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So how do you make money on YouTube without making videos I'm talking one to five hundred dollars per day without having to make any of your own content? And if you guys don't know, I run nine different YouTube channels, eight of which I don't make any content for including the channel that got me.

This play button with over a million subscribers and I make around thirty thousand dollars a month from YouTube.
So how can you do what I do without having to create any videos well in this video today, I'm gon na go over six different steps that you can use to earn income on YouTube without having to make any videos, and if you guys don't know me, My name is Matt Parr and I teach people how to make money online so be sure to hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications.
Now, here's a question for you guys have you ever seen a YouTube video in which the person in it didn't even show their face more likely than not.

The answer to that question is probably yes, but I bet you didn't know that these types of videos can actually make a ton of money.
Most of these channels aren't even original in the sense that they're just using other people's videos but they're transforming it.
So, basically, what these channels do is they go out there and they download videos from YouTube, re-upload them on their own channel and then make money from those videos by putting ads on them.

Now is this legal and the answer is yes: if it falls under something called fair use, now you might be saying Matt.
I need an example of this.
I don't believe you.

I have an example channel that I'm gon na be sharing with you.
That makes countdown videos and has over eight hundred and fifteen million views on it.
Now that's 1.

6 million dollars just from ads alone at a two dollar CPM, which by the way is very conservative.
Now you might be saying Matt, that's great, but how much is this channel make per month well, according to social blade they make between one thousand and thirty thousand dollars per month by literally just grabbing videos, putting them together, narrating on top of them and not actually Having to create any of the content themselves - and that is what's so incredible about this method of going out there and making money on YouTube without having to make any videos - I'm gon na be going over six different steps on exactly how to do this.
But first here's a basic overview of how this works.

The basic ID is that you go to youtube.
You download videos, you re upload them on your channel and then you monetize those videos and make money from them and that way your making money from YouTube.
But you never have to make any videos so step.

One is to create your channel.
Chances are that you already have a youtube account if you're watching this so making a channel is super simple and you can make as many channels as you want.

You don't need a hundred different Gmail's on a hundred different passwords.

You literally only need one gmail account and you can make as many channels as you want under that gmail.
The way to do this is to go to settings and then add channel, and you can add as many channels as you want and at this point you're probably saying Matt.
How do I know which videos I should be making well? That brings me into step two, which is choosing a niche, the top niches.

I recommend our top ten channels, tech channels, the psychology niche meditation channels, scary videos and luxury and financial channels.
Now these are all niches that perform very well that you can find examples of huge channels in so once you choose a niche, and you make your channel make sure to put a logo in channel art on your channel, to make sure it looks professional and to Make sure it looks like a real brand.
This makes sure that your channel looks as official as possible step.

Three is getting monetized so right about now, you're, probably asking Matt.
How do I actually go out and start making money doing this? Well, you can get monetized directly on YouTube and put ads on your videos by joining something called the YouTube Partner Program and YouTube will put ads on your videos and you'll get a certain percentage of that ad revenue and the two things you need to get monetized Are one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time on your channel and you might be saying this is going to take so long to get, but with the method that I'm showing you, you can actually meet these requirements a lot faster than you probably think For example, I aim to get monetized on every new channel that I start with in one to two months of starting that channel.
So this can actually happen very quickly.

Step four is getting content, you're, probably asking: where can I actually get content to use? In my videos, I'm gon na go over two different places that you can get content to use in your videos.

Number one is directly on YouTube itself, so to do this simply go to youtube and search in your niche.
So, for example, if you wanted to make top ten videos search in top ten and then sort by the most viewed videos in the past month - and this will show you new videos that are actually getting views.

And then you can go and use their videos but make sure that you make it transformative and you make it fair use.
The number two place you can get content to use in your videos is free stock footage website.
So there's huge YouTube channels out there, like brainy dose, which literally just makes psychology videos with the voiceover on top of free stock footage.

So now, you're, probably saying where can I get free stock footage? The number one website that I recommend is a website called pixabay.
com, where he can get completely free videos and pictures to use within your YouTube videos.
And if you actually want to make more money on YouTube.

And you don't want to wait to get a thousand subscribers or four thousand hours of watch time, and you don't want to wait to get monetized.
You can actually make a lot more money on YouTube by putting affiliate links in the description of your YouTube videos, depending on the niche in the videos that you're producing you can put affiliate links to products that are related to the video.

So where can you find these affiliate products? Well, I recommend Clickbank comm digi store 24 comm and the Amazon affiliate program and don't worry, I'm gon na show you exactly how you can edit both your videos and your thumbnails, so keep watching to discover how to do that for completely free.

Without costing you one cent step, 5 is optimizing your videos, so in order to give use - and in turn start making money doing this, you need to make sure that your videos are optimized and you're, probably asking how do i optimize my videos and the way you Do this is having an optimized title description, tags, thumbnail and subtitles on your videos and the way to do this without having to do a ton of work is by using a completely free extension, called vid IQ and I'll leave a link down below where you can Get it for a title, you want to make sure that, if something that people would actually search for so when you're coming up with titles, it's a good idea to ask yourself what I actually searched for this title on YouTube for the description you want to make Sure to use a lot of sentences with the tags and keywords that will be searched for on YouTube, and this will make sure that your video appears in search results and in the suggestive video feeds of related videos.
It's really simple, but if you don't want to do all this work, just get the extension vid IQ at the link down below in the description step.
6 is putting ads on your videos, so once you've done everything correctly, you should be monetized and the best way to make the most amount of money from YouTube.

It's producing videos that are over ten minutes long.
This way, you can actually add mid-roll ads on your videos and put multiple ads throughout your videos, and the best way to do this is to put an ad at the beginning of the video, the end of the video and then every two minutes throughout the video.
This way, you'll make the most amount of money from your video.

For example, if you have a 10 minute video, you put an ad at 2 minutes, 4 minutes 6 minutes 8 minutes and then one at both the beginning and end of the video that way.
You'll have 6 different ads, instead of just one, so you'll make up to 6 times the amount of money.
If you made it to the end of the video congratulations, I actually wanted to give you my top six secrets when it comes to doing this correctly and before we get into them, make sure to hit the like button.

If you haven't already secret number, one is editing your videos and you want to edit your videos and make sure that they're fair use.
So you don't get banned or copyright straight and if you don't want to narrate on top of your own videos, just go to 5 or pay someone $ 5 to do it.
For you very simple, and if you're doing it yourself, I recommend just using your smartphone.

Just using the audio recorder on your smartphone and then just go and hey, what's up everybody welcome back to another video today, we're gon na be talking about the top 10 best tech gadgets.
You know it's very simple now when it comes to actually editing your videos, editing software tends to cost a lot of money.
So if you want some free software here it is, you can use an editor called open shot which is completely free for both Mac and PC and I'll leave a link down below where you can get that open shot works great for this and, if you don't Know how to use it, don't worry, there's a ton of completely free YouTube videos and tutorials that'll teach you exactly how to use open shot.

That way.
You can edit your videos for completely free without any costing you a ton of money and you're, probably asking how often should I post videos - and that brings me in the secret number two, which is how often you should post now.
I recommend uploading at least one video a day per channel.

The more you post, the better, but usually the most doable schedule is about one video a day and remember that these videos should only take around an hour or so to make.

So this should be completely doable and remember that there are channels out there making over a hundred thousand dollars a month.
So it's definitely worth it to put in the work and make one video a day.

Secret number three is making thumbnails and you want to make sure that you have amazing thumbnails in order to make the most amount of money with this, and you might be saying, how can I make thumbnails? I don't have Photoshop and you don't actually need Photoshop to do this.
You can use a completely free software called paint on that.
If you're on Windows or you can use an online base, software called canva, which is available for both Mac and PC, and something you'll, probably notice on thumbnails is some of the top view.

Videos have either a red arrow or a circle in them, so make sure to include something like that in your thumbnails in order to get the most amount of views and make the most amount of money from this secret number four is looking at your analytics, so In order to make the most amount of money from this, you want to make sure that you're going in and looking at the analytics of all of your videos that you upload after uploading them and the number one thing that you want to look at brings me Into secret number, five, which is increasing both your audience retention and watch time.
So, for a ten minute video, you should aim to get around a 60 % average view duration, which means that, on average, for every single person that watches your video, they watch an average of 60 % of that video and the number one thing to help increase Audience retention is having a lot of fast cuts throughout your video, and the next thing that you want to look at that's super important is secret number six, which is click-through rate now click-through rate is the percentage of people that click to watch.
Your video, after seeing your video in either search results or browse features or in the suggested, video feed, and you want to aim to get at least a 6 percent click-through it if you can get a 60 percent average view duration on a 10 minute.

Video and a 6 percent click-through rate you're incredibly likely to go viral.
This is how you go viral on YouTube, so I want to know what you guys think.
Are you going to do this comment down below if you're gon na do this, but be careful, don't give out your channels because people will copy your channels check out this video to see an exact example channel on exactly how you can start doing this? I show an exact niche in how exactly to make videos and edit videos all that kind of stuff, so check it out right here, thanks so much for watching everybody see you next time.

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