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Woman ♪ Hey now: .

♪, ♪, Hey wow, .
, ♪, ♪, Here's how ♪ ♪ Come and read: ♪ ♪ Between the lions, ♪ CHORUS, ♪ Come on ♪ ♪ Come in ♪ ♪ Begin ♪ ♪ The world awaits ♪ WOMAN ♪ Between the lions, ♪ ♪.
Between the covers of a book, ♪ ♪, It's time to look between the lions, ♪ ♪ Behold the tales beyond the tails ♪ CHORUS ♪ Behind the door, ♪ ♪ Become explore.

♪ ♪ Come in between the lions, ♪ ♪ Begin between the lions ♪ ♪.
Be here between the lions, ♪ You're, not trying you're, not trying Get down Lionel (, both grunting ) CLEO.
I want to bring my sheepskin nightie.

Uh-huh .
, hmm .
, Oh, and I don't want to forget my meat-flavored, fluoride, toothpaste and my toothbrush.

Don't forget the cubs' books.
Always travel with your favorite books.
I say.

(, sighs ).
What's wrong, Theo, don't sneak up on me like that.
, Oh sorry.

, I didn't mean to I .
I can't sneak up on you even when I try to So.

How could I sneak up on you when I'm not even sneaking BOTH That's strange.
Must be because I'm so excited about taking the cubs to my pride's reunion to meet my family that I'm not paying attention.

? Oh, it won't be the same without you there.
Aw .
I'll, miss you too.

My sweet, carnivore.
, (, sighs ), But someone has to stay behind and take care of the library.
Aw you'll be having too much fun to even notice.

I'm not there.
Well look.
It's all here in your pride's newsletter, Proud Pride.

`` Come to the big reunion at Club, Veldt.
'' Hmm.
, Ooh, ( reading ).

Oh Look at all these great activities for you and the cubs.
There's the Sneaking- Through-the-Bushes- without-Being-Seen Competition.
, How you doing ( monkeys, scream, ), (, monkeys, panting, ), Oh yes, excellent, sneaking yes.

Excellent, Bully, ( panting ) Breathtaking --.
The judges gave that sneak very high scores, Nine out of ten nine out of ten .

How you doing ( monkeys screaming ), Oh you're, good.
, Whoa, (, chuckling ).
You should win that.

You're, very sneaky.
! Thank you! Love.
(, chuckling, ) Ooh, and look at this.

It's the Long-Distance Team, Smell Competition.
Right Sure .
This is for the Long-Distance Team Smell Championships.

The smellers are right beside me and the smellee is one-half mile, away.
Hi It's time to uncover the smellee.
Ready, .

set .
smell ( sniffing ) ( sniffing ), ( timer dings ) Smells like a peanut dude.
Yeah definitely.

Like that is a peanut.
You .
Are absolutely right: (, lions, cheering ) Three seconds: --, unbelievable (, chuckling ), Oh you're, sure to win that too.

Nobody smells like you do.
, Oh flattery, Oh just the truth, now.
, Ah .

Ooh and there's the Neatly-Swat-a-Fly- with-Your-Tail Competition.
You got to remember to keep your eye on the tail, But coach.

The sun was, in my eyes, Aah .
, Oh Sucker punch You'll, definitely win the gold on that one Oh.
``, Please join us in honoring, our dear teacher, Jean Creaky.

'', Oh Teacher Creaky was a really terrific teacher.
That's what it says here: :'' A really terrific teacher.
'' Everything I know about hunting and reading and being a lioness.

I learned from Teacher Creaky.
`` She's in a league of her own ,''.
It says here.

It really does sound like a real treat.
That can't be beat.

, Hmm .
, Oh I'm eager to see Teacher Creaky.
Yeah, Oh yeah.

She means a lot to me.

When I was a little cub.

I wrote down everything she ever taught me in my journal.

So I'd always have it.
( cubs shout ) Pounce on Mommy Pounce on Mommy (, cubs laughing ), Oh Mommy.
We can't wait to get on the airplane and go visit.

Your pride.
We are .
THEO Eager .

, eager .
to .
to .

, Hey, hey, wait a minute: Ow Ow, Ow, .

, ow.
, Hey, that's the first time we were ever able to pounce on Mom.
Oh, she let us.

She's just playing right.
No, no! I'm not Leona.
, I couldn't hear or smell or tell you were sneaking up on me.

( phone rings, ) I'll get it.
What Didn't you hear? The phone Mama No .

uh-oh ( sneezes, ) (, both groan, ), Oh no.
I must have the I-can't-hear-or-smell- or-tell-if-someone's- sneaking-up-on-me flu.
I'll, call you back.

, Oh Theo, I'm not going to be able to go on this trip.
(, both groan, ) (, sneezes, ) (, both moan ) Excuse, me.

, Oh oh Theo.
Actually, it's velvet.
, Oh And now Martha Reader and the Vowelles heat it up with the `` e'' sound made by the letters E-A in `` meat.

'' (, Martha singing repeated long, `` e'' sound to pop tune.
) ( Vowelles respond rhythmically with long ``, e'', sound ), MONKEYS, Meat, ( applause and cheering ), And now Clay Pigeon describes.
What's inside a clean, peach.

, Uh uh .
peach meat Yeah, It's not meat.
It's fruit.

Fruit is not made of meat Yeah, but fruit doesn't have the .
uh uh uh .
`` E'' sound in it Yeah.

Oh, please: ( music begins playing ) (, yawning ) MAN ♪ Way up north a young seal had a dream: ♪ ♪, As he swam down his little ice stream, ♪ ♪ ``.
If I take the S-T and replace it with C ♪ ♪, I could turn all this ice to ice.

'' ♪ ( slurps, ), (, barking, ) (, imitating percussion ), Ea .
, t.
Ea, .

, t.

And now some names with the letters E-A that sound like `` e''.
What a treat.
( rapping ) ♪ Meet Jean Jean's teacher, Mrs.

Beacon, ♪ ♪ Dean and Dean's twin brother Deacon, ♪ ♪, Reade and Peaches Treat and Keaton ♪ ♪, Wheatley, Chesapeake and Eaton ♪, ♪ Bea and Weaver Fleas, Bea's, beagle ♪ ♪, Beaky, Beaky's, Weaver's, eagle, ♪ ♪ Beavis Heath and Neal and Deavon ♪ ♪ Deana, Deary Teal and Cleavon.
♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah yeah.
What's your name, ♪ ♪? What's your name? What's your name, ♪ ♪? What's your name, ♪ ♪ Enjoy your little moment of fame ♪ ♪.

Here's Peabody and Deack O'neal ♪ ♪ Squeaky he's Peabody's seal ♪ ♪.
In all these names you've heard today, ♪ ♪ You'll find the `` e'' sound of E-A.
♪ Eat.

Mmm Eat.

( Cleo coughing ) ( groaning ) ( blows nose loudly ), Oh .
, oh .
, (, sniffs, loudly ), Nothing ( blues tune, begins playing ) ♪ I'll tell you why I've been feelin' so weary, .

, ♪, (, sneezes, ) ♪ Can't clear my ears and my eyes are real bleary ♪ ♪.
What shall I do? ♪ ♪, I fear it's true ♪ ♪.
I got the I-can't-hear- or-smell-or-tell- ♪ If-someone's-sneakin'-up-on-me flu.

♪ ( sneezes, ), Excuse, me.
, ♪, Yeah, bein', sick, sure, ain't, easy .
, ♪, (, honks, ) ♪ Life's pretty ick when you're queasy.

, ♪, (, coughs, ) ♪ Feel pretty low ♪ ♪, Just a shadow of old Cleo ♪ ♪ Must be the I-can't-hear- or-smell-or-tell- ♪ ♪ If-someone's-sneakin'-up .
♪ ♪, It's clear: it's the I-can't- hear-or-smell-or-tell- ♪ ♪ If-someone's-sneakin'-up .
, ♪ ♪, Oh dear, it's, the I-can't-hear-or-smell-or-tell- ♪ ♪ If-someone's-sneakin'-up-on-me flu, ♪ ( coughing ) ( Cleo blowing nose, ) Whoa Mom.

If your pride has a Nose, Blowing League they're really going to need you.
Oh yeah Mom.
You just got to go ( speaking indistinctly ).

Ah, what did she say? I don't know.
Here I'll read the print on screen.
, Oh yeah, good idea.

, ( reading )! Oh thanks a lot Lionel LIONEL.
It's all right.
, ( moaning ), Oh Mom! This is really really bad.

Isn't there something we can do for you, Mom, No Leona.
The last time I had this flu.
I wasn't much older than you.

My teacher Teacher Jean Creaky cured me.
, If only I could remember how she did it.

, That's it.
Oh, I don't have to remember how she did it because I .
Oh, oh, get up off the ground, cubs.

You're, getting all dirty.
! Oh because I wrote everything down that she taught me in my journal, Theo ( cries out ), Oh Theo, don't sneak up on me like that? Oh I didn't I was coming from over here.
Oh, never, mind.

! Listen! The cure for this flu is in my old childhood journal.
: Hey, that's great! All we have to do is read it.
Oh cubs get off the ground.

Getting all dirty.
Well tell Mom to stop knocking us over.

Let's see, where did I put that journal? Oh no problem I'll, just sniff it out.
(, sniffling, ), Sniff it Mom.

Maybe I should track that one down for you.
I can help too.
I can trap it down too Ma.

No, that's not it.
( sniffling )! Oh! Let me see.
I think I've got it.

Yeah, Aha, Oh no .
, Let's see.
Uh, .

Aha Flu or no flu.
I can still track Here.

It is ta-dah Mama, uh .
, that's a ham sandwich.
! Oh! I lost that last Thursday.

I can't track anything with this flu.
If I can't find that journal, I can't cure it.

And if I can't cure it, we can't go.

Oh now, .
don't worry honey.

We got three good noses: here.
, BOTH Yeah (, all sniffing ), Yeah.
Okay, now Lionel you go that way: Leona sweetheart! You go that way, Theo.

I go this way and Cleo .
you relax.
, We'll sniff out that journal.

( moaning softly ) Is mustard supposed to be crunchy, (, honks, ), (, Cleo, coughing, ) And now The Word Doctor with Dr.
Ruth Wordheimer.

Here's Dr.
( knock at door ).

Something tells me it's time for another'' long word: freak-out.
'' Ooh, ooh, Dr.
Ruth Dr.

Ruth I'm freaking out.
I was reading the sports section of the paper and it said that my favorite team is .
What This You got to help me.

It's too long.

I can't read it Please, please: Okay, but first calm, down.
Take a deep breath.

, ( inhales ), Now start on the left and read one part of the word at a time.
`` Un .
`` de .

, `` feat: .
, ed.
'', Good.

, Now put them together.
, ``.
Un .

de .
feat: .

'', ``, Undefeat, .
, ed.
'', ``, Undefeated.

'', Very good Yeah, but um .
What does `` undefeated'' mean? It means that your team has never lost.
Oh we're undefeated.

Thank you, Dr.
, You're, welcome.

, Ooh, I'm unbeatable.
And now once again it's time for the adventures of (, Spud typing and reading ) SPUD `` Pooch''.
That's not right.

That shouldn't be O-O.
`` oo'', It should be.
E-A sounds like long E `` peach.

'', The creak creak of the neon sign outside our window was about to drive us crazy and .
It was pea, soup.

Suddenly we saw the guy.
We were looking for.
We'd heard.

This sneak was as nutty as a fruitcake.
As a matter of fact .
He was a fruitcake.

I decided on the direct approach -- that was a mistake.
Uh-oh, The guy freaked and went bananas.
( laughing maniacally ) Hey and gave me the slip.

Huh Uh Precious .
, ( music begins playing ) MAN ♪ When two vowels go walking, ♪ ♪ The first one does the talking ♪ ♪ In `` boat'', you hear the `` o'' and not the `` A'' ♪ ♪ In `` meat'', you hear the `` e'' ♪ ♪, The `` a'' sits quietly ♪ ♪, The second vowel you see, but you don't say.
♪, But .

Shh ♪, Just the two of us together, ♪ ♪ In `` train'', and'', pail'' and `` Rain'' ♪ ♪, The `` a'' speaks up.
The `` i'' does not.
♪, But .

♪ Shh.
Let me explain.
♪ ♪.

When two vowels go walking, ♪ ♪ The first one.
Does the talking.
♪ MAN ♪ In `` brain'', you hear the `` a'', but not the `` i'' ♪ ♪ In `` soap'', the `` o'' is clear: ♪ ♪, The `` a'' you'll, never hear ♪ ♪ In `` say'', you say the `` a'', but not The `` y'' ♪, But .

Shh ♪, Isn't it neat ♪, But .
Shh ♪? It can't be beat.
♪, But .

Shh ♪.
It's such a dream.
♪ ♪, Don't mean to boast ♪ ♪, But here's a toast, ♪ ♪, We're quite a team.

♪ MAN.
♪, When two vowels go walking, ♪ ♪, The first one does the talking ♪ ♪, I'm sorry number two, it's such a shame.
♪ ♪, Although it gives you pain, ♪ ♪.

The rule is very plain: ♪ ♪, When two vowels walk the first one says its name.
♪, But .
Shh MAN ♪.

Yes, when two vowels walk the first one says its name.
♪ Okay.
( weeping, ) ( speaking gibberish ) ( spits ), (, music playing ) ( panting ), (, sighs, ), (, sniffs, ), ( groans ) Okay.

(, sniffling ); Oh no .

, (, Sneezing ) Mama Mama.
Is this your journal? Oh yes, it is Leona.
You found it.

, Hey good work, Leona! Oh, I would have found it too.
If you had sent me in the right, direction.
Come on Lionel admit, it.

I just smell better than you.
That's because I learned it from the best tracker in the world, my mama.
, Oh .

, And that's because I learned from Teacher Creaky the neatest teacher in the whole world.
Now, let's see .
See if we can find it in here.

Oh boy.
Oh found it Ooh, read it read it ( Cleo, reading, ), Good one Richard.

, Hey Dad is that you that Mom's reading about Uh um .
, I .

- I .
, don't remember so much.
( screams, then laughs ).

Did you see what I did to her Uh-oh.
( gasps ) ( clears throat ) You, Oh, please, don't go.
Look! I'm sorry! I made you fall in the .

( yells ) ( groans, ) ( snickering ) Mommy.
Did you really do that to Daddy? Is that how you two met? Oh, oh, the cure for the flu isn't here.
I don't need to read all this.

No, no! No! Keep looking.
! Oh found it.
`` August.

First today I had the I-can't-hear-or-smell- or-tell-if-someone's- sneaking-up-on-me flu.
Yeah Mom, that's it.
Lucky we had this battery-operated electric banana leaf, blanket in the basement.

( inhaling ), Breathe steam, .
Ears, .
(, slurping, ), Mmm meat ice cream, BOTH Yummy (, counting ), (, meows, ), (, laughs, ), Oh honey.

, Oh yeah.
I'm spending far too much time on the ground, today.
(, others laughing ) Cleo, you ducked, You could hear her pouncing Yes and I smelled her too.

Mom's cured.
All thanks to that journal.

I sure, am glad you wrote it all down.
Well, I sure, am glad I had a teacher like Teacher Creaky.

I'll get it.
( phone ringing, ) Huh, Hello, Teacher Creaky.
Oh yes, I'll be there.

! Oh I'm! Looking forward to seeing you too.
! Oh .

Come on cubs.
Let's finish packing Club Veldt.
Here we come ( cheering ), You pack I'll clean up here.

Thanks love.
! Oh, I love a happy ending.
( chuckling ), Oh .

, oh .
, Cleo, honey, sweetheart, .
! Well, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

And there's five pounds worth of cure.
In here.
, Oh yeah, (, slurping, ), Barnaby, Busterfield III, says two more words with the `` ea'' sound.

( clears throat, ), Hmm .
, oh .
Thank you.

Yes thank you.
There are games and stories at the Between the Lions Web site, pbskids.
org or America.

Online keyword, PBS Kids.
♪ And that's why he's called .
♪ `` Cliff .

'' Right Help a friend get wild about reading.
, It's cool Way: cool.

``! When last, we left Cliff .
`` ♪, ♪, ♪, [ Captioned by The Caption Center WGBH Educational Foundation, ] CHORUS ♪ Between the lions, .
♪ ♪ Between the lions, .

♪ WOMAN ♪, Come in between the lions ♪ ♪ Begin between the lions ♪ ♪.
Be here between the lions, ♪ .

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