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What is up everybody Happy Friday, Happy Friday to you, I wasn't gon na produce a video today, but that would just be me coasting today today, you're gon na want to stick around for this.

We're gon na talk about how to find and do work that you love.
We could all do work, we all can make money, but we want to do something.
That's purposeful, that we follow our heart and our pursuit, and we want to be able to make money doing that.

So this is another whiteboard session on a Friday.
Stick around we're to get right into it right now, okay, so the prompt for this was really you've.
Just graduated school, and now you have to make these big decisions on what you're gon na do with your life.

Are you gon na do something that you love something that you're good at something that pays really well or something that the world needs, and this is kind of a tough thing.
So here you are you've.
Just graduated graduated.

Congratulations by the way you made it through a four year program and which route are you nago, which way you're gon na go, and I think the way that the world has told you is.
You must think of these things as isolated things that if you do something that you love you're, an artist you're, a poet you're, a writer you're musician - something like that.
But that means you're going to starve.

And it's going to be very selfish, because the world really doesn't need you to do this thing.
Jona! Is there something that you love to do that you're like film and photography? Let's write that down so Jona likes film and photography.
What about you Jayden web design? Well, but you can't add to make money, would you do web design if you made no money? Okay, so let's put that out there and I'll put one of my own in here too? Okay, when I grew up I loved to draw so I thought what I really want to do is to draw comics.

That's really what I wanted to do.
I love this.
The only problem with me drawing comics is I'm not that good of a drafts-person I didn't, have any life drawing classes or figure drawing classes.

So this is not something I was good at and I could see that there were other people around me who were our natural-born talents in terms of drawing.
Are we okay? Okay great? So you need to do something that you're good at so Jona.
What are you good at what comes easy to you? What do you do better than a lot of people? Editing? Okay, this is good.

I'm glad the answers a little bit different okay, so yours is editing and then Jayden why your frame? Okay, like what is wireframe to most people - okay, so I was just right wireframe, then why I'm frame? Okay, so some levels self-awareness, helps right now, so we wrote down editing, wireframe things that I'm good at.
I think I like business.
I think I've known that for a really long time, some people think oh you're, you've discovered that you want to be an entrepreneur, and you discover that after college, I said no, when I was growing up, I always wanted to try to figure out how I could Do something that was valuable to other people and to sell it for more than what it cost me to make.

So in the beginning I sold candy when I was in junior high, I sold ninja stars, which is illegal.
So don't do that anything I can get my hands on to make that it could hopefully inject a little creativity or give somebody something that needed needed.
Then I would be able to make money, so I was thinking like I'm pretty good at doing business stuff.

I think, and the more I learned, the better I got at doing that, okay, so then this is usually the voice of your mom or your dad or somebody who is taking care of you, your guardian.
They usually want to protect you from harm, so they advise.
You to do things that pay well, so they usually take a look back into history and say, historically speaking, what has paid well so Jona.

What did your parents tell you? You should go.
Do this, I'm pretty sure they tell you to do filming and editing.
So we can't really hear Jona, but he said they certainly did not.

They didn't say that.
So what did they say for you whoa, that's a good say for mechanical engineering and okay and they would have been really proud of you.
If you became a mechanical engineer, I'm pretty sure of it right, they would have been and not okay, and while we're on the fly here Ricky, can you help us out since you're here? Can you get us a wireless mic in case Jona and Jayden want to participate? Okay, mechanical engineer, that's fantastic, and did it did you break your parents, heart hey? What was the problem Wyatt? Why didn't you fulfill their dream for their son? Did you even try? So you worked hard at school.

Try to get good grades.
Oh you didn't work hard, let's go so when you say you tried.
What did you try to do then? Oh, so you did apply to the school to become a mechanical engineer.

What's cool? Is that University of Houston, so you got into the school I see so you showed up you're like this is not for me okay, so they helped you to pick a career that would pay well, but you didn't feel any love for it.
You were probably not good at it either, but they said it would pay well and Jayden.
What about you an engineer, an IT person? Okay, I like IT, since we won't use that so an IT person, they thought that would pay well.

It would make sure that you're not going to starve.
They don't want to see the people they love, get hurt.
That's just the bottom line.

That's why parents do what they do right.
We understand that okay.
For me, my parents wanted me to become.

This is pretty typical of immigrant families, a doctor or a lawyer and believe it or not.
When I took my high school high school aptitude test - and I filled it all out - and it told me - I should be a stockbroker, so I thought maybe maybe I need to be a stockbroker.
They seem to do.

Okay, an investment banker, a hedge fund manager, yeah.
That seems right now, did anyone of your influences or did you ever consider? What does the world need from you? What does the world need from you? You do not did you you have to talking to Mike Jayden.
Go ahead, so the world didn't need nobody thinks about this right yeah, and this is usually the missing component.

Now some young people today who's the girl who Greta, who sailed across Greta Thunberg.
She sailed across the Atlantic solo, something She sailed with a team.
Oh, she sailed with a team but she's like a very young girl and she's very mission, driven a super, confident, self-aware, human being it's such a young age.

It's amazing that somebody like that exists in the world and she's speaking out against climate change right.
Climate change is either both good or bad right, speaking out against climate change that the the impact that humans are making kind of our carbon footprint and destroying the world.
Okay, there are a lot of people that upset.

So what is the world need? Very few of us ever even think about this, and where is this all going? Let me introduce you to this concept.
If you're not aware of this ready, the concept is the Japanese concept.
It's called IKIGAI and hopefully I've been able to copy/paste correctly in Google, and I hope my Japanese friends konichiwa that this does say ikigai now you guys that were laughing at me about my Japanese pronunciation.

I did have somebody who is of Japanese origin say thank you for saying that.
Thank you, but you Ricky Ricardo was laughing at me, so hard careful, the mic, it's still hot right, so IKIGAI is just concept about it's a Japanese concept it and it means thing that you live for a reason for being a reason for being, and it's broken Down into four circles like this is kind of a four circle, Venn diagram and it talks about what do you love? What does the world need? What do you get paid money for, and what are you good at I'm going to talk about this in a second, so we talk about reason for being a reason for being, should I switch colors or there's a black okay, the reason for being a thing that You live for.
This sounds pretty good.

This almost feels like a millennial concept because it's like in our generation.
It was just about going to work and that's what you did.
You did your 9:00 to 5:00 and then you live for the weekend.

You become a weekend.
Warrior right so the weekends were your escape from work, and it seems like we're in a different era.
Now, where the thing that you love the thing that you're good at should be also the thing that you get paid for and if we can design our lives around, that idea we'll be happier healthier and wealthier than we've ever been, and this is the key okay.

So what happens? If you love something, if you really truly love something and the world needs this, remember the world: it's like this.
The world needs it and you love it, but you don't make any money you're, naturally very good at it.
This is considered a mission and a lot of people do this missionaries.

Do this people that are very religious, go out into the world and people who support disadvantaged people.
They go out because their purpose is filled, but they don't make any money doing that now.
If you're good at something - and you love it, but it doesn't you don't get paid for it.

That would be considered your passion.
So I think Ricky is really good at baseball.
He does love it, but he didn't get to that upper echelon for whatever reason, and only a small small percentage of people actually make it they're like what is it point: zero one percent, a very small percentage of people, make it into professional sports.

We get that and if you're good at it, when you're paid for it, that's called your profession.
I think you guys may be kind of figuring out where I'm going with this, if you're good at it and you get paid for it, but there's no love.
It's just what you do it's, what we call a J, O B, a job you show up, you do the work you get paid and you can't wait for work to be over when we had Seth Godin on our show.

He talked about this.
I think he talked about the difference between work and art work when you go to work you feel like when is it over and when it's art it's like.
How long can I do this? For so what we're trying to do is combine those things and people often ask me Chris: how is it that you do what you do? Do you sleep? Do you have more hours? Is there a secret time machine? Are you cloning yourself what is going on? Well, I want to be very clear: there's a whole team of people who are working with me, but even if they weren't working with me, I am filled with mission, passion and things that get paid for so I'm supercharged that way and then the last one is The world needs it and you're paid for it, but you may not be good at it.

So we're going to call this a vocation and there's a difference between the word, vocation and profession.
Okay, I don't know what the difference is, but I'm telling you there's the difference.
There's Ricky, do you know the difference between vocation and profession? I don't know, ask you okay.

Well, somebody has the Internet look up what the word vocation means and then let me know.
Okay, so ikigai is to say that we must find something here.
This will be our reason for being, and this is really important.

You must love it, you got to get paid for it, so all these things are in balance, and I just it's such a Japanese concept.
They come together now you may have seen a diagram like this before a Venn diagram where they have three bubbles.
Usually, what what you love, which you're good at what you pay for? They leave out this part what the world needs - and I just want to say something here for 23 plus years.

I ran this company.
I love design.
I love business, I'm pretty good at these things and motion graphics and making video and we got paid handsomely for making commercials less so music videos.

But we were part of the circle and I don't know why.
But that felt like there was a hole missing inside of me that I couldn't fill and I wanted to get out of this, even though I loved it and I was paid for, and I was good at it there's something else, and it wasn't until I started To teach and my wife had noticed something she had said to me: it's really great that you're able to impact the lives of a few students, 810 students, every semester - and you spend time - and you give so much of yourself and I can see their eyes light Up when you share something, but is there more, is there more, can you do more with your time? Is this a good exchange of your time? It sent me down a three to six-month rabbit, hole of searching and trying to get out, and then I figured it out it's doing what I'm doing with you right now, I'm I get to teach you the things that I know what I'm good at the things That I care about that, I love and I'm gon na make money off this, but I get to help the world the world needs us.
So for me my ikigai is exactly this.

It's the future teaching a billion people on planet Earth how to make money doing what they love now, so that we don't make this so abstract.
I don't want this to be an abstract concept: Jona's gon na roll, a video where we actually apply this in real time to some students from Cal State Cal, State, Sacramento calcic.
I think they were here from Sacramento or Sac State.

I don't know whatever I apologize until they should have prepared this part, but we're gon na roll the video and then you guys gon na watch how we do this in real time.
I'll see you back after the jump, go and leave your comments and I'll be answering them.
I can narrow it down and and do the same thing just stick with motion graphics.

You can have a successful career with never exploring any other form of design.
I think it's kind of helpful for us right now in that a lot of us don't know what direction we want to go run, so it can help inform those decisions.
Yes, we would make later down.

Okay, that's you right, you're, still young, relatively speaking, and you need to explore lots of things right because you don't know what you like.
You don't know if you like sushi or salad or you want to go vegan whatever.
It is you're exploring lots of things and that's really important so there's that time that you want to explore it but anyways at some point you got to make a decision and so you're gon na pick.

One of these things like I like that one so we're gon na pick something let's call it whatever.
It is right, and then that becomes another thing like for me.
I like typography, but I could spend all my life studying type and still not get to the bottom of that thing.

This time line.
Let's say this is like birth.
Sorry, I'm gon na butcher this baby, there's the baby's crying okay, whatever and then it's game over dad at some point in life.

Hopefully you recognize what that point is like.
What do I really love? What am I good at? What is the market value and get there? My theory is this: the sooner you can figure that out the better off your life is so I think it's important for us to explore, but as soon as you think you got it go all-in on that.
We all agreed to that then.

So what Kaylie is really saying is well, we don't know yet.
I think you're not knowing is yours, your freshmen, your sophomore, but right into the middle of junior, you got to get to know what that is really fast.
Here's the problem, I'm gon na get real real with you.

Okay, most schools don't have enough teachers period most schools.
Most schools do not have enough good teachers that teach the thing that you love.
So what they do is they get a couple of teachers and they teach a lot of different subjects, some of which they know a lot about, most of which they don't know anything about.

Unfortunately, you're the sucker, who has to take those classes and you're getting taught by somebody who's, never reached the top of their field, hasn't done it enough and now you're getting some pretty diluted.
Information sometimes even looks like they're reading the book before they teach the class.
So this is where the danger is so we're trying to explore lots of things.

They're gon na expose your lies and things so what they want to do.
Is they tell you this story and it's a fantastic story.
They tell all students and not in all schools.

You know: what's gon na get you hired breath of work, that's what they tell you.
You need to be a diversified human being and that's what the markets gon na hire and then you get out in school out of school.
You graduate you put in a cap and gown, you do the walk and yeah.

Then you reach out to me.
This is when I see you Chris, I got no work.
It's been two years out of school.

The only thing I can do is production work at a local print copy shop.
That's what I got Kaley do you have an idea about what you love, what you think you're good at what the market needs.
So I went back to school cuz.

I changed you.
A little bit older, yeah, I'm okay, so I changed what I was doing and I know that I love design and so it's just finding out those instances of that.
What were you before I worked in the outdoor industry, so I did a lot of recreation.

I was a river guide and climbing guidance, just so you're active outdoors person and then at some point you're, like you know what I want to have career and I want to do this other thing, so you go back to school, so you have life experience.
Okay, so you're going to school now, yeah this graphic design degree.
So what do you think you're gon na focus in on I've always been interested in in like infographics and translating in foreign um.

In a way, that's a lot more easy to be understood.
Yes, I've always been interested in motion, graphics, which I know can somewhat go together, but also couldn't be totally different.
Yes um, but I haven't had that much experience with that.

So I'm really excited to trying to dig into that on my spare time.
That's actually been taken out of the program.

Okay, and so the program is great in kind of getting you started, but it's it's only a starting point.
Okay! Now I want you to go back in time just a little bit just humor me.
I want you to go back in time like when you're like between seven till eleven years old.

What is it that you're doing all your free time? What are all the things you love to do? It was all art like what be super specific, so I spent mostly time in a sketchbook with pencils and I would just doodle stuff from movies I loved Lord the Rings, so you know a bunch of fantasy stuff everything from my daily life as well.
So I like to, i would also what is now lettering, but just write down information in a way, that's easier and visually kind of aesthetic and combining essentially infographics with with words and text.
Just doing that as a kid I would yeah.

Are you pretty good illustrator? I'm I'm alright, alright yeah, yeah, okay and you can record you make stuff, is anything I was like yeah.
I used to craft a lot.
So when I was really little yeah, I would make tangible 3d things from paper.

I would glue.
I would tape things and to make boxes and things that you could open and a lot of different yeah.
Okay, I guess, can I tell you a little secret about myself sure when I was much younger.

The only thing I ever wanted was younger and you guys would judge me for it.
It's okay.
All they wanted was an easy bake oven.

I know easy bake, oven, cuz.
I dreamt about making cookies and things so I can go and sell them.
That was the young entrepreneur and me trying to get out, but then my brother's, like so you want to be a girl.

So there's some gender issues like you know these kinds of things, association with that.
So it's kind of sorry I kind of killed that little dream, but maybe there's something there is there anything else you want to pull out.
You may have like.

Oh somebody said you're not supposed to do that, so you didn't do it and always recommend going the safe route which ended up not being so safe.
That's the problem with safety yeah, and so I couldn't understand that aspect of playing it the safe way, yeah, and so I still went out and did adventurous things, but I kind of put art to the side for a little while, okay yeah now I don't know If you guys can see what's happening here, Kaylee has a bunch of diverse interests.
She's done lots of things she likes making crafting drawing doodling seems like you're, just really a creative person.

So I'm really happy to hear that you found your way back into art and design after having done what your parents thought.
You know that kind of stuff and so you're back into design.
Can you find a way to bring all these things together? That's the magic of creativity, okay and an accountant, an attorney a doctor, probably just lists all these things.

For you, here's all your symptoms, Kaylee! This is what you suffer from, create a tight, create.
I have ideas or something like that.
You suffer from something right, but creative people are like.

Oh, I see a connection between this this that, and it looks like this.
That's what creativity is is about being able to pull things that don't seem to belong together and find some kind of beautiful, elegant combination.
If you can do that, that's your superpower! So here's what I think I don't know, I'm just gon na, throw it out there.

What, if you can combine a job where you make infographics doing hand lettering for an outdoor recreation company? Would that make you happy or no that'd, be pretty cool I'll, be pretty cool, so infographics outdoors, you know recreation lettering, okay, so if you can work for one of those companies doing that or many companies like that, how do we make that cooler? What do you could build 3d, mock-ups and installations and point-of-purchase displays, so you bringing all that crafty stuff that you used to do that you haven't looked at in a while? Wouldn't that be cool, so you're gon na create the entire brand experience for outdoor recreation companies.
Backpacking hiking shoes, tents, whatever it is, would that be really cool that would be pretty cool ya see.
Are you getting excited about your own fake career yeah, it's pretty cool! So that's what you want to do now that you know that.

Take all these weird classes and say: does that plug into this dream or not? So this is where you get to take what you want to combine into something.
So if the instructor gives you an assignment to do like corporate rebranding for some airline or some tech company, I don't feel that that doesn't speak to me.
That portfolio piece does not take me here, so you want you tell the teacher.

Do you mind if I do it for what's: what's the favorite outdoor company of yours there's one called keiko? That's you go yeah.
Okay, you go okay! You're, like you mind, if I just do the same thing, but for he go but change these kind of parameters and most teachers.
If you approach them the right way, they'll be cool, then you can tailor that to what you need, because they then day.

I need you to remember this after graduation you're kind of dead to them.
So, while you're in school, they're dead to you just take care of your life, because when you're in the unemployment line, when you're serving coffee at Starbucks as a barista that advice they gave you, you have to live with the consequences and at them.
So here's the thing it's hard to hit a target when you don't know where the target is it's hard to score goal? When you don't know what the goal is, once you know the goal once you know the target man, everything comes into clarity into focus, so classes move from here to here classes move from here to here, and that's how you do it that's the kind of breath That these guys dreamt for you, but they do not articulate so now you have to do this part, the convergence of those things, and now you can express it this way, .

and we're back whew.
We tried something new today.
First of all, thank you.

Everybody who's sticking around for this livestream slash, pre-recorded thing we're trying to blend the best of both where we can actually have a nice meaty piece of content for you, that's been edited, so you don't waste any time watching it and to do some live things.
So I can demonstrate with you and also respond to comments both Jayden and Ricky are here now monitoring your comments, so go ahead and write any something in the comments down.
I wanted to just quickly recap like what happened here with is their name Kayleigh with Kayleigh? What did we do there? So what I wanted to do was to explore to her without the parameters of needing to make money or anything else like what she loved and there's a very useful exercise to think back between the ages of 7 and probably 14.

When you weren't so wrapped up in the world and adulting that you could just sit there and think about the things that you love and if you travel back in time, a good trigger is to think back to the house that you lived in when you were 7 years old, try to think about the street name, the car that your parents drove the color and it'll start to trigger memories, as I'm doing more research on how we learn it's interesting, how a smell a sight, a texture will trigger memories.
So we as human beings, we record everything.
It's our ability to recall things the difficult part, so some things will trigger memory so think back think back to one year, seven, eight, nine, ten years old.

What did you love to do and make a list? So I love making lists what I would suggest that you do.
Is this make four columns and just try to fill it up each one, regardless of anything any kind of reality, don't ground it in that just write as many things as you can remember what you loved.
Generally speaking, what you're good at requires skill requires training and requires practice, but if you put enough time and effort into it, you get good at these things, sometimes they're the same and sometimes they're not it just depends on the opportunities you were given in life.

Next up is make a list of where opportunity is this in the world today.
What is trending? What is shifting in the culture of today what's happening right now and we'll go through this exercise, one more time to help solidify this and make it super concrete.
For you and last but not least, think about what the world needs right now forget about your skill, set, what you love just sit down and think what do we need? What is the world want right now? What are big problems that really could use some help and make a list, and then step back and look at those four columns and trying to build a bridge between as many of the words you wrote up as possible.

Some of you guys have been part of my either my Makino or one of my workshops on finding your superpower.
I do all of this, except for I had a fifth bubble into it when I shared this finding your superpower framework with somebody they're like.
Oh, that's just like ikigai Chris.

Do you know about ikigai? I said no, that's what led me here.
Okay and while we were at the break, I found out the difference between profession and vocation.
Profession usually requires training and education.

It's professional while vocation is probably like somebody who doesn't go to school, but they had innate skill.
They still have to get training, but it's a very different kind of training.
So that's the difference between vocation and profession, just written in blue here.

So what want to do is this: my friend Jayden he's going back to school pretty soon he has to finish up school and he sat and we're sad to see him go, but since he is not quite done with school, this is the perfect time to apply This exercise to him - and maybe we'll do one for me too, so I'm going to switch colors.
I'm gon na use my red marker here and before I do that before I do this with Jayden.
Are they any questions worth asking answering? No okay.

So, first of all, I'm sorry and I'm sorry.
I know that there's a spectrum of experiences that we all have in terms of how we're brought up that our parents sometimes well-meaning, sometimes not even well-intentioned, and we suffer through that there there may be moments even in the darkness and even if you've had to deal With abuse or drugs, or just whatever, you've had to deal with, there's still glimmers of happiness in there somewhere.
It may require greater effort for you to find it one of the things that you love could be like what I did, which is, I love playing Dungeons and Dragons.

I love role-playing games.
I love reading comic books and this didn't have anything to do with my external world.
It was just me and my experience being able to do that.

I also for a period of time enjoy skateboarding, although I was not good at at it at all, as evidenced as the marks on my shins here.
Okay, so just do your best to kind of push past the dark memories and the bad moments in your life and just try to find the glimmers of excitement or hope, and if you come up empty, there's nothing there just think about today, like what is it That you love to do when nobody's watching on nobody cares.
What is it you love to? Do it could be playing video games? It could be hunting or fishing.

It could be building boats whatever it is that you like to do just make that list as long as possible without any regard for what pays.
Well, that's what you need to do there, so any other questions, Jayden! No, no! Okay! All right! Jayden! Would you like to do this exercise or do you want me to do it on myself? Are you ready to do this? Maybe I can try, you can try? Okay, that's that's the right attitude.
First of all, let's just try, there's no consequences right.

You can just tell me you want to come in, you didn't have to you.
Can if you want okay, okay, all right, my brother from another mother, Jayden's, here: okay, all right! Hey, guy! Okay! So let's talk about the things that you love to do.
What do you love to do that gives you such pleasure and joy? You didn't have to be good at it.

Just what do you love? So I love to make video okay videos do some design when I have some free time: okay, people, so you like to teach yes, these all sound, very professional oriented.
Is there something else that you love? That isn't one of these things just for pure joy? Do you like eating? Do you like yeah, I love to try different type noodles, just noodles? Okay, he loves noodles.
Okay, that's good! Interesting! That's cool! Do you like traveling? Yes, okay, okay! This is fantastic, so as a thought experiment as an exercise do not route this.

In reality, at all, just what would you do if you could do anything? What would you want to explore? What makes you happy so you're still stuck in this parts like the world right now, just focus on the things that you love, anything that you want to write there.
Do you like watching anime playing video games, jump roping.
Do you love? Do you like to buy fashion like? Are you a fashion, guy yeah? I would love to collect a lot of shoes.

Okay, your sneaker head.
Yes, because I used to sell sneaker so yeah.
I know about you, okay, what else mm I would love to play? Basketball? All day, okay, you got it kinda.

Okay, can this be verified, yellow flag on the field? You just told, let me give you anything, and then you break that.
Okay, what else mmm? I think I would love to yeah.
I think that's it that is for now.

Yes, okay, so this is really interesting.
I spend a lot of time personally thinking about the things that I love.
My list would be so deep.

You don't even know well why it's like how many hobbies kind of human being having it's like.
I love it all.
Okay, so we'll put a part we'll hold off on that.

Okay, what do you think you're good at it doesn't have to be the same thing.
It can be totally different things forget this part.
What are you good at? I think I'm good at motivating people.

Okay, I think I'm good at making content.
Okay, sometime cooking, oh yeah, I hear you're pretty good cook.
Okay, what else I'm starting to see something in my head already keep going.

I think I good at you know be persistent whenever I do something so: okay, I'm usually quit so you're, not a quitter.
Yes, okay, you can laugh, it's probably fine.
Keep going.

I think just this exercise is quite hard.
Yeah you'd like to learn right.
Yes, but that's not up here anywhere, is it mm-hmm yeah? Maybe I'm good at learning and trying some new thing because created people happy, you know Shining object, synchro.

Where you see something new, I would love to try it right, yeah, okay, anything else.
Yeah thing is it's good for now it's pretty good, okay and then we're gon na get to like what what opportunities exist? Where, where do you see the world moving, so it seems like a lot of people are predicted the death of print and the death of advertising.
So I would not put those like those are trending.

Those are opportunities, there's a cultural movement behind those things.
Okay, so what's happening in the world right now, where do you see opportunity? I think the opportunity right now is that you can make content for company so that they can promote himself.
Okay, so content marketing? Yes, okay, what else keep going? And maybe we can try to soak their problem by because people have a lot of problems, so we can use what we learn by doing this, I spring, for example, or these I thinking oh okay, design, thinking, strange things right, yes and I'll help you out here.

What and this usually everybody can help, because these are kind of universally like what's happening, what we're recognizing? Yes, I think there are opportunities right now in education.
Yes, people are looking for more affordable and effective ways of teaching, yes, sustainable, living right, yeah.
Those are, these are minimalism right, yes, not necessarily the same thing but minimalism, okay, what else the digital Nomad? This is the thing with young people now right.

Yes, yes, to live wherever you are in the world and do what you love yeah? Okay, what do we just call that? Did you don't know man, oh van life, which is right right next to to van life right, because now we live in a world where, just with an internet connection, you could do work anywhere.
Yes, okay, Is it pay for it? No, no.
Where are the world needs? Yet? Yes, just like what opportunities, what seems to be trending what's happening in the world right now? Well, we know the social network is not getting any better, not any weaker.

I wouldn't use.
It's just growing right what else? Maybe there would be some great advances in medicine we know about CRISPR, right and, and now they can like 3d print anything yes, so this is cruelty, video of on-demand manufacturing.
Right! Yes now, I also know a couple things that you guys may not know of is we are craving now transcendent experiences transcendent.

It's like a educated word, transcendent experiences and things are becoming D materialized.
Do you know what that means like I'll explain, both of them in a second yeah treinen transcendent experiences like when you buy something or you go somewhere, and it's more than the thing itself like when you, when you open up a beautifully packaged good, it makes you Feel like there's beauty and there's art, and it makes you feel hopeful and inspired.
That's that's what we're talking about? Ok, ok, it doesn't have to be like going to Disneyland or watching a movie, but anything that you experience that lifts you up like that.

Dematerialization is as we're moving towards the future.
What's happening is we're consuming less physical things and more intangible things.
Give you an example dematerialization is we used to buy CDs for music and DVDs for movies? Now all that stuff is living in the cloud people of my generation or older are uncomfortable.

That we'd like to have tangible things we feel like.
We have to have some kind of possession right, but it's like the more things you own, the more things own you and you and your generation is like.
Let's put everything in the cloud put all our files we'll have to just trust that it'll be there and we don't want to own physical things anymore: okay, okay, yeah! I see right okay, so that I just want to explain those things here.

Okay, let's keep going now.
What is the world need right now? There's it's similar to paid for what does the world need right now? I think new innovation needs innovation, okay, anything in any specific area like in technology; okay, there, okay, but like to do what to make people life easier: okay, okay, so you're talking about the world needs automation, right, yeah, that's the innovation of using technology to remove tasks Like read, what is that called menial tasks? Mm-Hmm, okay, yes, menial tasks is like should not be the work of human beings.
Okay, what else there were need better company to stand - and you know, stand up and hop the user or something say that in a different way, mmm the world need like better company that make good product for them good product for user? Okay, it's not exactly okay.

They just need how do you know it's good product, they so a problem that that gives everybody could argue that, maybe maybe this is tied into a better product, this one that thinks of the entire life cycle of the product so that all the components can be Recycled or it's kind of does the least amount of harm.
Okay, okay, I think the world needs that right.
Yes, more conscious, capitalism, I'll say that.

Okay - oh sorry, I'm just I was waiting for an opportunity to say so there we go mmm-hmm right, yes, and I think we want more equity in the world right.
You know what equity means equal opportunity for people of all shapes sizes, colors, races, religious preference or none.
We need more equity.

I think we need more transparency yeah and we need, I think we need to oddly enough feel more connected accessible.
You know connection it's like as we push apart in the digital space like you and I could sit on a train ride and not talk to each other, because we're connected social like on an apps.
But not you know human to human.

Yes, experience yes, and was the next one that you said accessible, everything needs to be more assessable: okay, everybody right, yeah and through platforms like Google and other platforms out there, yes, everything's getting tied together.
It's like the world's knowledge database is all being pulled together and shared yes, i'll wikipedia all those kinds of things.
This is fantastic, okay, now what we need to do is we need to step back, and this is usually the magic trick.

We need to step back and start to tie in as many things as possible, so we can get to your ikigai mm-hm you're, a reason for being okay, the thing that you live for, okay, the magical part, is when you're able to do this.
You never be late for work again.
You'll never feel work is a chore.

You would do something that you love and you'll make money doing it.
That's terrific, okay! So what I would encourage you to do at some point jadynn and everybody - that's watching - is to take your own list and circle a bunch of things and see how you can bring them together, and this is the gift that you were given as a creative human.
Being to see things that other people can't see to be a lateral thinker to be a divergent thinker to grab these things and put them together.

If you can take as many of these things together and put it together in the center and make one career one profession, you'll be working playing, having fun doing something, that's mission driven all at the same time, all right great, do you have some ideas yet? Hmm, I think I have some idea already: okay, yes, so what we'll do is this? And so we don't want to spend more of your time, Jayden we'll think about this, and then he will then drop it in the comments somewhere.
Okay, okay, Jayden! Will you do that? Yes, I will okay, fantastic thanks, very much Jayden all right all right now.
Those are the rest of you guys that are watching this.

Hopefully, you've played along and you've made your list now I'll.
Explain to you briefly how I found my ikigai in the future.
Let me find my marker first of all and any other comments we need to anything else.

We need to address No okay.
Now I won't draw this because it'll take up too much time, but I'll explain to you something so for many years over two decades I showed up to work.
I worked in my company and made money and provided for my family.

I did the responsible adult thing safe for my kids on college education, safe for my retirement plan and all was working out really well.
It took me to this point in time in which I was talking to my financial advisor.
His name is John.

I said John, how many more years do I need to work so that I can retire.
This is a couple of years ago and he said Chris, I ran the numbers and I have some news for you.
Somebody says that you're, like oh, my god, it's gon na be a really long time and he says the way that you live the amount of money that you spend in your lifestyle.

You could have retired two or three years ago.
That's a shocker for me and I looked at my wife, I'm like why am i working woody got me going to the Salt Mine every single day and she goes.
I thought you loved to go to work.

I said no, I go to work to provide for our family.
It looks like love because I put the passion and energy into it, but I'm missing something here, and so with that revelation that I didn't need to work anymore.
I had to ask myself to dig deep inside: why do you show up to work every single day, and this is where it takes me on the next adventure and what I've been doing the last five years? Okay, so let me outline it for you.

I love design.
I love typography, I love teaching.
I love learning.

I love sharing.
I love helping people.
This makes me feel really good.

What I learned in school and in my job is running the company.
I learned entrepreneurial skills.
I learned business management sales marketing negotiations.

I got really good at doing video production directing a story leading a team.
Those are all skills that I learned by going to school and developing.
Luckily, for me, they pay very handsomely and doing work for our big fortune.

500 fortune 100 companies.
They had hundreds of thousands of dollars for their budgets, so I was able to apply what I was good at what I loved to make something that people rewarded me for quite handsomely, and I was smart.
I saved a lot of that money.

I didn't spend it frivolously, I didn't go out and buy the fancy, cars and watches and all that kind of stuff, but this is the hole that I was missing so for 15 years I taught at a variety of schools, private art, schools, and I did that And I loved it and I loved it so much, but I thought that more people could benefit from this kind of Education.
This kind of training, but it doesn't exist, it doesn't exist because tuition today.
Last time I checked is get this in the u.

twenty to twenty two thousand dollars a semester, get your head wrapped around that.
So if you have to go to school for eight semesters, you're gon na be out over a hundred sixty thousand dollars just in tuition alone, don't mention supplies books, rent food.
What's that I was going to say the interest on the student loans too.

That's where the interest afterwards will kill you, okay, so by the time you're done you're talking about over two hundred fifty thousand dollars for an education, and I thought there is a better way because also what's trending opportunities exist are distance based, learning a global connected network.
This idea that there's there's free platforms that allow any content creator to share what it is that they know, and I wanted to exploit that once I figure it out that becomes the future and it's what we're doing today.
So I found my ikigai and I hope, you're able to find this for yourself, because today, every single morning I get up when the Sun comes up.

I go to sleep like after usually around 12:00 or 1:00 o'clock at night, and I'm not tired, because I'm filled with this purpose.
The mission not passion and I get paid for it when you don't get paid for something after a while, it could feel like you're gon na get into burnout.
So you have to make progress there as well, so finding that balance and we're living in the best time ever in the history of man, in that we have great technology or connected for the most part.

Anybody out there.
That's listening to this already has all the tools and technology that they need to be able to achieve their own level of success.
That's it for me, since you guys don't have any other questions, I'm going to sign off for now, thanks for tuning in you guys, don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and I'll see you guys on the next livestream.

Remember: you're not defined by your past.
The future, it's what you make it .

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