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Hello, you guys it's Lindy and today, as you can see the title, I'm gon na be doing a tender experiment where I'm just asking men and women boar hook ups, because it's not really an experiment, because that's just how tender is, I guess, and that's just what People use tender for, but it's tender for.

Exactly, though, is it for you to find a relationship, your lover or is it for a hookup? My nightstands - I don't know, but I made this tender about a week ago, because I was gon na film, a video, but I just never got to this video.
I didn't put anything in my bio or I didn't swipe by anyone yet because I wanted to do all that on video yeah, we're gon na go back on tinder and just swipe on everyone and just be like hey.
You want to hook up copy and paste.

Just to see what everyone says no before I thought I'm doing this idea, I was actually gon na go on and expose cheaters on tinder um.
But you know you basically just go on be like hey, I'm a board member.
Do you mind just to see the replies or just to see if they also have a girlfriend? I don't know, but then yeah that's actually really exposing these people, and if these people saw the video they would not be happy with it.

They wouldn't want my video down, so I thought I should do this video first, another side, note which I add into some of my videos, if you hear Adam screaming or whatever in he's playing games and don't mind that okay he's resting so anywho, let's just go On tinder and do all that little stuff on tender here we go no thanks.
What even is this photo but anyways? Let's just go to my profile and, as you can see, I have already set it up here it an info.
I uploaded these photos about me.

Let's just put hi with a croissant and tongue emoji there you go! So it's not like you know sexual anything go to maximum distance.
I'm gon na go 100 miles.
Age range.

Let's just not go to big maximum distance 100 miles, gender.
Let's do men and women and there you go and let's just start, swiping huh.
Yes, I have 99 plus legs, but I don't know we get it.

So, let's just swipe swipe swipe.


It is the match swipe.
So what it is say match swipe swipe swipe swipe.


So what it is a match swipe swipe swipe.


What even is this? What's this swag box, it is a match, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe swipe.


It is a match, swipe, swipe, swipe swipe.


It is a match swipe.
I'm just gon na keep swiping for a lot of people and then we'll just message them and go from there and hopefully they're online, because it's Sunday and I just be like everyone should be - won't.
No, not really, I guess cuz who uses tinder like that.

But all right super lights me, let's just swipe on a bunch of these people, all right all right.

Oh my goodness, swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe.


What even is this? It is a match, swipe swipe.


Oh, it is a match.
Let's just message all these people we have so far - let's say: hey wan na hook up , I'm just gon na copy and paste this to everyone just to see what it says.
I hope you guys are thinking that I'm not looking for like a one-night stand or whatever I'm literally on tinder just to make this video, because I saw a video of someone literally doing the same thing that I am so I was like you know what might, As well, do that one first and see how I go so let me just hey wan na hook up you copy and paste it to everyone, paste Isaac, Isaac or yeah.

Hey I wan na hook up Logan, hey you wan na hook up hey you wan na hook up hey wan na hook up.
I don't do hookups just so you guys know um.
I just think that my body is way too precious to be just you know.

Doing a one-night stands and hookups and just giving it away.
You know my womanhood is a very big part of me, so I feel like I shouldn't just throw it out there to anyone and let anyone use it when they want or so yeah.
This is just a social experiment: okay, guys so calm down all right copy and paste.

Oh look! It's another look and copy and paste copy and paste.
Maybe we can still exposed to Eaters if they are any here copy and paste copy and paste .
This is a lot of work copy and paste all right.

We got three more people.
This dude is definitely not 27 Doug copy and paste.
Alright, we got a reply from Gabe.

He says sure where you at his bio says.
I need a church girl who reads her Bible, okay, and we got another reply from Logan.
He said I would love to, but I'm currently in Japan have fun in Japan.

Don't do lookups click on it.
It says he is five thousand eight hundred sixty miles away.
Wow yeah he's definitely in Japan.

Now, let's go back to swiping arlene's, pretty okay, everybody swipe swipe swipe or no swiping Swiper, no swiping, there's a match: Swiper, no swiping! It's my friend nails swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe twice.
When I swing this way come on girls like me, I'm skating, I don't think I necessarily need to goddammit what the hell is this.
I don't think I necessarily need to put footage of me swiping on everyone here but yeah.

Let's just say I just wipe on a bunch of people so far and so alright, so, let's see yet see I did oh, my goodness.
Let me just a wipe out of blanks.
I can't like get more people and now, let's just go Xion people.

Alright, let's go hey beautiful sorry, James copy and paste you wan na hook up, he said yeah when well, I'm not replying cuz.
Let me think about it.
Yes, I'm feel like do you have a girlfriend how about let's just reply with that yeah? When do you have a girlfriend, maybe I'll switch it up be like I have a boyfriend, so you know, but it's just that something I don't know hey wan na hook up and Alfredo just be like hey wan na hook up just simple, no emojis cuz.

You know Brett says nice tats, Thanks, okay, wan na hook up alright, let's go to he said: hey, I see something else, girl where'd you get from.
What do you mean? Where did I get it from enough? For my parents? Hey, I wan na hook up.
I have a boyfriend, though, that cou I'm just kidding, I don't Kate.

I would never do this if I had a boyfriend.

Okay, I'm loyal AF.
He said yeah when be like.

You got a girlfriend, I'm not doing anything bad here at YouTube, so you know.
Don't do anything to my opinion.
Ben said: hey how you doing boy good you wan na hook up.

I feel gross doing that.
Oh Ram said, but I'm down that's kind of straight up, but I'm down um feel like you have a girlfriend wife, maybe uh Andrew said I mean.
Is it just gon na? Be me you, though? Okay - let's just not reply to that, because nothing's happening of course, but how do you know this is real? What do you mean and do you have a girlfriend? No and all right, um, I'm afraid I said no um? No, I don't I'm single well, let's just not reply.

I don't know James said what you doing tonight.
Oh man, maybe like editing this video you're about to be in I'm skinny.
I can help you make some money to it, you're interested by.

If he's talking about all right, he said you got a boyfriend, I said no, I'm too young for it you're too young for a girlfriend really um.
I don't know, definitely not too young for a girlfriend so yeah.
What should we apply to this? Like Wow um? Never mind we're not gon na reply to that.

Oh, my goodness, what is happening James said we can talk if we meet each other.
I stay in Burbank, I'm free tonight.
If you want to get it together.

Okay, right now, this guy said - and I don't not right now - another girlfriend right now so so far all of these men said yes to a hookup yeah, I'm out of line.
I am NOT gon na pay that much just to super like everyone go out, go out some more, maybe you'll find a chick.
I like you, know the club target, something you don't want to spend this much money just to keep swiping and not even giving you're.

Not even getting that chance that I don't know so there, okay, there is too much people to send this copy in the case to maybe I should just wait now.
I guess this video won't be that interesting, because um men love it.
I guess men love pleasure.

I don't want to say too much because men will get mad at me but yeah.
I guess, as you can see, I could easily find if I wanted to, but I don't want to cuz.
Like I said, my womanhood is very important to me and I wouldn't just share it with just anyone anyways you guys that is gon na, be it for today's video.

I'm sorry if it wasn't that interesting, but just to let you know this is what goes on on tenders.
If you want to keep up with me, go follow my social medias in my description below, if you enjoyed it, give it a like a share, a thumbs.
I'll try to post notification and subscribe.

Thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see you guys in a couple days we're doing video .

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