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, michael jackson had a long career spanning 45 out of his 50 years from is up and downs that the world was constantly watching him.

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These are 20 things you didn't know about Michael Jackson's, Billie, Jean, the song Billie Jean from Michael Jackson's.
Thriller album was written and produced by Jackson.

Myself, Jackson even nailed the vocals in just one take the song made music and television history when it became the first music video by a black artist to air on MTV in 1981.
Spider-Man in the 1990s Jackson was planning on buying Marvel jointly with Stan Lee, but the deal fell through later Stan Lee came out to say that Jackson had planned on producing a spider-man film and he believed Michael wanted to star as spider-man vitiligo for years, Michael Jackson Claimed that he had suffered from a skin disorder known as vitiligo vitiligo causes skin to lose its melanin and gives it a bleach.
Looking effect, many people believe that Jackson was bleaching his skin and making up the story when he died.

The autopsy revealed that the late singer did in fact suffer from Adele ago and he may have leaked his skin to cover the discoloration.
He was bald at the time of his death coroner's noted that Jackson only had peach fuzz on his head and was wearing a wig when he died at the age of 25.
The singer had a freak accident where his hide caught fire while recording a Pepsi commercial.

He was left with second-degree burns and bulk spawned all over his head escape plans because of the nature of the accusations, Michael faced while on trial in 2005.
If convicted, he would have ended up in solitary confinement for the duration of his sentence, unknowingly to Michael his brother Jermaine arranged for a private jet to take Michael to Bahrain.
If you were convicted, Bahrain has no extradition treaty with u.

His children's Godfather Jackson had many strange relationships with famous people in the eighties and 99 confuse people more than the one who's shared with a child star, Macaulay Culkin.
The friendship was so deep that Kokan is actually The Godfather to two out of three of Michael's children.
Most expensive, music video.

It's no surprise that Michael Jackson would have the most expensive music video of all time.

He was an elaborate showman and the video for scream starring him and his sister proved just that the video was budgeted to be a seven million dollar video.
But he ended up dishing out over ten million dollars when it was completed.

He was royalty.
Everyone knows, Michael Jackson, is the King of Pop, but did you know who's actually royalty in 1992, while in the Ivory Coast in Africa, Jackson was crowned king of sunny by the African Agni tribe? They also held a separate funeral for him when he died in 2009.

Grammys Michael Jackson is one of the most awarded musicians of all time.

In 1994 he broke Grammy records when he became the first solo artist to win eight Grammys in one night he still holds the record for most Grammys won by one person in one night.
First performance Jackson was a performer from the start.
He started singing at the age of four and by the age of five.

He made his first appearance in front of an audience.
He then made his television debut singing.
It's your thing at the age of 10 as lead singer of the Jackson, 5 Martin Scorsese directed bad Jackson, teamed up with some pretty amazing directors for his music videos.

What most people don't know is there are two versions of the bad music video.
The long version plays more like a short film and was directed by legendary director Martin Scorsese eating habits.

Michael Jackson was known to be a picky eater.

He was a vegetarian who didn't really like vegetables.
His private chef said he also had a sweet but didn't eat sugar and dislike chocolate.
Jackson was a fan of Mexican food and also likes grilled tofu served on skewers with couscous and Moroccan sauce muscles.

The boa constrictor.
Many people remember Jackson's beloved pet bubbles.
The chimp, but there is a lesser-known pet Michael, had a loving pet, boa constrictor named muscles muscles was known to accompany Jackson to the recording studio and once caused a frenzy when he escapes his cage, the black armbands in 1988.

Michael started wearing a black armband on his right arm.
He was inspired to wear it by 1960s war protestors who also wore black armbands.

He stated that as long as there are underprivileged children in the world, he would continue to wear the armband Michael Jackson, stamps.

In 1986, the release of Michael Jackson stamps was halted in the British Virgin Islands.

Certain regulations stated that stamps must depict a living person from the royal family, not the Jackson family.
This dams were eventually released in the Caribbean islands of st.

Vincent's, his patent in 1993 Jackson and two co-inventors were granted a US patent for anti-gravity shoes.
The shoes were used in shows to make it look like Michael, was defying gravity by leaning forward 45 degrees.
The patent designed had to be redesigned in 1996 when a faulty shoe sent Michael tumbling during a show in Moscow.

His first Christmas, his mother, raised Michael as a Jehovah's Witness until he disassociated himself with religion in 1987.
In 1993, Jackson was able to celebrate his first Christmas as a surprise for him, set up by his dear friend Elizabeth Taylor at his Neverland Ranch man in the mirror profits.
The only song from the bad album, not written by Jackson, is the inspirational song man in the mirror.

If you want to make the world a better place, then you have to do something.
Yourself is the message of the song because he believed in the message Jackson donated 100 % of the profits in the mirror to charity.
Highest-Earning deceased artist, michael jackson, has trumped the likes of Elvis Presley and John Lennon as the highest-earning deceased artist in the first year.

After his death is a state made 1 billion dollars alone, he also has the largest recording contract ever which his family signed with Sony records for 250 million dollars nine months after his death.
His comeback tour at the time of his death Jackson was planning the comeback of the century.
He was working day and night in London to kick off a tour where he was set to make 1.

5 million a nice he had 50 shows scheduled in London alone.

Sadly, the world will never get to witness Jackson's comeback as he passed away from heart failure in 2009.
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