their examples that he's using their screw-ups their lies.
Their misrepresentations he's not making things up about them.
He's not lying about them he's using what they put out, what they wrote, what they lied about.

Somehow that's a no-no.
Of course.
We know why, because the media is the deep state cheerleaders, it appears that that is their number-one job now kind of switching gears here, as we only have a few minutes left on in this segment - and I know my dad's gon na be joining us in just A moment and he's gon na want to be commenting on some of the stuff we're gon na get into, but let's lay some of this out.

Gop lawmakers demand that alarming memo on FISA abuses be made public.
What this is about today, lawmakers were finally allowed to see a memo, a four-page memo that reveals that the United States, government surveillance abuses is being described by lawmakers as shocking troubling and alarming, with one congressman linking the details to KGB activity in Russia.
Speaking with Fox News, the lawmaker said they could not yet discuss the contents of the memo they reviewed on Thursday, but after it was released to members by the House Intelligence Committee.


They say the memo.
The memo should be immediately made public, it's so alarming.
The American people have to see this Jim Jordan said it's troubling.

It's shocking North Carolina Mark meadow said part of me wishes that I didn't read it because I don't want to believe that those signs, those kinds of things can happen in this country that I call home and love so much Florida representative, Matt Gaetz, said he believed People could lose their jobs after the memo is released.
I believe the consequences of its release will be major changes in people currently working at the FBI and the Department of Justice.
He said referencing DOJ officials, rod, Rosenstein and Bruce, or do you think about it? Is this happening in America or is this the KGB? That's how alarming it is that, according to Pennsylvania, representative Scott Perry, the House Intelligence Committee on Thursday approved a motion by New York Representative Peter King to release the memo on abuses of FISA or the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to all House members.

A source close to the matter said the memo details, the intelligence, community committees, oversight, work for the FBI and Justice Department, including the controversy over unmasking and FISA surveillance.
The vote Thursday morning on releasing the memo to lawmakers was along party lines with Democrats.
Obviously, voting against making it available for for all members.

They wanted to hide this from the House Intelligence Committee.


They did not even want them to see it, so you have house intelligence can be determined.
Evan unius telling Fox News in December that his investigators have already uncovered evidence of abuses in the US government surveillance practices now think about this.

What will the what will happen? What will the American people think when this information is made public, that the Obama administration, the FBI, the DOJ, the DNC and Hillary Clinton and her cronies used the FBI, the DOJ, the FISA surveillance system and warrant system to illegally spy on Trump America and other American Citizens associated with them, as well as to create a false narrative to cast doubt on the legitimacy of his presidency with this false Russia narrative.
What if it comes out that the Russia narrative and improve ibly.
So what if it comes out that it was all created for the sole purpose is to D legitimate Trump's election win.

What if there was no evidence there? What, if the dossier and the contents of the dossier were solely made up to obtain those FISA warrants? And that's provable: what will the American people do? If that's the case? Should people go to jail and who, according to some of the lawmakers who have commented on this, there will be criminal charges brought? This is a criminal conspiracy.
The question is now: how long until the American people see it? Sarah Carter said it could be a few weeks on Sean Hannity today, while other members of the committee said they want it out tonight, so will it be released that is or when will it be released? That is really the question and when it is released, is it as damning as so many of these people say? I know some people have a tendency to exaggerate, but this is not a situation like we've really seen before, and I said this on the daily show.
I don't know how many people are watching the x-files, but the new season, new season 11, which back in what 2000 2001 they stopped, making new new episodes.

Then they made a few new ones last year and they have a new season this year.

Well I'll watch the episode 3 when I got home last night and in that episode they took a swipe at Trump and said.
Never before have you had a president actively working to destroy the FBI, and I immediately said out loud, I said never before had you had an FBI actively working to you know, destroy the election and the president who won that election.

It is unprecedented territory and it's a public battle at this point and unfortunately, not many people are engaged in the media.
Most of the media, 99 % of the media is ignoring this story.
Won't talk about it.

I'd be surprised when the information comes out.
If they talk about it, I don't know how they can and what is the media's role in that process of trying to undermine the president with the FBI with the DOJ? Do they play a criminal role in this and, if so, could that be proven now, that'd be a lot harder to do than the FBI agents and the DOJ officials who were involved, but is that a possibility we'll talk more about this? On the other side, we got a great show for you today.
We're gon na come back with news in the next half hour and then we're gon na talk to Paul L Williams about his new book killing Uncle Sam.

But when we come back, we're going to talk about the House Intelligence Committee and more on immigration and this battle that is brewing in Washington DC and across the country we'll be right back after this , reporting on what The mainstream media won't you're, listening to the Hackman and Eggman report on the global star radio network, , , exposing the New World Order, you're.
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Please stand by Doug and Joe will be back momentarily: , [, Music ] and thanks chauffeuring it for the first half hour.
I got ta tell you what's happening right now I told you so I told you so I told you so everyone should pay attention to the the what's taking out what's taking place within the House Intelligence Committee.



Everyone should pay attention in their remarks by the House.

Intelligence Committee members - everyone should be paying attention to the testimony of Glenn Simpson, because what we've got and again I told you something if you go back to my go.
If you're go to my video I did today from my office, it lays a little aise out.
Some the disparate points in the past from just think back to 2005, when, when the remember the disarmament of the nuclear disarmament, you just watch the video.

Remember the disarmament and Obama with the lugar committee, going over to Russia and being stopped in perm not being able to leave, but the fact is, Obama was part of the nuclear disarmament Council of Foreign Relations Committee or Council on Foreign Relations.
The the committee of for nuclear disarmament Obama was part of that, and what did they do? They were dismantling warheads and overseeing that, and what's that about repurposing the uranium of uranium uranium uranium right and of course he got stopped at the perm Airport in Siberia, by a diplomatic snafu.
But, interestingly enough at diplomatic, snafu had to do with, of course Obama's passport and what we see in March of 2008, we saw Brennan who was head of the analysis corporation.

One of his employees had reportedly broken into the passport file and messed with Obama's passport records along with supposedly McCain's and Clinton's, but but you remember all that, do you think that all of these things happen in a vacuum? I don't think so so now here we are today and by the way I staying back in the 2008 era, who was Obama, remember the controversy over his long-form birth certificate.

Yeah people laugh at that yeah go ahead and laugh at that keep laughing.
He progresses because you're that you progressives you uuugh globalists out there all right, you're, the ones who are destroying this country, an integer.

It is the weaponization of the FBI, it's the weaponization of of the Department of Justice through the communist lynch and through that political, political, hack, Comey.
That is destroying this nation.
You know when they're conservatives went after Obama just simply questioning his identity.

Everyone went, apoplectic, hey, the press went mad, they were, they were crazy, but when Obama or when, when Donald Trump gets an office and there's a there's, not even a scintilla of evidence of any collusion about Russian or not not any evidence about Russian collusion on the Donalds front side: it's all on the Obama side, it's all in the Clinton side.
Remember the reset! Remember that red reset button that Hillary Clinton took over to Lavrov.
The foreign minister remember that yeah by the way that was lost in translation.

Remember that kerfuffled they're, not that being lost in translation, look! Here's where we're at right! Now we are watching the government.
We are watching the house and US intelligence committee and Senate Judiciary Committee expose attempted coup in this country in the coup who's behind it.
It's Obama who's behind the coup, Valerie Jarrett, the Intelligence Committee.


That's who's behind the coup and Simpson is a tool of the the globalist the tool of the communist attempting to keep Donald Trump out of office.
They had to keep Donald Trump out of office.
They have to get rid of them; they have to marginalize them.

Why? Why are they working so hard to marginalize Donald Trump? Do you think that there's collusion, there's no collusion? What's in that memo, or what's in the testimony, I should say what's in that testimony, let the American people see the testimony bring forth the testimony, show it show it to everyone.
You know at some point: you've got to get a little bit riled up and - and you got to dig your heels in and say enough - is enough, because we're getting word here that the House Intelligence Committee written review, that testimony said look this.
This is beyond this.

Beyond anything, they've ever seen, the the material for the FISA warrant was baseless.
It was the polluters making the political you know, making the the Justice Department and the FBI political tools of the Obama administration regime and the FBI knew it.

The Department of Justice knew it, Comey knew it.

Muller knew it, and once this is released I'll tell you this.
There will be calls for Mueller's Oster.
I don't so don't give me any crap about Mueller working for the good guys.

That's a bunch of crap.
Some people on Hannity show that they said that the FISA information and four-page memos when they come out that it will completely deal with Jenna Mize Mueller's, investigate, of course, I'll have to stop.
This was never in.

This was a political hit job to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.
It didn't work and the very people who were behind it, Comey that snake and Mueller that that snake, you know people say well Mueller's such the stellar guy he's got a military career.
Well, [ __ ].

What have you done for me lately? What have you done for me lately? Nothing except treason, treasonous activities, yeah and you got Rod Rosenstein what a tool that guy is and McCabe and Batman Peter struck, who does his best work, apparently between the sheets with Lisa, page and you've got Andrew Weissman.
The hatchet man ask Arthur Anderson.
How Weissman did with respect to destroying what 85,000 jobs in prison in for people only to be overturned by nine to nothing with the Supreme Court? The Supreme Court level, because of his failure to turn over exculpatory evidence? And that is prosecutorial misconduct.

At the very least.
He should be in jail instead of the the people that from the company he destroyed and then you've got Bruce or what the hell and you got Nellie or working for fusion, GPS, Bruce or being the Deputy Attorney General.
A deputy associated Attorney General explain this to me: Nellie or who's a Russian language specialist goes over and, and she most likely is one of the authors of that steel dossier, and you got this crazy.

Baloney crap about Papadopoulos getting drunk in a bar, just happening happening happened to me, need to meet downer Alexander Downer.
We know it come true.

Well they, okay, it's it's not that's right, they're trying to cover and, of course, who else you have you got again.

You know the you got Peter struck, Batman and Lisa Paige Catwoman.
All right.
You got the bill pre step, who was head of the counterintelligence agency in the FBI that Comey could not even name during his questioning, and he and you got who else again the cover room.

No, you got errands le by the way whose was Mueller's right-hand man.
His he was chief of the staff of the FBI who, along with Justin Cooper or yeah Justin Cooper by the way, sup Hillary Clinton's, their legal server think remember that he had no by the way he had no security clearance.
But all these people are the members of the other tools tools, if they're, not if they're, not waiting members of the deep state, they're dupes they're idiots they're morons at the highest level, but I would you know, but this whole thing: here's what we're seeing we are Seeing right now the exposure, the links that that the that the FBI under Comey, the links that the Department of Justice under Lynch and the links that the progress is using Mueller in the ten ten of the at least ten of his investigators, who are all sycophants.

For Obama and donors to Hillary will go to take down the United States.
It's incredible.
What happens? We go off the air.

Why your cat? Okay, all right! That's fine! So I guess what I'm saying to you is is this is why this is why, right now that we are seeing everything hit the fan and you just stay tuned because more is coming more is coming.
I guarantee you you're, not gon na want to miss.
What comes next, because Hillary Clinton and don't give me this crap? Well, you know you're talking talk and talk and talk, but nothing ever.

No one ever goes to jail.

Okay, you know I'm sick of that crap get out of here.
They don't understand.

Well, I don't care, you can't stop.
The reason no one goes without was a damn about this, but but so you look at that exposed too early.
They don't go to jail.

Well, okay, but you know what I might be different.
Maybe this time will differ will be different.
He can't stop.

You cannot stop this.
I mean structurally the FBI, like still in the FBI.
He hasn't even been fired yet so well yeah.

They say that he will be fired when this is dropped to the public.
I'm gon na tell ya a lot of people are gon na be fired and a lot of people may see the Commonwealth or the state jewelry on their wrists.
I don't care see it doesn't matter to me.

As long as the truth is made known, these people will be, though they will be shown for who they are and that this is important.
So you can't stop as a listener as a viewer as part of them.
The patriotic movement of this country, the people who want to make America great again and by the way American exceptionalism - that's not a sin.

The desire to make America agreed again.
That's not a sin.
Don't tell me, as a Christian conservative, that you're gon na give up on the United States of America, because well it's idolatry or well, I'm not of this world.

The hell you're not of this world you're living in this world so get your head in this world, keeps our head in the game and keep it in the game.
My goodness, some of these people are just.
I don't even know how some of these people walk.

Upright and chew gum - I really don't, but this this is a game changer.
This is gon na.
This is gon na change.

Everything and is gon na show the complicity of Hillary Clinton that wicked witch is along with her husband, both engaged in the politics of well.
The the self-enrichment and this uh, what do you call that with it there's a name for that pay-for-play? Well, know it.
That's pay-for-play, that's a given, but no it's disaster, politics and self enrichment through disaster politics.

You know, think back to 2005.
This goes back to 3m.
One goes back to 2005.

This is gon na connect, the dots on uranium on on that on the server of Hillary Clinton and the emails of deleted emails, you think 33,000 emails were deleted.

What do you think they contain? What do you think those emails contained? A lot of it, I believe, will shed light on this.
The FBI have those emails.

You know that the FBI has the emails, the 33,000 deleted emails.
You know the FBI has them.
You shake your head.

Yes, you they do now.
Let me tell you something: okay, uranium one began in 2005 with Bill Clinton going over to Kazakhstan and starting this mining company.
Under the pretext of you, know the aides, giving vaccinations or vaccines for aids people over in Afghanistan.

You know what the a Namie people in Kazakhstan had AIDS point: zero one percent, that's right or 0.
1 percent, which was like 5050 people are 1,500.
Not I don't want to overstate the case.

1,500 people in Kazakhstan had AIDS.

Don't give me the crap that he went over there on some filleth or you know some mercy mission to give vaccinations of AIDS vaccinations what a bunch of crap he went over there to rape, the resources of Kazakhstan $ 500,000.
Ultimately, he got a speech from Renaissance capital on behalf of Russia, speaking in Moscow from Russia, and the idea was the idea behind this with uranium 1 and Muller, who was deeply involved in uranium one day a day behind this was what was to appease the Russians.

So they wouldn't do anything to screw up with the Iranian and the Iranian deal.
It's as simple as that, the Iranian that was out there Obama was shifting the balance of power.
Was it was involved in shifting the balance of power from Saudi Arabia to Iran, and I one of the reasons of course is Israel was going up to Saudi Arabia.

Israel was that there was an alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel and Obama wanted to break that alliance and shift the balance of power from Saudi Arabia to Iran.
And, of course that's why we saw the Iranian deal.
He and he was Pro Shia, not Pro Sunni.

Just as an FYI, oh yeah and Valerie Jarrett, hello, the other half of Obama's brain from IRA and all the millions of dollars, but pallet loads, the cash going to Iran.
What was that about, but see Russia? They need Bhama needed Russia behind behind them.

In order to solidify the Iranian deal, because Iran as a proxy state of who of Russia and what about the Hezbollah on partner project Cassandra, I mentioned that in the in my video today.

What about that? Hezbollah and the project Cassandra running drugs and such they couldn't? Possibly put the brakes on that.
Why? Because that would piss off and excuse me for the language that would anger the Iranians, you couldn't you couldn't stop that you couldn't arrest the members of Hezbollah? Why? Because Hezbollah is a proxy of who of Iran in Iran.
Is a proxy of who of Russia if there's any collusion between Russia and the government of the United States is between Russia and Obama, Russia and Clinton, of course, but that's how they that they're guilty of it? So they do what they do best, which is what we've talked about many times in the past projection and they're, trying to muddy the waters to blame Trump for this.

So when it turns out and comes back and shows that it was them, the public won't believe it because they'll say no.
No, this is what Trump is guilty of, not what they're glad you brought that up and that's that's, whose tactic is that solon? Okay, you know I had this.
I got an email from someone who read some conservative Christian holier-than-thou blog have sent me an email saying.

Well, this person went to some college.
Do you know, 40 years ago, Alinsky all the book by Saul? Alinsky, it's meaningless.
It's it's! It's a bunch of code as a bunch of crap.

It has nothing to do with.
What's going on today, I read this email, I'm thinking who wrote this and then I thought that I really don't care but but think about that mentality.
Some conservative, some Christian, some political conservative, some Christian, says this really yeah.

Why? Because of the book was, is fifty fifty plus years old or whatever it doesn't apply? The tactics aren't in use today it's irrelevant.
What is wrong with you half the people I meet today.
That's the look come here, pull up, I'm gon na tell you right now: half the people I meet today.

I end up saying: what is it wrong with you? I mean seriously, you know, I don't you out there.
What's your problem, what is wrong with you put me in it.
You know, you know what I miss.

I want to put me back in the room with her your room.
We got 10 minutes left.
I want to make sure we talked about this because you were not here the first half-hour, so this week, DHS secretary said that they will arrest leaders of sanctuary cities and states who don't comply with the federal immigration enforcement.

This is good know.
This is gon na work out.

Well, California Attorney General today says we will prosecute employers who cooperate with federal immigration officials, this on the heel of ice raids in Northern California, where they're talking about rounding up 1,500 illegal immigrants.
On January 1st, they passed the sanctuary state bill, that's be 54, which will prosecute any employer who cooperates with federal immigration officials, and there is a lot to that.
They said if they provide any voluntary consent to an immigration enforcement agent to enter non-public areas of place.

Of labor, unless the agent provides a judicial warrant, and that is specified, they will be prosecuted and they even go on to say.

Ignorance is no defense of anyone who do anyway.
Ice shoot them ice.

You have to comply with ice or you can be guilty of obstruction of justice shoot them, so the employer is in a catch-22: either be prosecute where the feds are prosecuted by the state options house.
Look at the hell out of California.
How is this gon na end? I guess is my question.

Okay, get the hell out of Californians stay out and you know what no I'll tell you something.
Look, I'm advocating violence, but this is where we're headed.
If you can't see the writing on the wall by the way, what is it cause without? Can they legally pass laws? How can how can i okay, I believe in states rights more than federal rights, but how can States pass laws that and then prosecute people for upholding the federal laws? I don't understand that.

Well, it's easy with those whole seed court, okay, see when the states were asserting their rights under Obama.
That was a bad thing now that they're exerting their rights under under Trump.

That's a good thing.

It's all depends on which way the wind is blowing right.

That's the thing it's all depends on who's in office.
If the progressive communist socialist people, the the Satanists, the progress of the pedophiles, the the the the Warped individuals, if they're not in office, if they're, not in power in a certain a certain level.

Well then, it's a yeah, no, no! No, but this.
This is gon na end up in war, and I'm gon na tell you something when that when this stuff comes out from fusion GPS and think about who in the hell is fusion GPS, three is founded by three journalists: three journalists, Glenn Simpson, was a co-founder and His wife married Jacob II, you bragged openly on Facebook.
I got to go back to this bragged openly on Facebook that if it were for her husband by the way that story it's taken down now never weren't for her husband, Russia gate.

Would it never happened? Of course, I'll tell you something: this is gon na.
There will be a shooting war before long, and I don't know it's over over that over over this yeah you're right.
You are absolutely right.

Who do you, I'm an employer? Hey I got iced over here.
I got the states over here both are threatening to prosecute you, mommy daddy.
I want to live with mommy.

I want to live with Daddy.
What is wrong with you and then taking the stuff? What is wrong with these? Who are they? Okay? I would give me the name of where the hell is this.
Take it a step further.

Now you have the the laws behind this threatening to shut down the government.

If there is no Savior basura yeah it what up punk now the the left ones that shut down the government, if there's not a daca bill for the new estimated number three point, six million illegals who are here under daca, they say that they will filibuster the Plan the GOP is putting through to keep the government running even short term, and they want this comprehensive amnesty passed.
Lindsey Graham said: if if the Senate doesn't pass his amnesty bill, that he's not gon na vote to keep the government funded shut down, the friggin government shut shutting wall down.

Let them go, we don't need half those idiots up there eating all the politicians get paid.
So you're not hurting, then you're hurting military families and other non-essential federal employees who won't be paid until the government is reopened.
But is this a winning strategy for the left to shut the government down to protect illegal aliens on the heels of a 2018 midterm election? I can't take the view right what okay? That's the target, that's a target of the eye.

Emmitt, you know the that's Jorge was the target.
They then they bring this real.
It's real look.

I understand for the love of God, you're here illegally, okay fix it.
Are you totally stupid, I mean are: are you stupid? What's right again, I go back to this.
What is wrong with you? I have to go back.

What is wrong with you, it's not to make fun of people who are affected by this, but for crying out loud.
I falled Obama for this.
He had eight years to eight years and then in the Congress.

Basically all right, that's what the argument is.
How can something that wasn't fixed under Clinton or either Bush or even Obama, be expected to be finalized and finished in one week in this? You know on the heels of a government shutdown trying to force it through and somehow this is Trump's Burton Obama.
You know your your Lord and Savior as you guys call them, couldn't get it done in eight years, except in through an illegal executive order, and now it's somehow you know Trump's is a big bad guy cuz.

He hasn't gotten it done.
He ran against it.
He ran against illegal immigration and amnesty don't expect him to do it.

You know here's what I want to do.
I wan na go back when they interview somebody.

Somebody does it put me in a room with, like a suspect, I'm ready, Jim Acosta.

Okay, all right! You know what Glenn Simpson put me: Geyer a cost is higher peter strap.
Okay, sister, oh yeah, okay, hey we'll match wits struck.
You know Batman.

Okay, he thinks wait.
Reycraft he's got hey.
He kept Hillary out of jail.

There's an investigation in the Trump.
He can't be that stupid.

Well, he's inspector Lee Inspector Gadget.

Okay, you know texting, hey Lisa, I'm gon na do yeah III can only protect the country so much inspector gadget, Batman Lisa between the sheets page, send sent processor verse illegal process, P o box 95.
Gary Pennsylvania, okay, just so you know, or my attorney it's my attorneys on record contact me through the name of my attorney and you could send brought legal processes there for what I've just said.

Not earlier last 30 minutes, I'm ready are we done.
We still have two minutes, won't play cards.
Sure all right look look, I know so you said about the GPS testimony released, but this is a it's.

This wasn't released.
Okay, this you got the Senate Judiciary Committee.
People get confused.

Think because I love this because people like today, people still confuse the house on American Activities Committee with the Senate, Joe McCarthy, from the feds.
No I'm just.
I made this public to the public.

Now, if I start ever, fine Stein put out the made public, the house of the transcript before the Senate Intelligence Committee or Senate Judiciary Committee.
They testified Simpson testified before the House Intelligence Committee and, of course, newness and others.
The questions were a different line and what the answers were rocked and will rock once it's made public will rock the very foundation of this country.

Now members were allowed to read it in the skiff, a secured communication facility inside the Capitol, but it hasn't been released.
Yet now they're calling for the full release of the of the document.
Hey newness Devon, just release it like Feinstein did what the hell is.

A difference on the house side go ahead, go ahead.
Apparently, you've got unilateral authority just as Dianne Feinstein, and you know what say this.
My blood sugar was too low that day and I don't know actually or thinking you can think of something release the freaking testimony and cite Diane Feinstein as your role model.

Are you guys fired up yet, if not, you should be, because this is this: is war right wing watch you can you can really seriously right wing much.
Is there anything that you guys? Don't, for example, don't think is wrong with this.
You guys have the you guys, don't have a problem right wing watching have a problem with any of this.

The this this coup behavior, they don't.
You know, speaking of the right wing watch.
John Stossel did a piece on the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Being a hate group yesterday, he released a video check that one on YouTube: that's really good interesting.
It documents, the Southern Poverty Law, Center's real intentions and how they turn into a political, political, mouthpiece, nothing more and how they are the real hate group.
But that brought me that reminded me from the right wing watch.

They look.
This country has suffered decades upon decades of all decades of communist infiltration from Judah Thomas Joe McCarthy was right.
Communist infiltration now Obama, the ultimate the consummate Marxist and, of course, Hillary Clinton.

The consummate communist, the Maoist and the Stalinist - this is what America has come to.
This is what we we would have got this times.
A thousand had Hillary got in, and you get kneel down to, thank God that Donald Trump will gut in and stop this madness at least temporarily temporarily, and the attempts to take him down well they're still going on.

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Listening to the Hagman report.
It is what day is this: they all run together.
It's it Thursday right it's January, 18th.

No, I know, I know I'm kidding, I'm kidding, people will say you really don't know what day it is.

Sometimes I don't.
Actually they all run together and I I don't know, there's been a coup.

You may get a picture of this good.
A picture this over here Eric yeah over here be a picture.
Yeah, a picture just go ahead: yeah yeah yeah see what look there's been a coup: okay, it's empty it's empty and for those listening on global sorrow and BTR and there's an empty chair.

Okay thanks! I just want to show that must be a must.
Be a lunchtime I don't know no, but look if you're they for not angry you're, not paying attention.

Why that's why I saved my videos, and - and this is true and that this what I have said by the way, Don buns - you know - hopefully oh come on our show here at some point in the future - he's got a wonderful podcast.
He explains this much similar to the way I explained this, or I explained this much similar the way he does he's a former federal agent former Secret Service.
I believe secret Secret Service.

He wrote protecting the president.
He wrote that book.
I had the got an advance copy of that, but he did say one thing, and I think I mentioned this on my morning - show this morning.

If not, I apologize but remember the names yeah and that's you know I I've taken numerous law enforcement courses and and related courses of homicide, investigation and investigations, and you always have to remember the names that that's one of the most important commit them to memory.
So you know, when you hear a name, you can immediately place them in the in a and that the context in which everything was going on.
Okay, so also the timeline is important, as, as he said to - and it's very very, very critical to understand that.

So what we're looking at here is this is this is Otis.
I may open up beer.
Okay root beer: some of the facts - I don't know if you can hear that or not, but the sound effects, but okay, so the timeline is a timeline of events is important and I think what we're gon na see from this and I'm kind of going back To the the biggest story of our time, the biggest story of our time number one is the coup, that's taking place in America and the second biggest story is the the anti or the pro law enforcement within the federal government fighting against the anti law enforcement.

At the enforcement of laws by the state governments, there are certain things I believe, I believe in states rights, but I also believe that if there is a federal law, for example, that has to do with national security - and I believe immigration is a security issue.
Just ask what it would look.
Look at everything.

Look look at what we've seen with respect to the terrorist attacks, various cherished attacks - and this goes into our guests.
This, our Paul L Williams, wrote - is written a book killing Uncle Sam, the killing of Uncle Sam.
The demise of the United States of America, it's gon na, be released on May 22nd.

You've got to get this book.

Here's the problem with books, you you write, you have a title and some sometimes people, sometimes the publishers say I'm not gon na.
Take it and you shop for publishers, and no I'm not gon na - take that I'm not gon na publish this book and they read it.
They go through it.

It's not because you know your sentence structure is bad.
It's because they don't like the topic.
The only agree with you, so the quickest way the silence is, is certainly not not allow you to write the book.

Oh, you can go various other rousing or self-publishing and what-have-you, but bottom line is the way to do.
It would be to go throughout through a publisher and have it done that way.
It's usually the case.

Imagine not not being able to have a publisher because they don't like they don't agree with those of the content of the the subject.
Content, you know all you're doing is exposing pride and greed and power men, women, people who are selling out their Nations and unsuspected citizens to the most corrupt and destructive invisible global leaders on on earth.

How did this happen in America? One might ask, and Paul Williams does: how did the downfall begin and who were the Predators at the land of the free and the home of the brave fell victim to and the mega question was all hope lost.

Well, what Paul Williams wrote was a book and it's coming out again May 22nd of 2018 that details the last 200 years of American history.
It's the stuff that mainstream media does not want you to know just like they don't want you to know.
What's in that that the materials for the FISA warrant against the spying against Donald Trump, but they don't want you to know the testimony of Glenn Simpson, they don't want you to know what goes on behind closed doors because it might might might hack you off a Little bit might identify the the perpetrators of the coup and we can't have that so to make a long story short and we have we're gon na be having momentarily paul williams and rodney howard-browne, paul williams, rodney howard-browne came to the ada poli.

This is okay.
You know what I'll do read the book, I'll publish it for you problem is, I don't have a publishing company, so I have to start a publishing company yeah.
That's pretty neat and that's what happened so with us.

We have tonight Paul Bell Williams, a good friend of mine.
I die wise first time I met him in person was up and on to a Toronto Ontario.
I can't Canada.

I think it's now what 13 14 years 12 13 and 14 years ago and a great great mind and rodney howard-browne, who of late has been you know in recent years, has been kicking the butt out of these globalists in terms of exposing their misdeeds.
Are they with us, yeah, hey, Ryan, I'm stretching this out again what fries with them? Sorry by one thing Uncle Sam was written by me.
He's a co-authors, not just the publisher is a co-author of the book.

I've got that right here in the books.
It's my sentence: we did reforged and it's truly totally a team effort and .
This is because this is the type of person that dr.

Rodney Howard brown is where we should be when we were shopping out for different publishers, and I was talking to my old publisher.
They started.
They offered us a contract, but with certain stipulations and dr.

Rodney, Howard brown, who's going to be on the second, wouldn't wouldn't budge an inch.

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